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[VIC] Python Programming & Report Automation Workshop $30 (12/10 9am-4pm) @ Mercure Melbourne CBD (Therry St)


Hey Rockstars!

I'm running a 1 day course this Saturday 9-4PM at Mercure Melbourne, teaching the fundamentals of Python programming and a case study of how to automate a sales report that usually takes days in Excel, into seconds using Python and Pandas dataframes. FYI - there will sadly be no actual fluffy cute pandas in the workshop :(

This workshop is for people with 0 programming knowledge who want a thorough introduction to Python, and how it can be used for work purposes (e.g., automating a sales report)!
It's a beginner friendly environment & a great way to kick-start your interest in programming!

If you like the sound of the workshop, I'd love to see you there on Saturday!

Tickets are only $30 (just enough to cover room hire and Eventbrite fees) for the whole day which is as cheap as buying an online course, and you'll have the added benefit of being able to ask me questions instead of waiting for help in an online forum.

BYO laptop.

Any questions, please post a comment :)

If you like free stuff, check out my free Python tutorials on Salesforce APIs, web scraping, and more at https://www.edgecate.com

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    Great stuff. Highly recommend learning a language like this!

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    Been to one of Andrew's python workshops. Highly recommended!!


    I'm be interested to see how python and particularly pandas could be taught to beginners in the time frame. Clever chap. I've been using pandas in my spare time for a year or so and love it but there's so much to learn and plenty of gotchas. Not in Melbourne unfortunately.


      I'm always up for a challenge :)

      This'll be my third workshop and I think I can do it in the timeframe as I focus on what's necessary to automate that report.

      I started with wanting to cover so many topics, but some of them were 'nice to haves' instead of core fundamentals.

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    Any planned for Sydney at some point?


      Not at the moment, unfortunately.

      But hey if this ends up successful, I'd love to teach in Sydney!

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    To get started, it is better to try something for free



      Yeah give it go! :)

      Maybe you could try the online course and see if the explanations resonate with you.

      It was kind of similar to how I started programming, but I didn't have someone in person to ask for help which meant I wasted hours and hours trying to figure out what was going on, even after googling and posting in forums.

      If you're okay to grind through certain concepts that might not make sense, online courses will work. But if you'd like to shortcut that part and save yourself some time, you should sign up for Saturday :)

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    Would absolutely go to this if it was in Sydney!
    Please consider :)

    Otherwise, thanks for the great deal and teaching people Python


    that usually takes days in Excel

    You need to improve your Excel skills then…

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    No indication why this is actually a deal or who is hosting the workshop (assuming they are anyone known in the industry).

    As far as I can tell this same workshop was hosted last month for half the price and 2 days ago for $30 at a different venue in VIC. Sure the extra cost could be due to the different venue but I still fail to see how this is a deal.

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      Hi Hintswen,

      I'll be hosting the workshop :)
      My name's Andrew - all my details can be found on my website - edgecate.com

      I've over 11 years experience as an IT consultant at large multinationals using Python with ASX20 clients for automation, data analysis, and forecasting.

      Yep, I hosted the last two at Alamein.

      Rates were cheaper the first time around because the room was available last minute so I got an amazing price.
      Second time around, I booked in advanced and had to pay a little more.
      Third time around, the workshop is in the city which is a lot more expensive to hire and this was the most affordable venue I could find.

      As I mentioned in my post above, I only charge enough to pay for venue hire, Eventbrite fees, and tax.
      I barely make a dollar on this.
      Other company's like General Assembly charge a few thousand for their introduction courses - mine's $30, so that's the huge bargain there :)

      If you're wondering why would I even bother then, it's because I'm exploring a career change from IT consulting to teaching.
      I love teaching and have a huge passion for it, so the money doesn't matter too much for now since I do this on the weekend.
      If you're still interested, I'd love to see you there on Saturday!

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    This is good deal. Unfortunately I can't go to CBD, waiting for same course at Alamein again.

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