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[Switch] Zelda: BOTW $62.10 / Super Mario Party $57.60 / Joy-Con Pair $84.60 + Shipping ($0 with eBay Plus) @ Catch via eBay


Decent deals on some Switch games and Joy-Con’s (available in grey, neon, and yellow).

Link to Switch items on Catch’s eBay store - the link in the OP works fine on iOS, but is a bit wonky on Android.

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    Links to actual products?


      Link should take you to all Switch items listed on Catch’s eBay store?


        Ah I was on mobile, it was just showing "nintendo switch" products. Can see it's different on the computer.


    Waiting for amazon price match


    I'm looking up lowest historical amazon prices.
    BOTW: 62.95
    Super Mario Party: 62
    Joycon pair, grey: 77 for one day
    Joycon pair, neons: 84


    Or wait for 20% off code for Catch eBay.

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    Thank you oP!

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    Fire Emblem: Three Houses is $61.20 with code and eBay Plus membership, lowest price so far.


    Nintendo is one of the very few (so few in fact, I can't really think of any others) companies where you gotta buy their games day one, or not bother. I reject to paying a full day one price a good 2.5 years later, and I especially reject having to wait for a sale to get that price.

    Don't get me wrong, they're smart and I'd do the same thing, but for me as an individual, I would never pay that much for a game that old.

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      Nintendo games are inherently more expensive as they aren't distributed on discs. Look it up. So unfortunately they don't drop much in value (which is still a good thing for reselling and buying 2nd hand copies of games).

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        That's not the big reason.

        Nintendo titles remain exclusive and desirable, that's why they don't need to discount them.


        This 'Nintendo is expensive because of the memory cards' argument is getting old. Wii games were still expensive and they were off the mill DVD's.

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      Strange logic, as the maintained prices reflect the used market too. BOTW for example, a check of eBay shows that used copies of the game sell on average for around $60. That applies to most, if not all, Nintendo first party games. No other platform maintains that sort of value on the used market. So in reality, if cost is a major concern, then you likely want to sell games once you are finished with them. In this case, Nintendo is more economical than Xbox and PlayStation (and 80% of my gaming is on PS4).

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        Certainly is flawed logic that only results in missing out on enjoyable content due to silly self made rules.

        I'll always pay for content that results in an enjoyable benefit/experience and would never allow a businesses pricing strategy to effect that choice. The switch has paid for itself and the memories created are worth much more than the arbitrary amount paid.

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