EVLution Nutrition, 100% Whey Protein, Double Rich Chocolate, 4lb (1814g) $40.37 Delivered @ iHerb


30% discount in cart bring it down to AU$34.46 + $5.91 shipping. No idea what it tastes like but $40 for 1.8Kg protein seems like a bargain.

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    Not worth it. Only a tad over 60% protein. I can get Bulk Powders or Nutrient far the same price with 76%+ protein.,


    Not sure how they can call it 100% Whey when it's got 5g of Glutamine per scoop in it….I guess the protein content just comes purely from whey? So it's sneaky marketing.

    If you're shopping at iHerb, you're probably better off with MusclePharm as they're constantly 30% off. 1.8kg of Combat is around $50 delivered.


      The COMBAT regardless of flavour is the best tasting protein i have ever had in 30+ years of buying/making it.

      PS: When Bodybuilding.com had a free shipping sale combined with a MP sale. I got all up 100+kg of the stuff.


        I stocked up on the combat bars when iherb had a sale last year.. still have boxes left, they’re the only bar/food item that gives me crazy bloat/gas


    25g protein and 11g carbs per serving isn't good if your trying to watch carbs. I usually go with My Protein cause I think they have the best flavors.