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American Express 3.99% Interest for 6 Months on New Purchases


Google is spying on me.

I am currently looking to buy a new laptop, and even though I can pay outright, Amex thought I might like this new 3.99% interest deal…

And yes, I'll take it.

Great rates on new purchases for 6 months.
It's credit with a twist.
From must have purchases to those 'once in a lifetime' bargains, American Express Low Rate can help you buy the things you need now.

You can save with a low rate on all purchases with your American Express Card for six months. So start making those must have purchases today.

How Low Rate works
We'll let you know when a Low Rate offer is available on your eligible American Express Card. Then you simply need to log in to switch it on.

Once you do, the low interest rate specified in the communication to you will apply to all new purchases you make for the next six months.

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    I get these offers from time to time.

    Not a bad rate for a credit card, but 3.99% interest on purchases still outpaces the interest you'd save/earn if the money is kept in a mortgage offset or a savings account.

    Does the typical Ozbargain user actually make use of these offers?


      I was going to use the Amex anyways to get the points.
      Now, if I don't pay it back within the 55 days interest free, at least I won't freak out about paying 20% interest rate


        Why not take out a Qantas or Virgin frequent flyer point earning card that is paying a fat points bonus upfront?

        Also, what investment do you have your money in that earns more after tax than this 3.99% interest rate?

        Really can not see how this is a good deal unless you have high interest personal debts already, but then I'd suggest borrowing more on credit won't be suitable for most people in these circumstances anyway….


      Does the typical Ozbargain user actually make use of these offers?

      the typical ozb, I doubt it.

      But if you had to buy something now for whatever reason, lets hope its a good one, i'd use this. 4% is pretty cheap.


    Last year, I got one for 0%.

    I am sure closer towards Black Friday things may happen again especially in a retail climate like this


    Targeted, am not eligible.


      0% or nothing - 3.99% is too high - can take out of home loan redraw and would work under 3.30% ( at least if not lower). I tend to buy on 0% offers which are normally valid for 6-12 months which works heaps better for me. If not paid within that time - 0% bal transfer to another card hopefully with some QFF included!



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    I had many 0% interest plus no establishment fee for 3,6 months last year. Now they offered same deal for 12 months but 2% fee so I will not use it. Therefore, if you dont use this offer, i am sure they will give you 0% interesf next time.


    Not sure if this is a post for Ozbargain.. targeted deal obviously. I availed this offer 8 months ago. AMEX selects a bunch of customers every now and then to hand over the low interest offer to increase their spending.
    Also, the below deal is 0% pa for 14 months on St George credit card which I am currently using. This is better of a deal for ozbargain.


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