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Acer Predator X34P 34" 120hz G-Sync LED Curved Monitor $971.31 Delivered @ Amazon AU


dont forget cashrewards/shopback

Curved IPS Gaming Monitor with G-SYNC has a 3440 x 1440 screen resolution for an immersive entertainment experience
Featuring a 4 ms response time and a 100Hz refresh rate, monitor has enhanced fluidity when depicting motion
Built with a frameless design, monitor can seamlessly blend with the rest of your PC setup
Curved monitor has one DisplayPort, one HDMI port and a USB 3.0 hub
Gaming monitor can be used with a 100 x 100 VESA mount for easy wall-mount installation
Acer has got you covered with two powerful 7-watt speakers

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  • Great price. I have been very happy with mine since I bought it a few months ago.

    • yes +1, great monitor.

      Play path of exile, counter strike, rainbow six

      • Do you find that competitive shooters are better on a 24/27 inch, or do you find the larger screens are just as good or better for siege?

        • You definitely want to be playing competitive shooters on a 24", to be able to lower resolution at the right aspect ratio and be able to see everything easier. I have a very enjoyable experience using my X34, but if I want to get into the nitty gritty of CS/R6, I want to be on a 24".

          • @beyonddd: I have to agree, playing siege on a 40 or 55 inch tv, even at 120hz, was so hard compared to a good 25 inch 1080p monitor. Not just because of input lag, just the size of the display.

            I'm debating the need for the LG 27inch GL 850, I want it, but if it's going to impact upon my already mediocre first person shooter performance, it will just gather dust.

            Life's tough choices…

          • @beyonddd: i must be doing it wrong then on my 55" 4k monitor (not tv)

        • You definitely have an advantage with a bigger screen but you also have to be way more active with eye and head movements. an UW monitor with Battlefield or any large-scale FPS game is great though, you have ridiculously long-range vision if you look at the side of your monitor since it's magnifying everything. It's great and cheap.

          • @Kozhutki: Maybe I should just get a 37, 32, and an ultra wide, and then a new desk. And a new room to out them in.

            When I think about it, I'm practically making a profit.

            Or just live in 25 inch 1080p pleb land until that of deal comes back around.

            • @ozbjunkie: If you play any MMOs, UW monitors are ridiculously good, you have so much screen real estate and it's hard to have a bulky UI. There's issues you'll face with some games having poor support or none at all, this is where WSGF/PCGW come in handy, there's fixes for most games but as the industry moves forward pretty much all AAA and to an extent AA games have native support.

              I don't regret buying one, the benefits are great, it's just sometimes you'll have to hunt around to add the support.

              It's ok to be a pleb with 1080p though, it still does the job well and you don't have to worry about the shit I mentioned.

        • If you are really pushing the highest echelons of the sport, then yes a 16:9 monitor probably running 1080x1024 at 300fps is your best best.

          I think for most people who play a range of games, including non-competitive FPS games, ARPGs etc then a 21:9 provides a more immersive experience and any drawbacks are minor.

          If you pretty much only play competitive FPS games, at a competitive level, then yeah you should buy a ultra high refresh 16:9 monitor.

    • Though I hate the placement of the power button.

    • Would you recommend getting four of them and surrounding your head with them in a big circle? And do you ever wish it had HDR.

  • Amazing price

  • How does this compare to the Alienware?

  • Good price but has been regularly around the 930 mark and has been down to 917 with the ebay coupons.

    Amazon returns are likely much easier than other suppliers though.

    • Amazon has been as low as $870 with double cashrewards/shopback. That's what I got it for.

      • This particular build ready to go?
        Or parts only?

        • What? They do parts only for a screen? I've never even heard of that. It was the screen fully assembled lol. This exact model. My link in my email from when I bought it takes me straight to this exact listing.

  • ooo, tempting!

  • So is it a 100hz or 120hz ?

    Title says 120hz

  • Personally I would prefer VA over IPS.
    Was pondering whether to get this or Samsung cj79 at one stage but in the end pull the trigger on Samsung.

    Never regret one bit

    • Can you do multiple inputs into the CJ79 and swap them easily enough? I have a desktop and a laptop which I alternate using.

      • I've got the samsung LC34H892WJEXXY, which is the non-quantum dot version of the same monitor

        I'm able to swap between multiple inputs quite easily. I'm running it out of my laptop via HDMI, and my desktop via displayport. Use a USB switching hub to swap peripherals between the two devices and its pretty damn seamless.

        If you're not fussed about quantum dot and thunderbolt 3 (my monitor still has USB C but not thunderbolt 3 spec) then the LC34H892WJEXXY is a pretty good deal. Saw it as low as 670 with ebay coupons. The CJ79 gets pretty cheap on ebay too. VA monitor tech is great too, would highly recommend it from someone who doesn't need IPS-level colour accuracy - the blacks are amazing

        • thank you, really appreciate the reply!

          • @spongetom: no worries, did a fair bit of reading before i bought the monitor so happy to give advice to people who are in a similar situation!

        • Is this the monitor that you have: https://www.ple.com.au/Products/634951/Samsung-CH892-34-Ultr...

          I cannot find any information about it, as in no 3rd party reviews. What are you using it for? I'm looking at getting an ultra wide and using it primarily for gaming and also media consumption, how do you like it?

          • @Known: Yep! I got mine from ComputerAlliance on ebay when their prices weren't jacked up.

            There are hardly any reviews on the monitor, so I guess it was a bit of a gamble going ahead and getting it!

            I primarily use my monitor for work + gaming, and so far both are great.

            Gaming-wise I run my GTX1060 (slightly underpowered I know) but freesync actually works really well with it and responsiveness is good. This is coming from me using a crappy 60hz 1080p TN display before, so I've never seen ultra-low response 144hz displays before. Just be wary that some game devs dont have ultrawide support, or only partial support so you occasionally will get letterboxing. It doesn't bother me so I just deal with it when it comes up.

            Work-wise it's a beast. I can display 3 windows side-by-side simultaneously and feel very productive on it. My panel also came in perfectly without any stuck pixels or inconsistently-lit areas. I am very satisfied with it!

            • @yrain: Thanks Mate :)

              Sounds like a good monitor, I'm currently fairly set on the BenQ, although that Samsung is tempting especially at that price… ahhhh so hard to pick! I know not every game will support the 21:9 aspect ratio and am fully prepared to just play some games with black bars on the sides, I don't see that as a big issue.

    • May I ask why you prefer VA over IPS? I just bought the Samsung CJ79 and am really disappointed with the panel lol. My 4 year old LG IPS monitor looks so much better in terms of colour and viewing angles

  • Not behd, good soize!

  • these Acer Predator monitors are pretty good.
    i had one briefly, for a couple of months
    (i just didn't like the curve, because Excel spreadsheet grid-lines looked wonky :-P )

    • it was that noticeable? My curve is so subtle that you only notice it if you stand to the side and look at it or look from above.

    • I use excel on it all the time. In the first week it's noticeable but after a while i don't even notice it.

  • Sigh, all I want is a 27", 34 is tooo big!

    All the 27" 1440p IPS G-sync curved dont move in price!!!

  • Ozbargained! temporarily out of stock. Can still make an order though.

    I presume it will ship when they get more stock which may take a couple of days

  • probably not the place to ask, but how to people rate this vs the Acer predator 27", against the newest lg 27gl850 that had a deal for $636 a few weeks back?

    • You can't really compare a curved 34" to a flat 27" imo.
      You need to sit in front of both and decide if you prefer curved or flat monitors first.

    • I prefer flat monitors over curved, its personal preference.

  • Own one of these and they are fantastic.

  • Link now says price of $1,188.93….is there a coupon code or has it just changed?

    • Yeah righto mate. Also, Alienware is what? $500 more?

    • $500 for a "not hollow support base"

      Sounds like you bought alienware and you're trying to rationalise it to yourself and others.

      I bought my predator because I was at a LAN with my 27" Dell flat panel monitor and the guy next to me was running a curved 34" playing rainbow six and it looked sick.

  • Not sure if this version differs but at least the standard x34 (cap at 100hz), you can expect some bleed in the corners of the monitor. Jarring at first but you get used to it quick.

  • What kind of GPU is needed to see 80+ FPS at high(not ultra) settings? I have a GTX 1080 running at 2.1GHz, will it do any good? OR atleast a 2080 is required? Thanks.

  • This monitor makes Assassins Creed Odyssey look amazing. I used to think curved monitors was a gimmick like 3D but it's mucho immerse.

  • It is out of stock mate, other retailers have it at $1100ish, you can say it is $100 and out of stock, hope Acer keeps it as it is when it is back and there is a 10% cash back.

  • Make sure Amazon has a damn good refund or exchange policy before you buy this. These high refresh IPS panels are an absolute lottery, which is why after a couple returns I decided to get mine used for $650, at least that way I could check it before hand

    • Wouldn’t you be better off with new & full warranty than buying used & limited warranty

      • Because from what I've seen what constitutes a "faulty" panel to them may be worse than what you think. I know they won't swap unless you have more than 5 dead pixels, and their level of acceptable backlight bleed didn't match up with my expectations for a $1000 monitor tbh

        • fair enough, probably should have gone with dell if your experience was that bad

          • @RogueWolf: that's what is holding me back too on buying this one. The Alienware version is 1.5 times more expensive ($1500), but that comes with Dell's superior 3 years monitor warranty. plus you can upgrade to 5 years warranty for just an extra $100.

            but you can almost get 2 of these Acers for the price of one Alienware…

  • I've been waiting for these to drop below $1000 again. Bought one last night, thanks!

  • I bought this as soon as the price dropped yesterday. Is anyone's order showing as shipped yet?

  • Has anyone that initially hated a curved screen ended up loving it?

    I just think my OCD would make me want to straighten it ;-)

  • Just ordered, it says out of stock though.

    Anyone have a guess on how long re-stock usually takes?

  • Harvey Norman has it for $997 & possible you could negotiate them down further if you go in-store & try

  • 999 at umart!

  • Just an update, Amazon today emailed me and said item could not be sourced and that my order was cancelled.

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