Truck Driver Running on-Ramp Red Light (with Video)

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this behaviour. I am not originally from Melbourne, so not sure if this is accepted and commonplace. It seems to happen to me every day, so I finally took the time to capture it from my dash cam and upload it lol.

Do these lights count as red lights for the purposes of traffic law? Are they enforceable if you run them?


  • Happens frequently.

    You can pass on the footage to vicpol

    • Police have just emailed back to advise they have "forwarded the video for enforcement action". I'm assuming this means they have issued an infringement notice.

      • For the truck that runs the red?

        ARR 56:
        (1) A driver approaching or at traffic lights showing a red traffic light must stop


        the car in front of you that is stopped over the stop line?

        (a) if there is a stop line at or near the traffic lights—as near as practicable to, but before reaching, the stop line

        Both those dingbats need a ticket.

        Source: ARR 56 (Vic)

  • what camera is that on the side instead of back?

  • Yes it counts as running a red light and hence illegal.

  • At ones like this yes

    At those stupid ones that do a green to red cycle and repeat in under 10 seconds that's a whole different story because the trucks tyres would barely pass the line markings and they would be entering on a red

    • this is the exactly stupid one that you mentioned, the green always stay on for less than 1 seconds lol, depending on traffic condition the red can stay longer or shorter, in this case the red stay long because there're heavy traffic on the freeway already. Technically any truck will run red on these ramp but who cares, it's the government failure to plan properly and let traffic clog up our roads whilst spending all those stamp duties on MP pension and payrise.

      • I know probably not legally relevant, but the sign does say one vehicle (per lane) per green light, so I would argue that if the truck was the only one that went through, it shouldn’t matter if it didn’t make it before turning red again. Obviously in this case it doesn’t count as it followed another car through.

      • Ramp metering is a device that allows transport planners to control (to a degree) where congestions happen. In this case, congestion on the ramp is much more preferred since the alternative is congestion on the freeway.

        Remember, congestion in a large city cannot be solved, but it can be managed. Ramp metering is the government managing it.

  • (fropanity) truck drivers. Don't know why I waste my time. AND on the inside lane as well. *grumble grumble*
    (fropanity) dumbarse… *SLAMS DOOR*

    If it was one of those rolling sets of lights, I mean, maybe. But that is a red light and it stays red. It even says "One vehicle per green" on the sign.

  • It seems to happen to me every day, so I finally took the time to capture it from my dash cam and upload it lol.

    As someone who drives 1000km every week and through heaps of these intersections (including your one), this is definitely an exaggeration. It happens, but it's by far in the minority.

    Do these lights count as red lights for the purposes of traffic law? Are they enforceable if you run them?

    Yes, enforceable.

  • What is with the green light turning red after 1 sec?

    • “One vehicle per green”

      • They give us these lights and signs and then say we can't drag race, bit of a mixed message.

      • But 1 sec to get across the line is a very short time. There is no way I would be able to that in my daily driver.

        • Just gotta time your run up correctly.

        • You won’t get booked going through.
          It would make no sense

          It’s just to stop a constant flow of cars going onto the freeway.
          Doubt a cop would care that much if you did the same as this truck.

  • Happens all day long. I always see multiple cars going through on a single greem light.

  • If the truck is company owned and you can see a name on the truck…just send the footage to the company's driver manager.
    The driver will be councilled.
    I worked for a transport company and they took this type of behaviour seriously.(and no it was never done by me)

    • Some years ago I was travelling in the right lane on a dual carriageway when I thought "That's interesting how that prime mover has pulled into my lane so close in front of me", followed quickly by the thought "OH CRAP! Here comes the trailer!!". Locking my brakes I managed to not end up merged with a liquid gas trailer and concrete median barrier. When I got home I called the gas company that was branded on the trailer and reported it. About a half hour later I got a call from the driver of the truck, who was able to tell me what I was wearing at the time of the incident. (I was in uniform) Obviously he felt he'd done nothing wrong, and apparently just liked to observe fashions for all nearby drivers.

      Turns out the depot manager was on leave and this driver was acting in that role. So when a complaint came in about him, he decided it'd be productive to handle it himself by abusing the reporter rather than follow process by handing it off to someone else. I did at least end up with a written apology from the gas company CEO after I called to thank them for the abuse.

  • Maybe they had to follow the car in front to their destination.

  • Last time I beeped my horn a truck without looking was merging across 2 lanes from the right into the left lane where I was .

    I'm sure if I didn't beep I would have been hit !

    I will also add I'm sick of seeing them tailgating on high speed freeways and I can assure you if the car braked in the front of them they would be mince meat !

  • It's impossible for a truck to actually get moving in the timeframe allowed for these particular lights in Melbourne, so really might as well just try and keep it rolling, and if every truck was to come to a dead halt and start all over again for these lights you see a knock on effect behind, yes it's illegal technically but there is not a court in the land that would even consider it a problem, maybe next time be thankful he's contributing to better traffic flow.

  • I just want to point out that you cut what I can only assume is the best part of that footage. The Tesla launch when the light went green.

  • Wow, to me it.looks like that truck would never be able to avoid a red light when the light is green for 0.7 seconds!!! Never seen such bizarre light.

  • Do you really think the guys boss will care, if it was my company I wouldn't. A guy I used to work for always drove a bit wild. He had his company phone number on the side of the car, he would occasionally get a call, as he was driving, about his reckless driving, but no one knew it was actually him answering the call. He loved it, was like a game. Sometimes he'd ask for a description of what happened and take their details ask what car they were driving for reference. Then look for them in the traffic and cut them off again. Sometimes he'd ham it up and say he's going to fire that guy, That's his third warning, he's got 6 kids but he needs to learn. Sometimes he'd call them back at 3:00am to follow up on their complaint. I must say when I was in the passenger seat I used to love him getting those calls.

  • I was always under the assumption you could go after it changes as long as you were the first in line. Leaving it green would just confuse people and they would try to squeeze in. Truck obviously didn't wait his turn.

  • Look out it's another "I hate trucks" thread. I feel like we've done this before…

    • And ironically, I was waiting for someone to say something about the car over the stop line (ARR 56-1(a)). Never even got a mention. Too busy hating on trucks…

  • A lot of people don't take these highway on ramp lights seriously (in VIC at least) and just go right through them. For truck drivers I imagine it'd be annoying to have to deal with a line of cars stacked up around you as you try to get to 100 km/h and merge safely while they are all trying to get around you. I can understand the driver's need to want to get a jump on it between lights. Doesn't make it legal/safe but still.