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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 10.5" 128GB Wi-Fi $879.20 with Bonus Galaxy Buds (+ $8.50 Delivery) @ The Good Guys eBay Store


Considering the price of te Galaxy buds, this is a really good price for the tablet.

Redemption via Samsung

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  • +3

    wow s6 already

    I bought the s3 early last year,
    s4 was released last August
    s5e Feb this year
    Now s6

    Looking at the wiki,huge upgrades from the s3


    • +4

      S5e was not a successor to the S4.

      S4 jumped to the s6.

      • Yes, the S5e is more like a cheaper alternative to the S4. You lose the stylus support but still get similar performance, screen, speakers etc.

        • They should have called it S4e and not S5e. This year's model should have been S5.

    • I got the Tab S. Non pentile screen still the best I believe :3

      • +1

        Pentile was an issue with old, lower-res screens. Nowadays it's absolutely a non-issue. I had the original Tab S, the S6 is waaaay better. It'd better be, at that price!

        • +1

          Still, they are keeping 1/6th the sub pixels from us. Greedy Samsung.

  • +1

    great price and amazing product!

  • Nice one OP

  • +2

    As an owner of the tab s4 and a huge android fan. I'm skeptical as to how good a tablet the s6 will be.

    Samsung have certainly tried to improve things like the terrible keyboard and the screen auto-off upon disconnection of the keyboard (this was done with a software update).

    So many of the apps aren't optimized for an android tablet - which in essence turns the tablet into a phone with a larger screen

    Dex on the tablet does not help with productivity as much as they'd like you to believe

    I find myself using my wifes ipad much more often because it does so much more.

    your mileage may vary, i just found that for me - i don't like using it for much apart from watching youtube videos or light email.

    • +1

      This is what the majority of reviews say online. The operating system and available apps largely still favours ipads.

      • +2

        It annoys me though because I'm fully invested into the android system. It's even little things like how the ipad has gestures like a 5 finger pinch towards the middle goes to the home page. or a 4 finger swipe side to side changes between apps.

        Just little niceties that make using the device more seamless and enjoyable.

        • It's worth trying out One Hand Operation + for gestures on samsung devices, 4.7 rating on play store. Add gestures for home, back & recent then hide the nav bar using adb.

        • +2

          Long time Android and Windows user here, I don't really like Apple products nor their operating systems, but even I conceded that the iPad is just miles ahead of any Android tablet. Picked up a second hand iPad Pro with the pencil to take notes for uni and it really is a great device, especially with the release of iPadOS just recently. I'm very much deeply invested in the Google ecosystem with Google Drive, Photos, Calendar etc etc so you can sort of have an Android-like experience on an iPad. I don't use any stock Apple apps or services. The only things I miss from Android are dpi scaling customisations and being able to install third party apks.

        • Samsung offer gesture navigation too in their One UI. Just go to settings and enable it. I do prefer Samsung popup view for multitasking over how iPad OS handles multitasking.

      • +1

        Agree iPad is better for tablet. However Android phone is better for mobile

      • +3

        Throwing my two cents into the mix, I recently switched to Tab S6 from iPad Pro 11". Contrary to what most reviews out there say, I actually think some apps work better on Samsung's Android Tablet now. Examples: YouTube can go picture-in-picture mode on Android (IF you're a Premium subscriber); Facebook videos can be taken outside of the app in picture-in-picture mode; Adobe Acrobat lets you view 2-pages side by side on Android; Kindle app behaves better on Android in minor things such as the way dictionaries work, book's table of contents etc. Browsing and managing files is also better on Android in general.

        Besides the above, I feel the OLED screen is easier on the eyes for reading. I also found the the 16:10 ratio nicer to wield in portrait mode. Implementation of the S-Pen is better as well—little is known that apart from the back, the S-Pen can also stick to both sides of the long edge in certain orientation (but won't charge) which is very handy. With the official case that has the pen enclosure, it's easier to carry the pen around and won't get knocked off when you're out and about, and inside bags.

        I'm sure there are better apps on iPadOS, possibly professional drawing apps, photo and video editing and perhaps games. Also the iPad Pro has got the 120Hz refresh rate and lower latency pen but I don't really feel the downgrade too much.

    • +9

      As an owner of the tab s4 and a huge android fan. I'm skeptical as to how good a tablet the s6 will be.

      I had the Tab S4 before I bought the S6. I wasn't planning on upgrading till I came across a good deal.
      I find the S6 noticeably nicer than the S4 in terms of form factor and speed. It feels nicer in the hand, and is lighter as well. Everything definitely feels more responsive.

      I played with DeX on the S4. It was OK and I can see how it could be used by someone with specific needs, but a power user would definitely find e.g. a Surface Pro much more flexible. If you mainly do light tasks like send/read emails, type notes or documents, and web browsing, DeX could actually work fine. The S4's 4GB didn't feel enough for that though, the S6's 8GB would make it more usable for sure.

      I find myself using my wifes ipad much more often because it does so much more.

      I guess that really depends on what you want to do on it. I have no problems at all with the app selection on Android tablets as there are apps for everything I want to do. People with more specific app requirements would want to make sure their app is available before buying.

      The benefit to going with an Android tablet is that you have freedom of choice. Need a smaller device to use as a controller for your audio mix? Get a cheap little $150 7" tablet. Want a bedside clock? Get a cheap Android phone or a Lenovo Smart Clock. Want a dedicated music player for a room? Get a $49 prepaid phone. Need a cheap tablet for your kid? Get a $279 Galaxy Tab A. Need a solid tablet for your own use? Get the Tab S6. Want a smaller but solid tablet for media on the go? Get a Huawei MediaPad 8.4". All your purchased apps will work across all your devices, including your Android phone. You're not just limited to one manufacturer's devices at their premium price points.

      • If you are looking at a tablet for multimedia use, it's hard to beat the S5e. It offers the premium screen, speakers, better aspect ratio in a nice package at a similar price to the entry level iPads. I bet for most people tablet use it would suit just fine. At the end of the day it's horses for courses like you state in your reply.

    • So many of the apps aren't optimized for an android tablet - which in essence turns the tablet into a phone with a larger screen

      That's not the fault of Samsung or the tablet. That's on app developers. Still, I don't have a problem with a phone with a larger screen. It does what I need it to do. Google apps are tablet optimized.

      Dex on the tablet does not help with productivity as much as they'd like you to believe

      It gives it a desktop-like interface, which is perfect for mouse use. Allows easy multi tasking, and custom sizing of windows.

      I find myself using my wifes ipad much more often because it does so much more.

      How does it make "productivity" better? Still no mouse support, except as an accessory feature with a huge round black cursor.

      your mileage may vary, i just found that for me - i don't like using it for much apart from watching youtube videos or light email.

      For me it comes down to walled garden vs full customizability. It's a lot easier to transfer files across when you don't need to install software on your desktop to do so, and the OS has a built in file system and will not reject most file types you try to put on. I don't like using Excel with a touch screen. And I prefer the wide screen aspect and OLED screen.

  • -1

    Put it towards an ipad instead, they will hold their value better too.

  • Might be buying a tablet this weekend. Think I've decided on the iPad Air, as the (horribly designed) 'Pencil' is compatible with a 6th Gen iPad my daughter has.

    But this price is kinda a no-brainer. It is half the storage of the iPad Air I was set on getting. Now I am so confused on what to get

    • EDIT: sorry thought I was on the other samsung tablet page ignore what I said.

    • +1

      It is half the storage of the iPad Air I was set on getting.

      Don't forget you can plug in a micro SD card if you need more storage. A 128GB card is $23.96.

  • +2

    "Get a pair of wireless Galaxy Buds on us when you upgrade to purchase the Galaxy Note10, Galaxy S10, Galaxy Tab S6 or Galaxy Watch Active2"


    The free Galaxy Buds are on offer for several other Samsung products. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is great value at $550 with a pair of $250 Galaxy Buds, if you need both and/or resell the Buds.

    • +1

      Ebay is excluded from Samsung promotion.

      For the avoidance of doubt, online bidding and auction websites (e.g. www.ebay.com.au) are not Participating Retail
      Stores for the purposes of the Promotion

      • +3

        It should be fine. The receipt you got will be TGG on the title with their ABN, not eBay.

        • Can anyone confirm this, has anyone gone through the deal yet? I am just worried that if I buy the tab and then it doesn't work.

          • @Aznk00lb01: As I said, TGG is the participating retail, if you choose to collect your order, the store you will go is TGG, if you choose to post, it will come from TGG as well, the invoice you will have is also from TGG.

          • @Aznk00lb01: That's how it's always worked whenever a redemption promo excludes ebay.

            They provide an invoice that does not mention anything about ebay, and you use that invoice for the redemption.

            • @lostn: I received my tablet today but it didnt come with an invoice. I only have a html one from my email. will that be enough ?

              • @tenoclockfindu: They should have emailed you an invoice as a pdf attachment.

                But if not, take a screenshot, or print it out and scan it.

            • @lostn: The invoice actually mentioned ebay cause of the delivery

              • @tenoclockfindu: is it a tax invoice? Does it say tax invoice on it?

                • @lostn: yep it says tax invoice. it only mention ebay during the delivery as there is a $8.5 delivery charge. Anyways, I submitted the claim and let see how that goes cause it has that big TGG logo at the top

  • +4

    Dunno about all the Apple fanboys but I love my Samsung S4 and it's been one of my best buys. Can also do some nifty stuff like removing all ads from all apps which is nice. Dunno if you can do that on Apple stuff.

    I travel a lot so really appreciate just downloading and watching a bunch of movies and general browsing. If you have specific use cases then Ipad might be better but otherwise tablets are all much of a muchness at this price. Just get the one on special and in line with the os you use and you'll be good.

    • Apple do make fantastic Tablets with long support. But reasons I want to move back to Samsung, is they offer screens with better aspect ratios for media consumption, better audio output, expandable storage, DeX mode, OLED screen and as you point out Android is more flexible. However if you care about specific Apps and apps that take advantage of stylus support than Apple is probably a better choice.

    • +1

      That's awesome, how do you remove ads?

      • Yeah curious about that whole system adblock too, does it work on their phones as well?

      • Depending on what you want to block and how you want to do it, there are plenty of options.

      • Just give a dodgy looking app the highest level of access to every single app and system process on your device. It's that easy!

      • +1

        Thank me later!

  • If you have access to edu. Get it from Samsung store. U get 4g version for basically the same price

    • There is small downside to the 4G versions. When Samsung stop releasing updates, LinageOS is often not supported or offered in the 4G variants.

      • But we will be using the Tab S9 by then, so no need to worry.

    • yep, i got the 4G 128Gb .. it's very nice and a decent upgrade from my Tab s5e:)

  • +2

    Just had a look in Samsung educational store:

    Tab S6 Wi-fi 256Gb ( blue) = $1,039.20

                   UNiDAYS -$150.00
                     TOTAL = $889.20, Plus a Bonus Galaxy Buds through Samsung Redemption.
    • +1

      Not bad at all.

      Or grab the lower capacity version and add the keyboard cover.

      • keyboard cover gets very bad feedback.

        • Oh really reviews I saw said it's not bad. I suppose it's a personal preference.

    • Thanks for this comment. I saved so much more doing it through samsung educational store with the code.

  • Can anyone confirm if this works as I am unsure if the eBay version of the good guys is valid enough? Their terms and conditions do say they don't accept eBay.

    • -1

      UPDATE: Live chat at samsung said buying on ebay even through the good guys account means it is still ebay and will not be valid.

      • They won't know you bought it from ebay.

        • I just bought a Google Nest Hub Max from TGG on ebay, they provided their normal tax invoice for the full amount, not even mentioning that it was an ebay purchase with 20% off.
          Was just going to buy a Tab S4 as an upgrade to my S2 but this offer and the free Buds (which I am going to sell) was too good an offer to resist.

          • @Impulsive63: I ordered the S6 to upgrade my partner from the S2. He has no idea. I got an automated email saying its on back order (I ordered the 128GB grey coloured model). Hoping it arrives before 25th (his birthday).

            • +1

              @luztra: I ordered the blue 128GB 4G and tried to select pickup but all the stores in my area (Melbourne's West) show no stock. However, my email just states estimated delivery on 16th Oct, we shall see. According to T&C's for Bud offer we have until 30th Nov to make a claim.

              • @Impulsive63: I just received a call from the Good Guys and there is no stock of the model I have ordered. There is a three week turn around for the Good Guys to order it in and ship it to me although she said it could to take up to a month. They advised I cannot change to another colour or model as it is an eBay order. It was suggested I cancel and purchase elsewhere. I've asked them go ahead with the order and I'll just have to let me partner know on his birthday that he has a belated present coming.

                • @luztra: For anyone still following. I’ve cancelled my Good Guys order. I ended up going with the 256GB WIFI model direct from Samsung for $889 through the EDU store (on promo atm). Ordered this morning and it’s shipped already for delivery tomorrow. Still eligible for the galaxy buds as well.

  • Anyone know if they'd price match it in store?

    • +1

      I tried my local store yesterday, was told that they couldn't get anywhere close to that price.

      • Bugger, thanks for letting me know.

  • why can't I find the rose blush colour anywhere in australia =_=

  • So with this Buds deal, when you claim the buds, does it register the IMEI against your account or soemthing?
    What if you want to buy the product, claim the buds then resell product,will it affect the next owner?

    • From the terms and conditions of the redemption:

      (b) Among other things, Eligible Entrants will be asked to provide their proof of purchase, and eligible:
      (i) IMEI for all Participating Products, excluding the Galaxy Tab S6 Wi-Fi, and Galaxy Watch Active 2 Bluetooth; or
      (ii) Serial Number for the Galaxy Tab S6 Wi-Fi and Galaxy Watch Active 2 Bluetooth.

      • So would you think this would store the IMEI or serial number against your Samsung account so the person you resold it to would have issues registering?

        • Registering what?

    • They person buying the tab off you will need to have purchased it from a participating retailer. You are not a participating retailer.

      If you're going to provide them with your original invoice so they can claim it too, the invoice number will have been in Samsung's database and they will know it has been used to claim before. I don't know for certain they will do this, but it's pretty obvious that they have to, or else you could make multiple claims on the single purchase yourself.

  • Its showing in stock and will be delivered between 17-18th Oct

  • Just bought one, thanks op

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