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[QLD] 6.615 kW Solar System - Jinko Panels JKM315M-60 & Growatt Inverter 5000TL-X - $3395* @ Solar Power Panels


21 x 315watt Jinko Cheetah JKM315M-60 Mono PERC
1x Growatt MIN 5000TL-X Inverter with WiFi and 10 year product warranty - Latest model.
We serve Brisbane - Gold Coast - Sunshine Coast. Installed by CEC qualified installers!

Warranties are locally supported by Jinko and Growatt.

10 year workmanship guarantee.
10 year factory warranty on the inverter.
10 year factory warranty on the roof mounting system.
12 year factory warranty on the panels + 25 year performance guarantee
Battery-Capable (Not battery-ready)

*Colorbond roof, single level, single phase, compliant meter box within 100kms of Brisbane CBD. Prices subject to confirmation upon compliance assessment.

Tiled Roof: +$150; 2-Storey: +$150; 3-phase (where available): Growatt 5000TL3-S - Latest model +$650.

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    ABN 41629060546, since '25 Feb 2019'
    10 year workmanship guarantee.

    pretty confident offering workmanship warranty almost 20x longer than you've currently been operating

    • lol

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      That's CONFIDENCE BABY!!

    • Nice one

      Lucky it didnt say 29 feb 2019

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      Can't shut down every business for being new…

      Still, hard not to worry in the solar power businesses, too many bad companies

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        That's true Salmando.

        Here is the link to my last deal last May

        Here are some Google reviews

        • I'm looking for solar, but not sold on this inverter. Do you have any fronius deals?

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            @Salmando: Sure, with the Fronius, its $950 inc GST extra.

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              @Scott-M: That's a fair price for the Fronius upgrade. I just checked a wholesalers price for the two, and it's an extra $1047 for the Fronius. So +$950 is pretty good. Most solar companies rip off the premium inverter prices.

              • @sharkfan12: In saying that. Is it really worth an extra $950 for a Fronius?
                Not a fan of Growatt, but some people put Sungrow inverters reliability on par with a Fronius for about 1/2 the price.

                • @sharkfan12: Definitely worth it.

                  No one (who knows what they are talking about) puts a fronius on par with a sungrow

                  • @SBOB: Well…. I, and others I know in the industry would, considering the Gen 2 Sungrow equivalent is half the price, has a higher efficiency rating (98% vs 97% (euro)), and has the same 5 year warranty.

                    • -1

                      @sharkfan12: Then I'm glad I'm not taking solar advice from you or others you know.

                      Seems strange you'd ask the question, say some people, then claim to be one of those 'some people'

                      • @SBOB: I wasn't asking if they were better, I was questioning why people pay the extra premium price for Fronius. Fronius are a good brand. We know that. But I and other installers I have talked to, question the extra cost for a similar product.

                • @sharkfan12: What’s wrong with Growatt brand seeing the famed Fronius is another $1000?

                  • @PVA: They could be alright these days, but when I was looking into them around 2012/2013 they had pretty high early life failure rates.

                    • @sharkfan12: Hi Sharkfan, the Growatt these days is a good unit. Service is very good too, and that's what I take into account. At the lower end on 5kW, I only offer Growatt or for $250 more, Sungrow - because it costs us more. They are both great units and easy to install, and have not had any issues with either. Fronius is the tried and true recommendation, but it’s a lot of extra money that not everyone has or wants to spend. We have to cater for those customers too.

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      Hello bob, yes, you asked me this on the last deal. 23/05/2019 -

      Scott-M on 23/05/2019 - 20:33

      See my response above to DocC - that goes into the offer and why we offer these particular products.

      Been in solar since 2008, sole trader for a few years, formed company 27/9/2018.

      ECOMZ PTY LTD (ABN 41 629 060 546) trading as Solar Power Panels. I am the director, Scott McNair.

      We havent done much in the way of web or social media and only started to put more effort into that recently.

      We dont buy sales leads from anyone including solarquotes, just our own advertising and referrals. So it would be easy to miss us as we are not in anyone's orbit. Do

      our own thing. The products that we offer are locally supported by the manufacturers, so that we have a good chance of them being around if we need warranty. That's

      one of the most important requirements when choosing solar, that the company actually be here and not go through a third-party. All our installers are CEC accredited and do a

      fantastic job. If you are interested and would feel more comfortable , there's no problem to put you in touch with existing customers. We keep in touch with them especially

      the first few months to check off their power bill, to make sure its all working correctly.


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        His name's not bob, the first B is clearly silent.

      • Thanks for clearing that up Scott

        • No worries Andoes.

    • There's one on every thread.

  • It must be a good deal, there's an exclamation mark in the title!

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      Well, you have to be enthusiastic!

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    This is the 3rd deal we've done. Here's the link to the last one.

    • Why's it gone up $400..

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        Its a different deal. The panels are 315's monos now.

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    compliant meter box

    What are the must haves?

    DIN rail circuit breakers? Safety Switch?

    • Usually meter isolation links too.

    • +1

      Hi Steptoe, meter boxes in QLD for solar must have a hinged, fire-proof panel that everything is mounted on. There are other potential issues such as not having enough room inside the box to put iso links, breakers, etc. The best way to know is send through a photo of the inside of your meter box and any switch panels that are present.

      Energex Metering Manual

      • Not in your service area, but thanks for the knowledge.

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    If you're in the market for solar highly recomend you read this first:
    Thanks to Steptoe for the original post.

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