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1000 Free Pizzas 7/10 (Pick up) @ Domino's


If the Raiders win the game on Sunday 6/10/2019, we give away 1,000 Large Supreme Pizzas. If the Roosters win, we will give away 1,000 Large BBQ Meatlovers Pizzas. Actual giveaway will take place Monday 7/10/2019. Limit one voucher per customer and valid for use until midnight 10/10/2019. Voucher includes one code for either 1 x Large Supreme Pizza OR 1 x BBQ Meatlovers Pizza, depending on which team wins.

Actual giveaway will take place Monday 7/10/2019. <—- Yes they have learnt from last time.

Note that regardless of who wins, you can remove or exchange (to an extent) toppings.

They will add a link to their Instagram Story Page on Monday to claim the pizza. Edit: Remember to turn on notifications for new story posts Monday, so you get alerted when it's released. No refreshing required.

You can also keep an eye on OzBargain comments Monday with the woobox link. P.S. While you are following Domino's Instagram, follow @OzBargain too if you haven't already, Neil posts some great stuff there.

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