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Crucial BX500 SSD 120GB $27.96, 240GB $35.95 + Delivery ($0 with eBay Plus) @ Apus Express eBay


Apus $10 off Promo stacks with eBay code POLLEN20, Discount shows at Checkout.

Thanks to tellhimhesdreaming for the Original Coupon Deal

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  • Have been waiting for a good 240gb ssd deal. Thanks.

    • its an ok SDD at a good price.. but i wouldnt call it a good 240gb SSD deal :)

      i got one of these 4 months ago for $32 on an ebay sale.

      • It’s for an old MacBook for my kid to use so I’m not too worried about performance, it’s a good deal for me

        • Just think of it this way. The SSD will perform better than any mechanical 2.5" hard drive ever will.

        • Agreed.

          I type this on my phone, as I'm installing win10 on an OLD turd laptop for my 6yo… Now with one of these 120GB drives.

          Purely for ABC reading eggs & mathletics. Anything more is pointless.

        • I'd avoid it as the primary OS drive, get the MX500 for old MacBook. Fairly cheap drive still but will be way more reliable and significantly faster. The biggest issue with these BX500 is they have no DRAM cache so they quickly reduce speed

      • Think they will be $32 again any time soon? Worth waiting?

  • Great, hopefully good enough for my PS4.

  • TLC NAND flash……

    • Nothing much we can do ATM

      More QLC will be coming, we have pretty much 2 options:
      -Buy larger capacity SSD as they are getting cheaper - so the P/E and other wear and tear will eventually remain at a manageable level.
      -Buy enterprise-grade drive - they will be better in terms of lifespan but I don't think I will jump to it.

      PS: I am planning to upgrade my system to NVME probably next year so I am holding off for all SATA drives.

      • Or you can just not worry about the semantics and just run a drive as it's meant to be used.

        I've ran everything from cheap TLC drives to low/high end NVMe and the system performance is genuinely the same across all of them.

        Unless you are using it as an ingest rig for video / video editing workstation or other tasks that transfer hundreds of gigs worth of content each day, it is genuinely unnecessary to seek out a MLC drive versus something like a TLC or QLC drive.

    • TLC is good now that we have QLC coming in on the cheap drives. The biggest problem with this BX500 is that it has no onboard DRAM so it's unsuitable as an OS drive.

    • At this price, it really doesn't matter.

  • +3 votes

    5 cents cheaper than futuonline. weirdly enough they are still about $10 more expensive than futu on the 480gb version after all their discounts.
    maybe they got a better cost price for lower capacity drives on a bulk buy than the higher.

    as mentioned its not the best drive without a dram controller, but plenty good if your upgrading from an old hdd or even if you are just doing basic tasks like web browsing, kids homework, basic office tasks. its not going to constantly work the drive so its performance is not going to look and feel very different to a top tier drive for those basic tasks.
    Wouldn't use if planning to constantly transfer large files or do any creative work on it but your looking at a different level of gear allround there.

  • Owner's feedback. I have a Crucial BX500 240GB SSD drive I recently purchased as an extra drive. The write performance isn't very good, due to it's TLC memory.

    I copied 100GB of files onto it today and here is the write performance chart to give you real world data:


    As you can see it's write performance drops to about 85MB/s after about 15GB of writes and doesn't improve. Even old mechanical hard drives can usually sustain writes of around 130MB/s. So this cheap SSD is made for basic/light usage only.

    • So this cheap SSD is made for basic/light usage only.

      It's intended to be used with Crucial Storage Executive and its "Momentum Cache feature, which makes many SSD operations up to 10x faster"

      The write performance isn't very good, due to it's TLC memory.

      QLC write performance is even worse - on par to fast HDDs.

      • It's intended to be used with Crucial Storage Executive

        This is something I haven’t heard before. Could you explain a bit more? Thanks!

    • That's not due to the TLC - the lack of sustained write performance is due to the lack of DRAM cache on this drive.

  • do you think it will boot windows faster than a regular drive or maybe just pop in chassis and use as a big usb

    • It will be a lot better than a mechanical drive, yeah.

    • unless your getting a 480 or 960gb version not really worth using as a portable usb drive, usually small files, docs etc are easily handled by a 32 or 64gb usb stick, any large files are typically copied as a backup or transfer using a portable 1tb or 2tb drive and this would suffer big slow downs in write speeds for larger files.

      use as a daily boot drive yes massive difference over regular hard drive! well worth it.

    • Read speed and access time are the most important measures to take into account so this drive will perform pretty much just as well as any other on a SATA 3 interface, and under normal use you will probably never encounter the write slowdown issue. It will significantly speed up windows loading times compared to any mechanical drive.

    • This is not a good drive for Windows. My file explorer is very slow with this ssd. I’d look at something with dram

  • Anyone know if this will work as a straight swap into a 2012 macbook pro?

    • Have a look at the mx500 series if it’s for OS (i’ve put a mx500 in a late 2012 macbook pro without any issue)

      • Thanks. This sounded interesting just because of the price. I know MX are sata III which may run into issues on certain macs so wasn't sure if the BX was the same

        • Now you’ve got me worried it might not work on an old 2009 core 2 duo, should be compatible right?

          • @Bargearse: The issue with the macbook is the cable is sometimes not capable of handling sata III so you have to ug that. Just another cost I'd rather forego. Currently on a bog standard 7200 hdd so literally anything SSD will bump the speed for me. As long as the cables can handle it i'm sure anything new is fine as they are backward compatible.

          • @Bargearse: Core 2 Duo's are fine… I installed a Sandisk SSD Plus 240Gb (another "dramless" budget SSD) into an E8400 and the machine boots into Windows 10 really fast now.

    • yes done 3 for family members same drive last few months.

      • Just arrived, cloned the old drive and set it up, works a treat! Pretty snappy for a ten yeah old machine!

  • I bought a bigger one of these drives and have barely used it as my windows install because it freezes up trying to load my recently used files.

  • Any recommendations for a slightly pricier 120gb that's got dram?

    Or would this be sufficient to stick in an old Samsung Q330?

  • Ordered one, sure it will be an improvement 😁

  • This drive made the ps4 good to start with but after a period it started making all the games stutter. I suspect the cache isn’t cleared every time the ps4 restarts . Bit of an issue with it there.