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Free Samsung Galaxy Buds When You Purchase a Galaxy S10, Note10, Tab S6, Watch Active 2 (Select Retailers)


"Get a pair of wireless Galaxy Buds on us when you upgrade to purchase the Galaxy Note10, Galaxy S10, Galaxy Tab S6 or Galaxy Watch Active2"

Note 10+
Note 10
Galaxy Note 10+ 5G
Galaxy S10 5G
Tab S6 Wi-Fi 128GB/256GB
Tab S6 4G 128GB/256GB
Galaxy Watch Active 2 – 44mm/40mm 4G
Galaxy Watch Active 2 – 44mm Bluetooth

Participating stores as per T+Cs
Samsung Retail Stores
Amazon Note: Amazon Marketplace is excluded from the Promotion
Bing Lee
Samsung Online Store (excludes EPP, Includes Education according to T+Cs)
Betta Electrical
Microsoft Retail Stores
JR Duty Free
Microsoft Online Store
Joyce Mayne
Qantas Q Store
David Jones
Vodafone Costco (Australia)
Coles Flybuys
Radio Rentals
Harvey Norman
Make it Mine
JB Hi-Fi
Big W
Target (Australia)
The Good Guys
Rebel Sport
The Iconic

"Samsung Online Store” means any online portal operated by Samsung in Australia through which eligible
consumers or businesses can purchase the Participating Products, including Samsung’s e-store in Australia (accessible at the
URL https://shop.samsung.com/au) and the Samsung Education Store.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Samsung Online Store excludes the website known as the ‘Samsung Staff Portal’ and the
websites known as ‘Samsung Enhanced Partner Portal’.


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    • Wrong thread?

      • +1

        Don't think so, edu store is eligible for buds.

        • Yep can confirm this. Ordered a Tab S6 via the EDU store and got approved for the buds.

          • @luztra: how quickly did you get approval for claiming buds? I've sent a redemption through on thursday and no response

            • @googoogaga: Mine was approved in a few days. Haven’t received them yet though.

  • +2

    Timeline if anyone is wondering, will post further once additional info is given:

    Redemption History
    22 Oct 2019Notified Product Manager
    22 Oct 2019Request Submitted
    28 Oct 2019Validation Completed

    • my history is
      17 Oct 2019Request Submitted
      17 Oct 2019Validation Completed

      from the email received it states "Please be advised as per the Terms and Conditions it may take up to 30 days for your gifts to be dispatched"

      • +1

        lol…just as i reply to your message, i get a notification from AusPost that I got a parcel coming from "Samsung Redemption Program"

        • Wow so 2 weeks. Not bad. Maybe longer now because of recent jbhifi deals

        • Had mine 15th, haven't received any auspost email

  • done the claiming part today 29/10/19 9pm

  • Only able to claim 'white' buds. No choice of color.

    • +1
      • You think they will have stock of the black ones anytime soon?
        I really want the black one! ;(

        • +1

          Just spray paint them mate. Don't push our luck.

    • wonder if we wait on claiming they will get more black in stock

      edit: just spoke to Samsung dude on live chat and they apparently were only giving out white ones as part of this promotion. Don't know if he was making that up or not!

      • nudge them to hurry up and send em

  • anyone else having troubles with the redemption site not being able to verify your address?

    "Failed to communicate with address validation service"

    • had that issue over safari Mac, switched over to windows chrome worked well

  • still nothing. validation completed 15 Oct.

    • +1

      Just received tracking email - hopefully similar batch seeing as we were both 15th

      • +2

        Got my notification today

  • -3

    Can someone plz tell me is the education store eligible for this offer and what's the price for note 10+.. I read in previous comments that $100 discount if buying above $1000? Plz let me know guys.. Thanks

  • I just checked today and saw this, hope that means all G.

    26 Oct 2019Request Submitted
    07 Nov 2019More Info – Incomplete Proof of Purchase
    07 Nov 2019Validation Completed

  • 26 Oct - Validation Completed, nothing yet.

  • 2 Nov - Request Submitted
    No validation yet :(

    • Same. I also submitted a request on the 2nd Nov. Still no validation. Just Says "Request Submitted"

      • I emailed them asking for the progress on my request and they validated it the next day!
        EDIT: Validated on 11th Nov

        • Oh. I guess i'll give them an email as well.

  • Still a backlog of October submissions.
    31 Oct 2019Request Submitted

    • :(

    • 31 Oct 2019Request Submitted
      12 Nov 2019Validation Completed

  • 31 Oct 2019 Request Submitted
    11 Nov 2019 Validation Completed

  • 30 Oct 2019 Validation Completed. Still nothing..

  • Validation completed 25th Oct, nothing yet

    • As someone said below, give them a ring (1300 362 603, Options 9 and then 1). They validate it straight away.

  • Hi all sorry, any of you with a status of “validation completed” purchase your phone through Officeworks. Just want to make sure model I bought is eligible before breaking plastic.

    • Dont have to open it, the im something number is outside

      • Just has model number mate?

        • just take pic of the box outside with the full imei number shown.
          the receipt i hv (jbhifi) has the imei too

          did 2 claims and both validated ok … just waiting for shipping.

        • Yeah, when you create an account and claim, it will ask for a 10 digit number. Which is located outside of the box. And you just have to take two photos, one photo of the phone box showing the IMEI and one photo of the proof of purchase.

  • Got mine today. Thanks op

  • 14 Nov Validation Completed.
    Long time for me….

  • Validation completed 10 Nov (after a phone call to them, submitted 30th Nov)
    Still not shipped.

    • Ok so roughly I will get mine a week after you.

      • You never know. They might ship them all in one batch! :)

        • +1

          Hopefully. Now not sure if I should sell mobile and bud as bundle or separately…

          • +1

            @ChiMot: I reckon coming into Christmas time having them as a bundle would be a good little deal

    • I mean submitted 30th Oct.

  • +2

    You guys just need to give them a call to get submissions approved.

    Takes less than two minutes. The overseas call centre staff sound like they could not give a stuff and will casually approve.

  • Mine was submitted 2nd November so hoping be bumped up to Validation Completed by early next week otherwise might email as at the moment it seems 10+ days is the norm

    • +1

      call em.

      • Delayed reply but big thanks for the heads up, validation now complete and so now just have the wait for postage

  • Even if you move to validation stage the process just gets stuck there.

    Dont think buds going to be sent before christmas, they prob dont want to eat into their Christmas inventory.

    I predict mid jan/feb to receive.

    • Amen

  • Anyone received the buds?
    Validation completed on 13 Nov and still waiting :(

    • +2

      Way too early. Check back early December

  • +2

    22 Oct Submitted
    30 Oct 2019 Validation Completed.

    Received Auspost tracking email this morning.

    Thanks OP

  • Was just reading t&c, it says you supposed to receive buds within 30 days from validation.

    Mine got validated 4 Nov, so lets see….

  • Got a shipping notification. Should arrive Monday

    • when was your claim validation completed please?

      • 29 October

  • Hey guys,
    With the redemption, can we do straight after ordering or need to wait till it arrives?
    Going to order something today.
    If need the actual product wont do it.

    Thanks guys

    • Found out needs IMEI or serial number.
      Will have to wait till the delivery comes in.
      If comes in late will return the watch

  • Received shipping notification on one redemption. One more to go. Both done a day apart. One that was submitted later is the one that's shipped :/

    • when was it validated? mine was validated 6th nov and I haven't received anything yet…

      • Validated 1st November

    • And the other one shipped today.

  • Does Samsung provide any other information regarding shipping the buds on the portal?

    Redemption History
    31 Oct 2019Request Submitted
    12 Nov 2019Validation Completed

    Do you get the shipping notification from Australia Post or Samsung?

    • Got a notification from Australia Post, on the Auspost app. No update on the portal after 'validation completed'

      • Thanks for confirming

  • Got notification mine has shipped. Thats exactly 30 days from validation date.

  • My validation was complete on 7th November, vane back here to check if there was some sort of delay and then got the shipping email, yay

    • Has the Samsung portal updated to say it's shipped or did you just get an email from aus post?

      • Not updated, last thing just says validation completed

  • Validation Completed - 13th Nov
    Received a shipping notification from Auspost - 9th Dec

  • Validation completed 7th of November. Still no update or tracking information, no reply from customer service.
    11 days to validate once submitted and now
    34 days and still no tracking. Can't say I'm enjoying the waiting game

    • +1

      Recieved today!
      No updates on the portal or from Australia post. I called this morning and even samsung didn't think they'd been sent, they just said aus post had recieved the shipping manifest a week ago but they hadn't actually been dispatched from the warehouse yet and apologized for the delay. Just after I got off the phone with samsung I recieved an email from aus post saying I had a package waiting for me at the post office. 46 days to receive from the day I submitted my claim.

  • actually, i dont know if we can get notification from auspost when something is coming to HOME address? (i got notification when i use parcel locker for example).

    • I did get a notification on the Auspost app (not via email) for the Galaxy buds. No other notifications from samsung on their portal or email. If I wasn't using the auspost app I wouldn't have known they were shipped. Got one delivered today, second one is still on the way. Both shipped one day apart.

  • delivery due next monday. wohooo

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