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Seagate 4TB Portable Hard Drive $100 @ Big W (In Store)


still available for $100 even though price says $149, see comments

Go in store or call, online site is not accurate, looks like all colours reduced going by comments

Can try Price Beat at Officeworks but they dont match clearance items

This Seagate Backup Plus Portable Hard Drive is perfect for keeping your important files stored and organised. It comes ready to go with automatic backup functionality from the Seagate Dashboard, so you can protect your documents, photos, videos and more against loss of data.

Product Features:

The compact hard drive design means you can easily carry it on the go.
It comes with access to the free Seagate Mobile Backup app for your smartphone so you can backup data from your device onto your hard drive or to the cloud.
The hard drive comes ready to go with your Windows PC and you can install the NTFS driver to also use the drive with your Mac.
It connects to your computer via USB3.0 for ultra fast data transfers.
This hard drive comes with a large 4 TB capacity so there is plenty of room to store and backup your videos, photos, music, documents and more.
This Backup Plus also comes with 200 GB of cloud storage with OneDrive for 2 years.
This drive is powered directly from the USB connection so you don't need any additional batteries or power cables.
It has a red design so you can match your hard drive to your other accessories and easily identify which is yours.

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  • Clearance … good luck with stock :)

    • online site isn't usually accurate would try calling or price beat at officeworks

      • I would also suggest calling.
        I went in-store and asked if they could check nearby stock availability and the Big W employee said "You can check that on your phone mate."
        I asked a second time and he said: "It's a clearance item, there won't be much stock, we don't have any clearance items here." (and that was in the "Tech" section of BigW)

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  • Was lucky enough to get 2 at my local store, thanks RogueWolf!!

  • Wouldn't put important files on a seagate

  • Cheers OP. Picked up 2 from Big W North Lakes with still another 8 or so left in the cabinet.

    Online said No Stock so definitely worth checking with the stores directly.

  • just talked to Officeworks, they don't price match "clearance" items.

  • OW wont pricematch at my local OW. because of their last clause - clearance items

    • What is excluded from the Price Beat Guarantee?
      Cashback and coupon offers (i.e. supplier cashback or reduced price available via paper coupon or electronic codeword)
      Commercial quantities and pricing (i.e. a reduced price not available to the public)
      Stock liquidations (i.e. competitor clearance products or goods sold by a business placed into receivership)
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    Thanks OP. Been looking to get a 4tb drive for a while. Managed to get a couple from Top Ryde. They had 5 remaining when I left(red and blue only). A guy was on the phone asking about them whilst I was there.

  • I just tried Brisbane cdb, queen street. The guys scanned it at $189. Checked the webaite on his pc, shows $189. Refuses to look at the ozb link. Don't want to sell them at $100.

    • Would ask to talk to manager, its clearly on the website for $100

    • Was he scanning the correct product? It should have scanned @$199 if it was still showing the old price.

      • Yeah, it was the correct product.
        The issue is the items is not searchable of their website.
        They don't trusting the link I'm showing them on my phone.

    • Regular website has it, just type 4tb in big w website, will show black one in clearance.

    • I literally just bought one from BigW Brisbane CBD for $100…
      They scanned the wrong product initially.

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    Thanks op. Top Ryde all gone. They had red and blue same price.

  • The link shows it but if I go on regular website I can't find it

    • Regular website has it, just type 4tb in big w website, will show black one in clearance.

      • Did anyone find this. It doesn't show when I type 4tb.

        I scanned through all related links on big w website searching 4tb, Seagate, etc.

        This deal link is not accessible via their website.

  • I did the price beat at office works, they gave me expansion instead of backup plus, also she didnt want to give any other colour, but who cares. She checked my mobile, did little show off got the deal. ;)

  • 4 in Geelong.

  • Kempsey still has stock, picked up 1

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    Thanks Op purchased. These drives are OLD stock 4tb, the new have a slight difference and hence NO price match. Tried Officeworks but they declined, managed to find the old stock 4TB plus at JBhifi and they price matched. I needed 4x for RAID so got [email protected], 1 @JBhifi. Great price!

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      Are these suckable to use on board?

    • That's a cheap RAID! 12TB with RAID5?
      Hope the 5400RPM is OK.

      • RPM ≠ MB/s

        • While I totally agree, the slower drives do read slightly slower on average.
          I was more concerned about non sequential speeds. Reading should be a breeze with 3 drives striped, but writing is usually not much faster when in RAID5.
          Perfect for a NAS though! (I'm actually quite jealous of how cheap this person got their storage!)

  • Just had a polite argument with a dinosaur at JB HiFi, who refused to price match.

    Short Version:
    Manager ignored the OzB supplied link, stating its a fact they're different, due to title. Said the product description doesn't matter. When he searches, he finds $189 for the same product.

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      I had the same at first with JBhifi but found an old 4tb on their shelf, then he matched the price. The new Seagate has badge at the top and just a dot for access light. The old 4TB has the Seagate badge at the bottom as pictured here and the access light is a slash rather than a dot. Very slight appearance difference.

  • An important distinction is that the ones on sale say Backup Plus, the others not on sale say Backup Plus Portable.

  • Are they fully compatible with Windows 10? Packaging mentions windows 7 and 8 only

  • Epping VIC has 5 left in stock

  • Bought 3 totally, 2 for me and 1 for my friend from Rosny big w. 2 black and 1 red. $100 each.

  • JB HiFi (Pitt St) were out of black ones, but price matched a blue 4TB (same older style) for me.

  • Went into the Woden ACT branch this afternoon, checked with the sales clerk about the price, she said it was the price on the shelf, $199.

  • Went to Big W Eastgardens NSW, item scans at $189. Staff was not helpful and did not let me to buy it for $100 although I showed him the link.

    • I went back to eastgardens bigw today 11/10 and the guy managed to get me a blue one 4tb for 100. Apparently there are 2 different stock. You need to find the one with adobe sticker on. Used my partner's team member card + 5% off shopback gift card so cost me 85.50.Thanks OP!

  • What is the difference between this and seagate expansion that is cost $99? Better internal HDd if you shuck?

  • No stock in Brisbane… was going to shuck them but I guess not :(

  • I'm torn between OP's drive and this:

    Both are Seagate 4TB ($99 vs $100), however the one in the link is the large desktop version (3.5"), and this one is a portable version (2.5")…

    Any idea? I have a workstation desktop at home so either one is fine, but if someone could help me decide then thank you.

    • Portable is always more convenient. But these are unicorns anyway.

    • The 3.5 inch desktop version is much faster and much stable if you are planning to shuck and use in computers

    • Can the desktop ones be left on and permanently connected to a router for use anytime as a NAS? Or would it go into some sort of sleep mode or something?

  • The go to link says it's $149 ??

  • NO STOCK !!

  • Just bought 2 at BIGW, Kilkenny, SA

  • About 6 left at Big W Narellan (2:30pm)

  • Website shows $149

  • Local store appeared to have 4-5, but scanned at $189…

  • None at Warringah Mall :-(

  • This Backup Plus also comes with 200 GB of cloud storage with OneDrive for 2 years.

    The package says this only works if you activate the offer in 2017, that is really old stock?

  • Got 1 at Rouse Hill. 3 left of the cards to take to the counter. There might be more drives at the back than cards available on the shelf. The shelf has a yellow $100 sticker on it.

  • Anyone know if this deal is still live? been into my local store yesterday and it only showed them as $189 staff didn't know anything about any clearance stock though their system didn't even show any stock had been priced for $100

    If so anyone have a keycode i can give to staff to look up

    • It looks like it’s been removed from the site, but I know someone was able to grab one at Rouse Hill yesterday same as CVonC above. I’d guess it just depends on if any places have stock left and most are out by now.

      • thanks, ended up going back today got a 2tb one which was $90 on clearance which is a shame would have rather found a 4tb but I don't have time to do all that searching different stores

        • 2tb one which was $90 on clearance

          Just because it was on clearance doesn't automatically make it a good deal. $90 is usually more than what you'd have to be for a 2TB as they regularly go on sale. You shouldn't expect to pay more than $80. Heck a 3TB one is $99 everyday @ Officeworks and is better in value. Refund that purchase imo.

        • Not sure where you're located but these are the sku codes:

          524699 - Black
          524700 - Blue
          524701 - Red

          If you are in Victoria then these stores have them

          Broadmeadows - 1x 524701 Red, 1x 524700 Blue
          Epping - 1x 524699 Black , 1x 524700 Blue
          QV - 2x 524699 Black
          Altona Meadows - 2x 524701 Red, 2x 524700 Blue

          I know Epping & Broadmeadows are correct as of 9pm 11-10-19 but QV & Altona Meadows You will need to either drop by or call up beforehand and check as stock count maybe out.

  • There is still some Blue Seagate 4TB for $105 each at Officeworks in South Yarra as of 11/10. Just make sure you're specifically asking for the Seagate Backup Plus 4TB on Clearance. The new model is there as well at full price.

  • I read all the comments here. Still dont know how you guys can get this for $100 given the website is stating the cost is $149? What do i need to do to get this $100 price?

    • I don't know why you keep looking online or what link you are looking at? As far as I know this is a nationwide clearance Item which has been taken off their website already.

      If you read my comment above then you will see that I have listed the sku/product codes.

      524699 - Black
      524700 - Blue
      524701 - Red

      If you are still looking for one then call up your local store or go into the store and quote those codes and they will be able to tell you who might have stock in your local area. If your local store has it then they will find it for you and you can purchase it there.

  • Sorry to go on a tangent but I was looking to go to officeworks and buy the following to shuck:

    Seagate 4TB Expansion Desktop Hard Drive
    Product Code: SGEX4000DE

    Has anyone bought and successfully shucked and installed that one?

  • Anyone in Adelaide, there are many in Big W the Brickworks.