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Kogan SmarterHome™ Smart Plug with Energy Meter - Pack of 4 $69 (Was $156) Delivered @ Kogan


Good price drop on this smart plug with free shipping . Works out to be $17.25/plug. Reviews appear to be OK.

Control your favorite household gadgets and monitor energy use with this innovative smart plug – even when you’re away!

*Set on/off schedules that automate your devices to suit your lifestyle
*Monitor and manage energy consumption
*Remotely control via the free Kogan SmarterHome™ app
*Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control
*Built in WIFI

Don’t bin your old devices in a quest for a smarter home. The Kogan SmarterHome™ Smart Plug with Energy Meter works with your favourite household devices to help make your life easier, save time, conserve energy and give you added peace of mind.

Stay in control
This smart plug allows you to remotely manage your favourite devices and schedule them to suit your lifestyle, even if you’re not at home. You can automate them to turn on at certain times, turn off while you’re at work and run for a specified period, whether that’s five minutes or five hours!

Other benefits include:

Turn on the lights remotely to make it seem like someone’s at home
Set the slow cooker to turn on
Set the TV in the kids room to turn off after 9pm
Turn on the heater before you get home
Can’t remember if you turned off the hair straightener? Check it from work

Put a dent in energy bills
With the Kogan SmarterHome™ Smart Plug, you can check just how much power your favourite devices are really using. Want to know how much energy your heater is consuming? Once plugged in, the app will clearly display just how much of a drain your heater is on your electricity bill.Set up a schedule or timer on the SmarterHome™ app to minimise energy consumption (and save precious $$$) when you’re not home. Forget to turn something off before you left? Simply check on the app and switch it off from wherever you are.

Connected – anywhere, anytime
When plugged into a wall socket and connected to your existing home Wi-Fi, you can control the devices that you love from anywhere, anytime, using the free Kogan SmarterHome app.
Say goodbye to app clutter. With just this app, you can manage your favourite smart devices and use your favourite smart assistants, including Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

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    Got these in the last deal - happy with them so far. Does what it says on the tin. Power monitoring seems relatively accurate. Use mine with the Smart Life app instead of the Kogan one, purely because I have other items which use the Smart Life app already.

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    These have never sold for $156. The Kogan website is misleading.

  • +4 votes

    Price hipster say these are usually $69. Reduced over time from $100.

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    Problem with all of them for me is, the stuff I want to turn off and on are my modem and router :) Everything else is off anyway. I currently use a manual timer at the power point, it turns on at 5:30am and off at 10:30PM

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      just leave it on all the time

      no reason to turn off a modem or router..
      also I think the energy usage is not that great..

      biggest energy costs comes from heating and cooling appliances..


      Is your problem that you want to switch your modem+router on and off while away from home?
      You could build/buy an Arduino project hosting a sim card and a mains relay.


    brilliant brand is cheaper

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    Can’t remember if you turned off the hair straightener? Check it from work

    Who uses a smart plug to control a hair straightener?

    • +1 vote

      People who can’t remember if they turned off the hair straightener and want to check it from work.

      It's got a button on it, it's no different than reaching over to turn off the power point. Except you can also do it remotely.


    Bought a pack lets see how good the quality is


    Anyone use these with home assistant? I need to connect to home assistant with power monitoring.

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    You can probably flash them with OEM firmware to avoid having to install the Kogan app. I’m going to grab some and try my luck.

    These and the Brilliant ones seem to be Tuya models under the hood, simple ESP controller with some firmware options if you wish to play around and don’t mind bricking one potentially.

    Source: https://blakadder.github.io/templates/kogan_smarterhome.html


      Please let us all know if you succeed reflashing these… I have the brilliant ones but miss the power monitoring that these would provide and it would be great to have all devices on one app!


        Tuya Convert 2.0 is working now so should be able to do it.


        I just did my first reflash of these last night using the new tuya-convert as outlined in the tutorial here. Worked pretty well, but definitely not the easiest thing around. Power monitoring exists in MQTT, but I'm not sure what the polling rate is because it seems to take ages to update in Home Assistant when something is actively drawing power.

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      Mine from previous Kogan purchase work 100% with Tuya app. No modification.


    I've been using these for a year or so and have been quite happy with them (original firmware.)

    Then two of them just bricked themselves while we were away for a couple of weeks. Luckily, only a dishwasher and washing machine attached (monitoring power usage), not a freezer!
    No other devices damaged, no thunderstorms, no idea why…


    These have always been $69 with free shipping from dicksmith.com.au

    I've been using them for a few months with Tasmota and HA. They work well.

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    As mentioned this is not a deal as the item has been this price most of the time according to price hipster. Standard sales tactics by Kogan. It was never sold at 169.


    they need to be fined!

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