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25% off: Shun, Tojiro, Furi, Miyabi Knives & More (Eg. Furi Knife Set $249 Now $187 + Free Delivery) @ House of Knives


Get in quick on our limited time Flash Sale! Massive sales of up to 70% off RRP after 25% coupon code is applied. Hurry sale ends 10/10 midnight!

Note we are clearing out leftover items so stock is limited. Stock levels for each item are displayed on product pages.

Get free delivery when you order $99 or more. Otherwise it is a flat fee of $8.90 nationwide.


  • this deal is only valid for Australian residents to Aus addresses.
  • this deal is not valid with any other deals or coupons.
  • the coupon code will only work for items displayed in the collection link in this deal.

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  • Can you point out the 80% off deals? I can't see a single one.

    • Hi corbz,

      Thanks for pointing that out, it should have said up to 70%. That's now been corrected.
      When the 25% coupon is applied you should receive up to 70% RRP on products within this deal.

      The team at House of Knives

      • Thanks for clearing that up.

        The post is a bit ambiguous, until you mentioned it in your comment I didn't know that the coupon took 25% off.

        • Good point corbz, looking at the title itself is a little ambiguous. We appreciate the feedback!

          I have now edited the title so hopefully it's a little more clearer :)

          The team at House of Knives

  • For the Furi magnetic rack, it says it's suitable for mounting on tiles - what attachments are included that allow for this?

    • Hi kwchaz,

      Screws and wall plugs are included to allow to mount on tiles, brick or wood surfaces.

      I hope this helps.

      The team at House of Knives

  • Reckon you’d be better off claiming percentage off your usual price - and not the RRP

    • Thanks for the feedback flashi007.

      We have updated the title which indicates it is a 25% coupon code, and noted in the description that you will save up to 70% off RRP with the discount applied.

      The team at House of Knives

  • Site is down…

  • What's a decent chef knife people recommend with the following (or similar) specs:

    Stainless steel
    Double bevel
    8 or 10 inch
    Full tang

    Currently looking at the Wusthof Ikon but it's a bit out of my budget.

    • Victorinox Fibrox Pro 8” has a 4.7* rating on Amazon from nearly 3000 reviews. I’d start there 😊

      • Own several of the fibrox series and while they are amazing entry level knives and probably my favourite grip of any knife ever… They are very thin steel and they do not hold an edge particularly well imo

        My Shun chefs however I think has been sharpened once in it's entire life. It's a finer grain steel too (not stamped like the fibrox)

        A Shun 8 inch is fantastic, I'd only get the 10 if you don't plan to have a santoku or vegetable knife as well.

  • Does anyone know the difference between the many Furi pro sets? Is it just the quantity and block that differ? Been waiting for the Global knife set to appear on sale but it seems Furi are almost as good

  • Wanted to get the santoku but the shipping kinds of offsets the discount… wish there was free shipping under $100 spend. Thanks anyway

  • hope they do another 25% off flash sale ….need some more miyabi knives.

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