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[Amazon Prime] $5 off Video Game Pre-Order at Checkout @ Amazon AU


Hi, I know a lot of people don't like pre-orders, but I just noticed that Amazon is giving a $5 PRIME savings discount at checkout for video game pre-orders. You have to checkout each game separately but. I pre-ordered 3 games and when I had them all in my cart, the $5 off only applied once. So I did them separately and got $5 off each at checkout. Don't forget cashback too, but I'm pretty sure cashback only applies for games less than 60 days away from release at time of purchase. I also closed Amazon and shopback and reloaded them between each purchase so as to ensure proper tracking (not sure if that matters, I was just being pedantic). I used the link for death stranding as that was one of the games I pre-ordered, but every pre-order I checked had the same promo available. Please note, if you have pre-orders currently pending you should cancel them and re order to get this $5 off.

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