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Logitech G703 HERO Lightspeed Mouse $119.20 (Was $149) @ JB Hi-Fi


Great price for a great mouse for gaming and normal use.

This is the newer version of the G703 with Hero sensor which increases battery life twice and higher DPI (16000) than previous version of this mouse which has a PMW3366 sensor.

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      This mouse is the older version without Hero sensor… with hero sensor it has more sensitivity and battery life twice more than the older version

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      Not the same mouse.

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      Not the same mouse.

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    I have the following Logitech Gaming Mice: G900, G403, G502, G304, and the G703. Ask me anything - but I will also do a short write up below:

    Out of all of them, I like the G403/703 the best. I was very happy with my G403 when it started having right click issues. I contacted Logitech support who provided me with a replacement G703 (the G403 was out of stock at the time).

    To me, what makes the most difference is the shape of the mouse and your particular grip and hand size (RocketJumpNinja on Youtube does an excellent job with mice reviews and makes the same point). I have a medium sized hand and use a claw/palm grip mix and use my arm primarily when aiming. I find with other mice, the back of my hand starts feeling cramping pain as the tension of holding the mouse over time starts being felt. With the G403/G703, I can rest my hand on the back of the mouse more as it has a higher arch which provides good support. The G502 would probably provide the same or better support, however I like wireless as I don't like the feel of dragging a cable around. It is also quite a heavy mouse which I don't like.

    To be honest, they all aim very well and are very precise. Once you get used to their individual shape and weight, I can't tell the difference between the different sensors.

    Neither can I tell the difference between wired and wireless.

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      +1 for the G703. picked one up mid last year and works great! Only complaint is that it requires charging quite a bit… I'm thinking of getting the powered mousemat to tackle that :O

      • nek minnit: Got the Powerplay mouse pad :O

    • I also have the G403 and it's great. Logitech support is great too, had some rubber peeling off and they replaced it within a week which surprises me because their subsidiary Astro gaming is terrible with support and replacements.

    • Which g502 do you have?

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        I have wired one that isn't RGB.

  • Bought it. Working great

  • This is being sold for 99 dollars at umart. Tried price beating at Officeworks but Officeworks has 0 stock anywhere. Went to JB HiFi and the best they could do was 107 or so.

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