Neighbour's children trespassing and climbing onto our roof

Part of this post is to vent and debrief, but also to gather ideas in how I should approach this situation.

We own a low set property. Our neighbours situated behind us have pretty free access to out property as there is no dividing fence. Their 3 kids (roughly 2, 4, 6 year olds?) are frequently entering our property without permission. We have to keep kindly asking them to leave on a regular basis. The eldest usually makes a few snide comments and leaves, but is soon back in our yard. No damage yet, but they play with our kids equipment and I often have power tools around the area that I sometimes forget to put away. One of the kids is ALWAYS stark naked so it's an unpleasant sight. We've spoken to the parents who seem OK and have apologised, but there is no visible change in these kids behaviours. They are still outside largely unsupervised.

The biggest concern is that while we were out, our other neighbour found the older kids running around on our roof and pulling on the antennae cords. When he asked if they're supposed to be up there the 6 year old apparently said "yes we are". Again no damage done, but I'm very concerned for the safety of these kids. I spoke to the father about the roof incident and he apologized, but then proceeded to talk about his long working hours and how his was had been sick which the kids "took advantage of". A week later, they were out in the back largely unsupervised again.

Now the obvious response is to build a fence. The neighbours promised this >6 months ago and offered to pay for it all, but nothing has been done. I've been telling him that we should pay for half. I've been trying to send him messages about this since, but have been getting very empty replies such as "Hello, thank you for the information" and nothing else. I'm thinking of trying to issue a 'notice to fence' and just get on with getting the fence built. Anything can be done about the trespassing in the meantime? Especially with the risk to their kids, the indecent exposure (naked kid).


      • you can always add palings onto your side as well later on

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      Get the colourbond ones with no horizontal support. Smooth on both sides

      • Yes,this will be my suggestion. Looks ok on both sides

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    A child being naked isn't indecent exposure. That's such a weird thing to be concerned about.

    • So weird eh? When I read that I thought maybe the kid was 16 or something, not 6.

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      Yeah, probably not the right term. I'm just tired of looking out my window to find a naked child running around my property on a regular basis.

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    First , get a qoute for the fence , send him the qoute ask him to pay half

    If he doesn’t get the fence built , make sure its colorbond at least 8 foot high, it will be expensive yes

    Then proceeed to get him for half payment, maybe have to take to tribunal

    Get a dog, german sheperd , rottweiler etc

    • You need to check your council requirements for fencing. If you get 8ft and it isn't allowed they'll tell you to take it down and get the 5-6ft ones you are usually suppose to get.

      • Use power tools to chop off 2 or 3 feet.

        • Use it as a second barrier fence behind the main fence.

  • Get a BIG DOG

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      Nah, three dingos. Each tethered to a long rope so they can roam the whole backyard. No fence needed.

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    Tell the parents your an ex pedo and they may think twice and do something.

    • lmao

    • Very high IQ move. Let them know that you're on a registry and that you can't have children on your property without authorised supervision. Possible blowback is that they might go around telling everyone else

      • then sues them for defamation, uses the money to build a new fence XD

    • How do you make a pedo into an ex-pedo? I figure that once you go down that road, there’s no turning back.

  • Call the police and they can visit them to do a welfare check.

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    All this could have been resolved with a swift smack upside the head.

    • I don't think the parents would like being hit on the head

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    Had a similar situation with a friend.

    this is how they resolved it

    He asked the parents to explain why their kids are doing this. I doubt there would be a genuine reason but it would reinforce to the parents that it's not acceptable yet still happening.

    They offered them the option of disciplining their children. I don't think this would've gone down well, but I reckon the other parents felt embarrassed, shamed, even a little threatened. In the end they disciplined their own kids.

    (can't guarantee it will work for you).

    • I don't think they know how to discipline their kids. That's the biggest problem

      • yes, and that is why they offered the option.

        It was essentially a polite nudge "If you don't do it, I can do it for you?"

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    Grease up your roof, then it’s medicare’s problem.

    • Maybe lay some punji traps and hang fishing hooks at the childrens'eye level while we're at it?!

      How about a moat?

  • Start filming them.
    You'll have your fence in no time!

  • There is only 1 solution. Shoot them.

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    Unfortunately some families are feral & they never improve. I think the parents' attitude to your civilised approach so far sums up what kind of parents they are. The kids will only get worse as they get older. Consider a thorny bush instead of fencing - or both. Don't take any notice of comments about being sued unless it's from a qualified legal practitioner. Make it difficult for the kids to get onto your roof. Good luck!

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    How about contacting family services re children not being adequately supervised & at risk of serious harm…. possibly falling off a roof?

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    I'm not sure which state you're in but under 12 should be supervised. Check that page and you'll find the relevant laws to see if you have any legal standing with reporting them.

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      This is gold, thanks! The fact that the kids were able to climb up onto our roof = not enough supervision

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    Urgh I feel sorry for you. Kids are annoying

  • buy a rottweiller and put it on a chain….

    • I've always wanted a dog for security purposes,but unfortunately I'm allergic to dogs

      • the kids will be more allergic to it

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    Sounds like you’ll need to get the fence built yourself unfortunately.

    In the meantime, you could get some star pickets and see if you can pick up something reasonably priced from fb marketplace or gumtree etc, to string between (chicken wire, trellis wire..). If that doesn’t keep them out, you can upgrade to barbed wire.

    Good luck - I wouldn’t like naked, unruly and unsupervised kids running around my yard.

    • The fencing wrote isn't cheap, but it'll keep them out for sure.

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    Take a picture with your phone, especially of the kids on the roof, and send it to Crime Stoppers together with info about it.

  • get a dog a big one that bites

    or just make everything really mess im talking DIRTY and dog shit the kids playing in that a few days then going home the parents will have to either stop them from going on to your property or clean up a lot of mess when they get home

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      Or give the kids an endless supply of glitter to stuff into envelopes to take home. Once they open a few glitter bombs inside their own house, the parents won’t let them come back for a while.

  • Install an electric fence tzz

    No seriously, good fences make good neighbours, as the saying goes.

    By hook or crook, get a fence up and be done with it.

  • Those are very good climbers are fearless kids if they can make it all the way to the roof.

    I myself don't dare go up there out of fear of falling off.

    I'm not sure how high low set property is but if it's high enough that you can stand inside without ducking or hitting your head, that's too high for a kid to be climbing up.

    Got any photos?

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    Whichever remedial path you take, you need to resolve this fairly quickly. If one of the kids ventures onto your roof again and falls and suffers brain injury, paraplegia or death, you are going to find yourself a key participant in the following enquiry - possibly a coronial enquiry. And even if you are found to be in no way even partly responsible, you will nevertheless carry some guilt, thinking if only I had done more than I did. That would be a significant burden to carry with you for the rest of your life.

    • Especially since it is already 'known' that the children have easy access to the roof and have been found up there before.

    • Drama queen

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    My ex neighbour whose family (dad, mum, daughter and son) love to come out naked to grab their outdoor hang towel.

    I am sure they are Europeans ( they are all very lanky) and I have no problems with it but just sometimes it seems ackward when our eyes locked especially the wife as it has happened several times.

    Well I myself during summer when at home, I usually walk around the house just in my underwear hopefully my neighbour doesn't complain me….not sure any other family walks around the house naked during summer.

    • Yeah all the europeans walk around naked you’re right

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    Pretend to be a creepy paedophile. Mention how you love the naked kids running around your property. That would get the feral parents attention and prohibit to kids from ever going on your property or even near it Problem solved! But u might attract local police and get a reputation in your suburb haha. But hey!

    • If they don't care about their kids falling off a roof or playing with power tools, they won't care about what a creepy paedophile might do with them either.

    • No need to pretend. Just invite the local priest over.

    • He’s in sunnyvale, they would cut his balls in no time Shazza and friends

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    If you don’t foresee any future engagements with your neighbour, then just go straight for the cut.

    Call up child protection services and lodge a full report. They should receive a stern warning. If that fails, take legal action and let the full force of the law deal with the situation.

    Sometimes a direct message is the most effective solution if you’ve exhausted all other measures.

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    You don't need a fence… you need a dog.

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    Next time you have one of their kids in your yard, you should return them via catapult.

    Here are instructions to build one:

  • How did you end up on a property with no fence between you and your neighbour? Might as well put one up at your own expense (because the neighbour isn't paying, stop waiting) and "accidentally" claim some of their land for your own as "lebensraum".

  • is this a serious thread? just put a fence around your property, without a fence its pretty much asking for kids to come on your property.

    oh honey 'lets buy a house without a door and a fence, its cheap!' ozbargain award of the year

    • -2

      It can be a bit more complex than just building it. You're not technically supposed to just build a fence on the border without consent. Your neighbor can actually apply to qcat to stop this from occurring if they don't consent. You can build a fence if it's within your own Property though, which is tricky in my particular situation.

      We do have a lot of shrubbery behind the house, so I unfortunately didn't come to the conclusion that a fence would be a make it of break it deal (still isn't though).

      Its still a fair difference in cash if we can manage to split 50:50

      • Did you give him the notice?

        • not yet. I'm still waiting for a written quote to come through for the fence (one of the requirements to serve a notice). But he has agreed to meet with us this week so we'll talk things through then. He says he still wants to build a barrier, but looks like he wants to extend the existing retaining wall a lot higher so he can back-fill. The access if pretty poor so my builder said it would cost us a fortune just to get in there to dig propper footings.He did say that he can't contribute within the next 6 months, but I'm not sure if its because what he's proposing is ridiculously expensive. Hopefully he'll agree for a normal fence and we can just get this done.

          I'm just not sure what to do if he plans to delay another 6 months though. I'm weighing up whether I should just cop the full cost and get it done asap or make him give me some sort of assurance he will be ready by 6 months.

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            @uedamasaki: Serve him the notice and take him to QCAT. You've been extremely patient so far.

            • @DisabledUser102420: yeah, I've been trying to be patient because I'd hate the idea of living next to someone that hates my guts.

              If I'm not satisfied with the outcome of out meeting this week, that's what I'll do.

              • +1

                @uedamasaki: Let's be honest: he's just using stalling tactics because he can't be honest and say he will never contribute toward a fence.

                Stay the course, do the written quote and go to QCAT. Force it down his throat and never look back.
                Stop being nice about it all.

      • I'm in NSW. I did some research on this because I had to do the same, between me and my neighbour, you just need to tell your neighbour its going to happen, i think it was 2 weeks notice, you can take him to small claims court if you want him to pay half but that will only worsen the relationship.

        If you want it to happen, you can just go ahead and begin building the fence after you have made adequate notice, you are also allowed to step foot onto his property for the purpose of only putting up the fence.

        A few example scenarios here;

  • What the heck do you think fences were invented for? lol

    Arrange and get it built this week, problem solved.

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    I'm gonna suggest something that is counter intuitive to the common advice… use your fence money and time and invite your neighbour and the kids over, spend a good weekend or so knowing them, what they struggles are. Play with their kids, buy something outdoor activity thing for them to use their energy and share some genuine neighbourly love.

    The kids may actually feel you care about them and start respecting your wishes… You may also be the catalyst in turning that troubled family around…. and who knows one one day when those boys grow up, they may return the favour and turn out to be the best neighbour you've ever had.

    Quoting: Mark 12:31 "love thy neighbour", Matt 5:43-48

    God bless you in whatever your decision would be!

    • +5

      Say hello to the new nanny.

      You're going to be babysitting a lot if you do this.

  • put up hedges/shrubs/bamboo plants. something that will look pretty, but be an effective and thick vegetation barrier as a fence.

    i recall a commercial for a plant/screening "Neighbours-Be-Gone Tree Acmena Smithii (Lilly Pilly)"

    • Oooooh, nice one!

      A little Bougainvillea should do the trick… lovely decent thorns on it :D

      • yes, I think I read about these on whirpool or something!. I think they look great!

        • They do, but they spread like all get out… which, if you're talking about deterring some little crotch goblins from climbing over your fence, may not be a bad thing.

  • Get a Pit Bull

    Problem solved.

  • +1

    Myself and the neighbourhood kids used to do a similar thing crossing the neighbours boundary along the fence-line (30 years ago now), we had a path under the grow that spanned 7-8 properties.

    One day we were spotted by one of the neighbours that wasnt too keen on random kids burrowing through the scrub along his fenceline. He told us he saw a 3m long Carpet snake (venomous) in the yard, and because it was summer, he was expecting more. The snakes eat the birds and mice, so if you see any birds around, there must be snakes.

    Could you perhaps sell a similar tale to these children? Even print out a photo of the snake you saw, and ask the children to look it up to see if its poisonous.

    A relative had a similar story and said he would pay the children to stay out of his yard/roof. He said to the children that once a week he will throw a $2 coin into the yard (neighbours yard where the kids come from), kids have to find it. But, because the neighbours and parents are watching, if he hears that the kids are on the roof/property, theres no pay.

    Should cost you about $6 and three weeks before the kids forget about it, or realise that they're being watched, or that they cant find the $2. Then just lie about the money like everyone else in society loves to thrive on the same lie.

    • haha the money idea is novel (vs getting a dog of some sort).

      Regarding the snake idea, their mother has actually been saying that. "oh I think I saw some snakes over there. you better stay away" hasn't seemed to work yet. I think the 6 year old is fearless.

      • The siix year old might also ask for a pay rise every now and then. What if they start enterprise bargaining?!

        • $2, or i could offer you 20c

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    Naked kids, oh the horror!
    You are lucky it is not the senile grandfather.

    Yes as everyone says, tell them nicely you are putting up a fence, and they will need to pay half.
    No need for it to be a big deal.

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    Call DOCS, sounds like the kids are being neglected if they are on your roof.
    What if one falls off? And you get sued? Or seriously hurts themselves? It Will be better for all if you get child services involved.

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    Don't do anything and let natural selection do its thing. Gene pool nipped in the bud

  • ITT apparently ozbargainers care very little about the safety and werll-being of other people's children. OP should build a 6' colorbond fence at best price possible. Yes, much to be annoyed about absolutely, but easily best choice considering the scenario. Minimal chance of children getting hurt or violent confrontation with neglectful parents.

    • Not the OP's responsibility; that falls squarely on the parent.
      I don't care about other people's kids, that's for sure.

  • +2

    Formal meeting tonight with the parents to chat things through. I'm going to prepare a notice to fence to serve them incase we decide to head in this direction after tonight's discussion. Will try and update with the end result.

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