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Ryzen 5 3600: RX 5700 128GB SSD $999, RX 5700XT 240GB SSD $1149 + 1 Game + 3 Months XB Pass PC + Delivery @ Techfast


Great prices on these. Both systems come with code for 1 free game (Borderlands 3 or Ghost Recon: Breakpoint) and 3 Months of XBox Game Pass for PC. Upgrade to the 3700X CPU ($210) to get another game (The Outer Worlds).

$999 + $29 delivery with Code : R53600-5700-OCT

Ryzen 5 3600
RX 5700 8GB (dual fan model)
8GB 2400MHz
A320 mobo
550W PSU
Leaper Pro White Case

Price Compare : PC Part Picker comes to $1181 https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/BfLbvW

$1149 + $29 delivery with Code: R53600-5700XT-OCT

Ryzen 5 3600
RX 5700 XT 8GB (dual fan model)
8GB 2400MHz
A320 mobo
550W PSU
Leaper Pro White Case

Price Compare : this one for $1311 https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/HB3sYH

Thanks to Luke for providing these great deals

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  • What if you flash RX 5700XT BIOS on RX 5700 and save $150? Would that be Ozbargainer?

    • Are they literally the same just with different firmware?

    • Any more info on this? Is it easy to do?

      • Very ez.

      • Super easy. Permanent too.

  • +1

    I assume you meant to write Borderlands 3 for the code as you have 2?

  • Guys, is the warranty for gpu and other parts of 1 year or part manufacturer dependent?

    • 1 year through us then any balance from manufacturer

  • +1

    Nice deal Luke!

  • How does this AMD offer work? I'm probably blind, but on their website I can't see any mention of where to find these codes for the games.
    My PC from techfast will arrive next week presumably so hopefully I'll learn by then lol

    • +1

      You'll receive a code in your accessories box for online redemption.

      • Awesome. So would I receive this if I ordered the PC on Sunday (30th Sep)? The PC hasn't begun delivery yet so I assume it's still being built/tested

  • Hey Luke, will the AMD RTG codes be available for the previous orders of the 5700/xt builds?

    • I'm working with AMD on codes now. No guarantees for existing builds/orders but I'll do my best!

  • Hi Luke,
    I just received my rx5700 system from the previous deal. It must qualify for the Raise the Game deal too as it's advertised on the sapphire website. How do I go about this?

    • I'm working with AMD on codes now. Please PM me a reminder.

  • I need a second opinion. Would it be a good deal to get the $1150 version and get the following upgrades: motherboard to b350m, ram to 16GB 3200, PSU to 750w bronze?

    • +1

      Depends on how much it adds. B350m is a no brainer, but RAM is super easy to switch out and likely a better deal to buy your own kit then sell the single stick if you're in a place with a decent 2nd hand part market.

      PSU's a nice upgrade. More ideal to buy your own and switch it in but it's a lot of work.

      That said, assuming the pricing is reasonable (iirc, it's pricey but not to the point where it's more practical to buy your own) they're good upgrades.

  • @luke Why are there no black cases anymore?

    • Esports Pro is end of life. Leaper Pro black is in a container inbound, and a new mid size case is coming as well, in black and in white.

      • @luke Just wondering if I was to order the deal, if I could wait until the new mid size case to arrive before being built?

        • Sure, you can put that request in. It may be a couple more weeks yet though. Can get some more details after the long weekend.

  • Are you likely to get the MSI evoke and has the thermal problems been fixed with these?

    • We haven't had them in yet. Gigabyte windforce or Sapphire dual thus far.

      • That's definitely a bonus for this build. Sapphire is by far the best "cheap" 5700xt and gigabyte also has a pretty nice card.

  • -1

    Be careful buying computers from these guys. I know many may have come across no issues, but I suggested my girlfriend buy a computer from them and she came across several issues:
    1. Extremely slow delivery - apparently they were out of stock, but still charged her card
    2. She wanted to swap orders as it was extremely slow and she was not allowed to do so even though the computer had not even been shipper
    3. The computer arrived faulty. It restarts every few minutes and she's been wasting time and effort to get it sorted with them

    Extremely unprofessional with issues. They should simply send a new computer and compensate her for all the hassle.

    • +1

      This comment appears to have been posted on the majority of our deals. I am awaiting OP to reply so I can look into it for them.

      • I've also encountered problems within 24 hours.
        Very disappointed.
        I will keep you posted on the customer support experience in the next following days.
        I have confidence techfast will be fair and reasonable given the inconvenience caused.

        • Thanks for that. Please keep us posted!

          • +1

            @Rookie666: In Luke's defence, he called me not long ago, came to a mutual understanding, and I am happy moving forward.

            Wish you the best of luck Rookie666.

            I am confident once your partner speaks to Luke, you should be able to move forward collectively.


  • Received the 3600 and 5700 build yesterday, requested assembled and built everything yesterday. Power supply failed to power GPU and some of the cables caught alight (YIKES!) but thankfully nothing was fried and the tech-fast rep was very apologetic, very fast to deal with the issue and sent me a new power supply that arrived the very next day! and I contacted them in the afternoon. Fantastic customer support, and the PC runs fine now :) Just as a heads up the ram is only a single stick and not the fastest (2600mhz) which is known to hinder the performance of Ryzen CPU's. Definitely worth upgrading.
    EDIT: Did not receive the game codes, so may have to chase up the poor representative again hahahaha

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