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Coca-Cola Energy Drink Multipack Cans 250ml 4 Pack, No Sugar 4 Pack $3.50 (Was $9) @ Coles


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    Tastes like the cola lollies. Pretty nasty

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      Yes I thought it tasted just like cola bottles!
      It’s not the best but I think it tastes a million times better than red bull if you need a caffeine hit.

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        downvoted for personally liking the flavour over something else


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    I am a Coke Zero addict and oh boi this tastes so bad!

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      I wish coke zero was still around.

      Coke no sugar just doesn't taste as good

      Had a zero in Bali recently.
      Omg it was delicious!

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        Anything bottled in Bali is delicious, they really turn up the heat over there which induces thirst!

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    tastes quite terrible :(

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      …not as bad a coke life.

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        Disagree, this is way worse. Life tasted relatively similar to normal Coke. This stuff, I have no idea how it got through the consumer testing phase

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      Things that taste terrible will usually wake you up even without caffeine.

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    I almost want to buy this now just to see if it tastes as bad as people are saying it is.

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      I'll save you some money, there's a single can for $1.15.

      • Save your $1.15 is crapola!

        • I completely agree. No wonder they were giving it out for free.

    • i can assure you its bad

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      If there's one thing you should remember about this site, is that mostly everyone exaggerates about the taste/quality of something.

  • Well, the regular price is a complete ripoff. $9 per litre?!

    • heart attack included!

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    I liek it

    • I too like this stuff.

  • Yeah I really like it. None of my friends did though.

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    Got some free cans of it in London, had a few sips and threw them all out they taste pretty bad

    • What a waste

      • It's a waste they sell it

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    they have a sugar version and a no sugar version, yet the sugar version still has aspartame in it. f off coca cola, you dogs.

  • They should have just released Coca-Cola Apple worldwide. That stuff is delicious!

    • Not tried that, but woolies are selling dietrite 'crisp apple' it's not bad, nicely sharp.

    • you can buy it for 21aud delivered from HK off ebay.. lol

      • Just returned from Asia with a suitcase full 😉

  • +3

    Strange that people don't like the taste. I find it perfectly drinkable & it gives me a nice energy jolt.

    I wouldn't buy it at $9, but $3.50 is an acceptable price to me.

  • Too gassy

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    I don't understand how it made through tastings and onto the shelf

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    A "no sugar" energy drink….right.

    • +2

      There’s always one…

  • +1

    Great energy hit, but boy that is an acquired taste. I couldn't stand it at first, now it's somewhat palatable. No comparison to V though, that stuff is pure gold.

  • literally drove straight down to coles and bought 2x 4 packs of these right after reading this post, Thanks OP

  • Sorry, I'm a bit confused. In this week's Coles' catalogues Coca-Cola Energy Drink 4x250ml is on special for $5.10 and not $3.50 please correct me if I'm wrong.

    • Yeah, I'm assuming it's more expensive in NSW. But $1.60 more expensive compared to 40c back is wow.

  • i see the add on tv, than i see the 9 dollar price lol, ive never tasted it, aint no body paying 9 bucks for this when redbull is more known and cheaper, although i prefer flavour of v myself. followed by apple mother, and lewis hamilton as 3rd.

  • Of all the energy drinks on the market, I would rate these 7/10. I would prefer Red Bull though.

  • The no sugar Energy version tastes so good. Prefer to regular Coke. Gonna stock up!

  • Man I bet the team that approved the flavour are getting fired.

    An absolute flop, can't believe how bad they taste, and I loved the coke coffee and caramel flavours.

  • +2

    Tastes super horrible, the cans are small and I can't even bring myself to finish one.
    V is hundred thousand times better than this if you absolutely need to drink some form of energy drink.

    V >> Red Bull >>>>> Mother >>>>>>>>>>> this

    • +1

      It sucks that V got rid of V Zero. That was my goto. Now I just get the V Sugar Free which tastes quite bad.

      • Right?! And yet they keep bringing out stupid tropical flavours and one offs that are almost always tropical.

        It was the slight berry flavour that was the greatest.

        The sugar free tastes like fake crap (arguably they are but whatever)

      • If you're after a sugar-free energy drink, try V Pure. It consists of five natural ingredients and tastes pretty damn good in my opinion.

        • I also like v pure, I thinks it taste nicer because it uses fruit juice instead of distilled water.

  • I love coke but these were plain nasty !

  • This just reminds me of how much I love (regular) Coke. Stopped drinking it last year because I was trying to lose weight. I miss it :(

  • Do these taste like coke or like V?

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        I didn't mean it as a yes/no question but I can understand how it could be interpreted that way. I incorrectly framed it as a dichotomy when 'neither' should have been an option to include. Thank you anyway.

        • Monty: Dad, is there a word to describe answers that are completely correct but entirely useless under the circumstances?
          Prof. Jones: Yes, yes there is.

        • +1

          It tastes like weird coke more than it tastes like V or similar guarana flavours

  • I don't think these will be around for much longer. They really do taste terrible and I am an energy drink addict. I drink ALL the brands!

    • what's the most effective for you? I find they are totally useless in the afternoon or evenings. The only time they work for me is early in the morning.

      Any other time I take one, and it's a waste of $2. I certainly am not drinking them for the taste.

      • You have clearly built up a tolerance to caffeine/guerana then, perhaps try going off them for a bit?

        • I've tried that too. As torturous as it is.

          If possible, I take a nap.

  • +1

    I don't think it tastes that bad. Oddly, it doesn't have the zing that normal coke does, which is strange for an energy drink. Way overpriced at $9.

  • +1

    I honestly hate this stuff.

    I much prefer Red Bull Zero - so good

    The dusty dark blue colour can, not the bright blue No Sugar can.

    • I haven't seen that one in a while.

      I have a preference for V Zero but that's been discontinued also.

      V gives you an extra 10% which has made me prefer it. But also RB No Sugar tastes terrible.

  • It's like they didn't learn from the mother incident.

  • I did market research on this drink before it was released and gave my feedback of how bad the taste was…why do they bother paying people for their opinions if they wont listen? oh well, free money haha

  • Tastes terrible. $3.50 is way too high a cost for this rubbish.

  • we get this donated all the time. No one wants it lol

  • Paid $3 in Coles..

  • trust the ozbargain… listen to the ozbargain…

    Bought two packs because it seemed like a good deal. They were terrible…. I'm falling asleep after having two. I think this is going to be an ultra rare instance of Coke Ltd not putting enough caffeine in their product lol. It's got less than a cup of instant 50mg or espresso 65mg. I also imagined the taste would be exactly the same as coke but with more caffeine.

  • Says $9 if you go to the site

    • I can confirm the price is $3.50 when I was at Coles last Friday. I believed today is the last day at that price.

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