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[eBay Plus] 2pm Sale - Babyliss Duo 710 Epilator $0.99 (was $59.95) Delivered @ Shaver Shop eBay


2pm installment of the $0.99 eBay Plus promos. Last one, make the most of it.

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  • I trolled and got the first thing in these kind of deals, missed others
    Thanks OP

  • +2

    Just hit 2:02pm - out of stock.

    Nice work comrades! ffffffffffff

  • Cheers DB. got one.

  • +5

    Got one. Need to get a wife now!

    • Unfortunately there are no eBay deals for that :-)

      • +2

        Unfortunately or LUCKILY?

  • +1

    Haha 1000 sold out in minutes.. that's madness

    • and most ppl didn't even know what it was for! hahah

      • +1

        I now own 560 baby wipes and an epilator, didn't even spend $2.
        What a day

        • Hey! Same here!

        • +2

          Smooth balls might lead to a baby!

  • Thanks

  • here's hoping its good for a dollar the review on these things seem horrible

  • got it but don't know what that is

  • How are you finding the deals so fast?
    Missed this one

  • +1

    All you people bought one without having a need for it but I couldn't get one when I need it

    • +1

      May be you are lucky not get hurts.


      ★★★★★1 out of 5 stars. · 3 months ago
      I used my new epilator for the first time today. Useless so put your $s towards one that actually works. This one grabs and bites your skin under the arms which not only hurts but leaves love bite marks! on your legs it would be quicker to pluck the hairs out with a pair of tweezers. This is my 3rd epilator and definitely the worst.

      • +4

        For 99c I'd want it run all over my body and get rid of them hair!

        • Nice one :)

    • You can buy it at full priced if you need it.

  • Absolutely have no use for one but brought one anyway…

    • +2

      Where did you bring it from? :)

  • You guys just bought a pubic hair trimmer :)

  • +5

    1000 epilators on Gumtree soon

  • Fun

  • +1

    deals peaked at wireless charger and then downhill from there

  • +1

    so is that it or will there be something else at 3pm?

    • that is all

      • oh well, least i got a couple of things out of it.

    • No more. i believe that was the last

    • +1

      I was happy with the free vegemite

  • Love the comments. Too focus on typing in the coupon forgot what did I just bought. Wife won't complain now as it's only a dollar

  • +6

    Dam i missed it anyone wants to exchange with vegemite which i bought before

    • PMed.

  • I was hoping for $0.99 condoms haha.

  • Will swap for a wireless charger deal.. anyone?

    • +1

      same or a nerf gun lol

      • In Melbourne? i'll swap for the nerf

        • @Gaoras yep in Melbourne, send me a dm

      • I'm after the epilator - want to trade my nerf gun for your epilator?

        • If anybody is in Perth I'll swap the Epilator for the Nerf or charger.

    • No
      I meant I will swap my shaver for a wireless charger

    • same as @pingudog. Will trade my epilator for a wireless charger or Nerf, but am in Brisbane area.

    • Me too, will swap the Epilator for the Wireless charger or Nerf. In Melb

  • Snagged 3/5 not bad I guess

    • eBay got me with the last one and the code switch, nice one.

  • +5

    That's the last of the deals for the day.

    As a child and babyless male, I'm sure the 3 items won today (toy gun, baby wipes and lady shaver) will come in handy.

    • +1



    • +2

      I think you meant to say, 'babyliss' male hahaha

      • I'll pay that!

        • Perfect. I just couldnt help myself.

  • anyone want to swap my epilator for your huggies wipes? In brisbane

    • zero chance anybody will swap, the epilator is the most useless one out of the lot

      • I am in bissie Northside

      • +1

        okay i take that back!

    • yes i can do that if you want

  • +2

    Came here to comment “what the hell did I just buy”
    So did everyone I see.

  • I paid full price by mistake, do you think they will refund me?

  • +1

    Damn I actually wanted one of these

  • So what is the next thing ebay is going to do?

  • Happy to swap my epilator for the wireless charger :D anyone?

  • Bought. Can it be used on a baby since it's Babyliss (asking for a friend).

  • For anyone who missed out, can they test out the code P99DA on this https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/New-Philips-5000-Series-Sh50-Rep...

  • Got one, have no use for it.
    What now?
    Just following the "buy now think later" spirit :^)

  • +1

    Might be handy using it on pork belly when you need to remove some of the hair off it???

  • I laughing so hard that I'm crying at these comments.
    Surely there are women on Oz bargain?!

    • would have thought so right? they dont want a bargain too??

  • Damn guys, I need one for reals and missed out

  • Am I the only one who used to use an epilator?

    • +1

      To remove hair from pork belly?

      • torch burner does the job quickly :)

    • Yes

    • I still have mine but since I started laser I haven't used it. Laser works really well for me and is way more convenient!

  • I'm offering epilator and vegemite for Belkin charger.

    • +1


    • I'll raise you with baby wipes and epilator for vegemite

  • +1

    Anyone want to swap my epilator for any of the other deals today? Bayside Brisbane.

  • Total spent $3.25 for a bit of fun and make use of ebay plus.

    Missed out on the free Vegemite.

  • +1

    So today seemed a much fairer way of doing these deals.
    Ebay plus still sucks when it was going to be $19 delivery for the nerf gun.
    Still missed out on the tech item (belkin charger), can't beat the Ozbargain nerds lol

    • +2

      Agree with your statement of "fairer way of doing these deals".

      Disagree with being referred to as Ozbargain nerds. We're just bored at work!

      • Well was able to get the other items pretty easy but the belkin charger sold out so quick, there were 170 already sold before I even clicked the link and I clicked at 5 seconds to 12pm. Same with the other ebay plus deals, the tech stuff goes so quick

  • What is up for 3 pm? Where can I see this?

    • No more. 2PM was the last time.

      • Ok. Thanks for the confirmation.

  • How do you know when these deal are on

    • Hi, I didn't see anything, till I saw the baby wipes on here.

  • Anyone willing to meet up to trade their vegemite for my babyliss? Willing to drive and meet within 150km of Sydney.

    • +1

      You will drive 150km for vegemite?

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