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Magnetic USB-C / Lightning / Micro USB Charging Cable US $4.04 (AU $5.90), Portable Travel Fan US $10.99 (AU $16.28) @AliExpress


BT Magnetic 3-in-1 USB-C / Lightning / Micro USB Charging Cable

Quality magnetic USB charging cable, suitable for both:

  • Fast Charging
  • Data Transfer


  • USB Micro - US $3.90 - Free Shipping
  • USB-C - US $4.04 - Free Shipping
  • USB Lightning - US $4.28 - Free Shipping
  • All (3-in-1) - US $5.59 - Free Shipping

Please note that unlike various cheaper cables in the market, this cable supports Data transfer and has a quality build.

BT Rechargeable Portable Fan

  • Available in 3 colours
  • 2500mA Battery
  • Rechargeable and foldable

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  • These are great, but they only charge, they don't have the data connections. I (also) have a flatter, oval shaped version (which is better for thinner phones) which has 5 pins. If you need data, it's worth looking at those instead. Also, make sure you get 3A cables with whichever system you use.

    I use these on my phones, tablets, iPads, even my raspberry pi's. It makes things so much easier.

  • quick question op… you guys only have 2 items?

  • Are these MFi?

  • Does the 3-in-1 come with 1 or 3 plugs?

  • Hi batrarobin, looking for cable to use with iPad and type c connector to portable HD, the end that looks a bit like a flattened figure 8. Do you have anything like that? Thanks

  • they dont look like they will work with a lot of phone cases

  • would this work with android auto?

    • If they carry data they should..
      I use one cable (granted not this brand) Missus has Type c I have micro - This makes it easy to use Android Auto on either phone. The Micro to C adapters only seem to do charging that I have found so this makes it an easy solution for us.

  • You need to sell the plugs as separate as well…
    Not being able to buy plugs separate makes no deal.. Essager cables on aliexpress sell plugs separately for their cables.. Trust me you need them when the young ones loose them or damage them or you just want to use 1 cable on multiple devices..

  • delivery by december; says before 12/14 but pretty sure its dec (going by orders places via aliexpress). wow !!

  • Nothing against OP and not comparing the product, but I bought similar below cable on 28th September much cheaper than this.
    I bought 5 cables in the order and was probably upgraded to tracked shipping because of total cost (although free shipping).
    Already got confirmation from AusPost that it has reached Melbourne (awaiting clearance). Expecting them this week only which is pretty fast.
    Title, description and reviews suggest it supports data charging as well.


    • They look good and most likely fir more cases as well as not stand out so much on phone.

      When you get them, can you report back with your opinion on these as I can't decided what brand to get, there are sooo many of these types now on offer.

      • +1 vote

        Sure. I will let you know my initial review. But quality and durability can only be tested with atleast month long usage.

        • +1 vote

          Can you test data transfer speeds if that's alright.

        • Cheers. Of course, you're right about that.

          The charging speeds are often exaggerated and sometimes real world use is not as good, even no data transmission for some even although they say it does. The plug sticking out bit too far etc.

          First impressions can be fun, but maybe give it a week or two, then see how you feel.

    • "jsb" Have you received your order yet? If so, any thoughts?

  • +2 votes

    Hi Guys, sorry I forgot about this thread and thanks for your comment and reminder

    I bought https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33026239591.html

    Delivery was super fast. Ordered 5 cables, so was prob. upgraded to tracked shipping. Got them in 10 days of ordering.

    Using it for 1 month. Data Transfer and charging both work perfectly. Android auto works great. Supports fast charging and quick reaction to the connected cable.

    So far no complaints. If there is anything specific you want me to test, let me know.

    • Thanks for feedback and happy to hear it's working nicely for you, sounds like pretty good quality for the price.

      Does it stick out much from bottom of your phone ( might help to say with what model phone you are using as usb socket implementation does vary ), and can/do you use these with a case? Is the magnet fairly strong and does not easily disconnect?