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Philips LED Light Bulbs from $2.90 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


High colour rendering (CRI> 80) for vibrant colours
Very low energy consumption; saves at least 80% energy
No mercury
Lifetime up to 15 years

Includes 13w Bulb for $2.90

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  • Good price on those dimmable LEDs, cheers!

  • Thank You knackers for the post.Ordered some of the 13w globes.

  • Bought 15 bulbs .. thanks OP,, for me it allows 5max from each category

  • As a spark, and one who uses these bulbs if I have to, between these and the osram globes, the philips often fail, good price though…

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      between these and the osram globes, the philips

      I use both and have never had an led globe fail over the last few years.

      • Same here…no issues,,, but could not remember Osram went this cheap..

      • I have those government subsidized LED bulbs in our place for about 2 years now. Most of them have failed and been replaced.

        • Most of them have failed and been replaced.

          That's because they are government ones. They only work up until the next election.

    • I've had 4 philips edison type led fail under 2 years. All made an arcing sound before dying.

  • Thanks OP. Bought 5 of the GU10s for $14.50 free delivery with prime :)

  • Stock was disappearing right before my eyes… the sale is being Ozbargained as we speak.

  • Just bought 6 13Ws. Can't wait to test those.. Thanks!

  • Frikken wonderful… thanx OP.

  • Wanted to buy 20 scene switch, allows max 5 per user

  • Can I use these LED globes outdoors or would they have to be in ventilated waterproof enclosure?

    • They are mains voltage. Wouldn't that require a waterproof fitting anyway (for the light fixture)?

  • Is 3 x 8w enough to light up a 20sqm lounge? Or should I go for the 13w? What's soft white?

    • If it is just for visibility 8w like a TV room so you can see what you are doing but if it is an entertaining room or like kitchen then 13w so you can see what you are doing.

      Whenever I have to decide on this I think whether people will be using this room a lot and basically conversation areas I put brighter bulbs and places like hallways or paths and bedrooms I put lower lighting.

      Unless it is like a meditation room but then you have candles or very low dim lighting.

      Lighting near the door for example where people just need to pass through I would put 8w lower lighting but the kitchen and entertainment room maybe higher lighting.

      Personally I put a dimmable smart bulb from a free LIFX giveaway because I am very sensitive to light especially when sleeping and waking up etc not kitchen, bathroom, hallways, lounge I don't really care as long as I can see what I am doing. Generally brighter is better for my use case scenario because honestly it can be a dark not well lit at night when you need it most but ymmv.

      • Awesome thanks for the long writeup - got a few of the 8w and 13w, hopefully the colour suits :)

        • No problem sweet let us all know how it goes if you can remember :) I am curious to hear your report on them all.

  • 13W Philips Edison screw is priced at $13+. Not even close to $2.90?Has it been already ozbargained?

  • Deal seems expired

  • Far out, couldn’t stay awake for another 15-20 minutes to see this at midnight. :(

    Maybe next time.

  • This deal is currently unavailable, but you can find more great deals on our Today’s Deals page.

  • Not available:(

  • I got about 29 CFW bulbs changed over to 7W LED for free by the VIC govt. I don't think I'll need to buy any more bulbs for the next 10 years.

    • What brand did they use? Many of the businesses doing those changeovers were using really cheap unreliable globes.

      A user a few posts up said they had to replace most of them within 2 years.

      • yeah, most of these companies suck money from taxpayers through some sort of lobbying and relationship with politicians and we all in the end pay higher electricity price and more taxes

        • The government pays for programs designed to reduce fossil fuel energy consumption or make the environment greener (e.g. installing solar panels, or replacing bulbs with LEDs, or planting trees). They issue certificates for these jobs. Those certificates get sold to power retailers to offset their carbon emissions. Retailers produce emissions by supplying coal power. To offset their emissions they buy certificates. It's like planting trees, but they are not going to do it themselves. They are effectively paying other people to do it for them when they buy certificates. In doing so, they have directly funded green jobs to offset their own carbon emissions.

          The costs of those certificates is passed onto bill payers. In the end, everyone else is paying for your solar panel rebate and LED bulb replacement. You may as well take up the rebate or free bulbs. You will have to subsidize other people's solar panels and bulbs whether you take up the offer yourself or not. So you may as well. That's the only way to get your money back.

      • One was Cyanergy and the other I can't remember. They aren't going to be Philips or any popular brand. But they run brighter than the bulbs they replaced and didn't cost me so I'm fine with it.

  • A pity there were no 4W 470lm bulbs on sale.

  • This deal is back on.