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Boost Prepaid $150 Starter Kit (12 Months Expiry, 80GB Data, Unlimited Talk & Text) $134 Delivered @ BringBrightness eBay


80GB and 12 MONTH EXPIRY. UNLIMITED Calls & Text to standard numbers. UNLIMITED INTERNATIONAL standard calls & text to 25 selected destinations +1200 standard mins & text to 30 selected destinations.
$150 Boost Mobile Pre-Paid Trio Sim Starter Kit 12 months expiry. SIM Card you have to activate before Sep 2021. that means you can keep this $150 SIM over 23 month ,Condition is Brand New.80GB More information Please check boost web: https://boost.com.au/shop/150-prepaid/
all SIM expired.on sep 2021 ,and you can transfer your exist phone number to this boost sim .

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  • for what its worth, boost mobile told me that if ur porting from telstra - you cannot use starter kit like above.

    • Buy a $0 prepaid Optus sim and port to that sim, after it ports over to Optus, port to Boost? If there's a 30 day cooldown just port to CatchConnect or Kogan for 30 days.
      Not sure if the Optus sim requires any recharge so CC/Kogan might be best option

    • I believe that you can order this starter kit and then contact boost who send you a free blank sim that you can use to port from Telstra.
      Correct me if I'm wrong because I'm looking to port from Telstra.

      • This is correct, I know several friends and family who have moved over from Telstra to boost, all they needed was a blank Sim from boost and then they use the code to charge it up

      • As @Mitch889 mentioned, yes. I ported over from Telstra pre-paid, I had to order a blank sim from Boost, which was free. Woohoo. Contacted them to initiate the porting and bought the $150 recharge on the website.

        Not too sure if you get a voucher or a sim with the 12-months already activated with this deal.


        ^ This.

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      Is there any problem porting from belong?

  • I wish this offer was live when I signed up with exactkly the same Plan with Boost earlier this year. I truly believe this is the best possibly offer exist between all Aus telco's.

    • Same here. I'm tempted to get this for when the 12 month runs out, but it's quite likely I'll either forget about it, or forget where I stored the SIM. LOL

    • I agree it's a bugger to miss the cheaper rate, but after doing all my homework, call it due diligence if you want, after my Optus contract ran out recently and I missed the Coles specials on the plan, I thought well, it is the best deal around and signed up at $150. Absolutely no regrets, contract ended Friday, ported to a $2 Boost SIM on Saturday morning, took under 30 minutes then recharged on this deal. I've been really happy with quality and inclusions for the princely cost of $12.50/month with unlimited calls/sms etc, OS calls and 80GB or 6.66GB/month for the year :-) Cheerz Wabster.

  • Shopback app cashback brings it down to 130.98

  • Great deal. Stacked with my eBay UK cards = ~$120

  • I'm a little concerned, I'm on Optus and my plan expires in March 2020, If I don't find a better deal, I heard porting for Optus to Boost Telstra could take ages, days or maybe weeks?

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      For me, ported late one night and was done around 8am next day.
      Did this last week.

      • I hope for the same result as well :) I went from Kogan to Optus, take about 48 hours, I had to chase optus but my Wife was done over night.

        • Beware, I am having trouble right now porting over to boost, from a catch connect deal. Started the port on monday, and it still hasnt been ported over yet. Check the whirlpool forums, a lot of people are also having this issue, some say over several weeks.

          • @tqf8h: Thats why I was thinking doing might a week earlier before it expires and then chase them up, how Boost customer service?

            • @cr12330: yup. allow yourself at least a month, my wife's one finally completed after ~3wks when i managed to get through to Telstra's customer relations team to lodge an official complaint… was done within 5 days after that… still… allow TIME.

            • @cr12330: Boost customer service = Telstra customer service, except physical Telstra Shops will not help Boost customers.

          • @tqf8h: If your old sim is not active with credit it won't port. You need to be able to reply to the text from your old provider, asking if you want to port.

            • @Robc: They sent a text message with a link to verify the port request (which was successfully verified). This was 2 days after the request was started, even though the porting instructions said I would receive it within about 4 hours. So it still was slow

              • @tqf8h: Had delays porting out of Catch also earlier this year. Catch kept blaming Optus and

                visa versa, took about a week, and that was before all these changes and needed txt code confirmations.

                Won't go with Catch again for my regular number after that.

    • I ported late Thursday night and it was activated around lunch time Tuesday. Not weeks but it seemed like it didn't work over the weekend.

    • No problems experienced by myself recently after my Optus contract ended Friday, ported to a $2 Boost SIM on Saturday morning, took under 30 minutes then recharged on this deal. I've been really happy with quality and inclusions for the princely cost of $12.50/month with unlimited calls/sms etc, OS calls and 80GB or 6.66GB/month for the year :-) Cheerz Wabster.

  • Thanks, bought 1.

  • someone said in the past coles sell this for half price?

  • +1 vote

    Cheers mate, missed out on the Coles thing near me and literally a week away from the end of my current plan.

    • Wasn't the Coles deal a $150 Re-Charge and possibly a free included sim if you need/lucky.

      Many people just bought a $20/$30/$40 sim starter pack half price and used that first if needing to port or new number.

  • hmm…too bad i need more than 6.6gb per month…. there must be another bigger data plan, right? i never use boost.

    • 13.2gb for $22 per month.

      • unless i smoke 80gb in 2 months which is entirely possible

      • saw the biggest plan $300 for 240gb 12 months. wtf why they cant do like proper increments? 25gb per month is way too much.

        which one is 13.2gb for $22 per month.?

        • If your phone supports dual sim, buy a cheap sim starter kit from kogan/catch/amaysim, whatever offer runs in your local supermarket, and boom, cheapest plan ever.

        • is this broken down into months? or can the data allowance be used in one month?

  • would this work on a telstra locked phone https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/354202

  • I ported from aldi mobile and it took one week till its ported. Don't know if its just me or not. But it probably has got something to do with aldi being on telstra network and it prolonged the porting. Just a word of warning that you might be out of phone for a week when porting from aldi to boost.

    • Porting doesnt work properly when theyre on the same carrier.

    • Mine was aldi to boost too and it took 28 hours (a little more than a day) to port. Was initially skeptical when porting didnt happen in the first few hours, but was relieved when the boost rep guaranteed it would be active by the end of the 2nd day.

    • Not sure about aldi, but porting over from Telstra pre-paid, I couldn't purchase their $2 sim. There's a note in the page stating that if porting over form a Telstra plan, you just need to contact them (boost) for a black sim, which I did. Porting over was effortless. I think it took only several hours.

      I was presently surprised.

      • This is my next hurdle when my post paid contract ends. So you just call boost without purchasing the sim card?

  • the code PADDLE is not being accepted at checkout

  • It worked for me just then

  • Damn, Just bought it on CELLMATE a couple of days ago. Does anyone know can I return that one? I paid via paypal.

  • It just worked for me mate, Will call Phil and look for a Mail Order Bride now :)

  • shit… loss of $8.10… bought 3 of these for family members about couple of hours ago from CELLMATE website … smh…

  • I got this from coles last week. I was with telstra postpaid ($39 p/m). Took me less than 30 minutes with the all the waiting.
    Moved from Telstra postpaid to telstra prepaid and then called boost ($135) and within 10-15 minutes, I was with boost. simple and straight forward.

    • im with telstra postpaid too. how do you move from postpaid to prepaid? do you have to pay?

      I've been advise from people here that I have to port it to none teltra, none belong first (ie. aldi, optus, voda) and then I can port it to boost.

      • aldi is telstra.

      • Call Telstra support and they will move you from Postpaid to Prepaid.

      • My contract was supposed to expire on dec 5. So i had to pay $52 to end the contract earlier.

        I moved from telstra postpaid to prepaid via their online chat. it was easy. name, date of birth, bill a/c no, address to confirm your details.
        And then they will let you know, you will need to pay $xx (depending on your contract). If you are happy with that, you will be moved to prepaid within 10-15 minutes. Once you have been moved to telstra prepaid.

        ******You need to have the boost blank sim, if you are moving from telstra******

        Then can boost and say you want to port to boost. they ask few questions to confirm your ID and you might/will need the license number connected to that number. Then they pull some plugs and plug into the boost system. That took about 10-15 minutes in total.

        Hope that helps.

        • where did you get a blank boost sim from?
          And how did you contact boost? I thought they have the same customer support team as Telstra

          • @ar7ist: call boost and say you are looking to port from telstra to boost and need the blank sim. They will ask for your details and send it to you. I got it the next day.

  • oh man OOS, just missed out

  • Ahhh.. Missed out

  • Can this be used like a recharge? Or re-port my boost number to the new boost sim card? I am already in boost network.

    Edit— just saw it was out of stock, but would still like to know.

  • This one is $135 on ebay


    Thanks OP used my 10% off eBay gift card