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Adobe CC All Apps Annual Prepaid for $263.87/Yr or $21.99/M for 1 Year for Eligible Students and Teachers


Eligible students (aged 13 years and older) and teachers can save 70% off our standard All Apps Adobe® Creative Cloud™ price when they purchase an annual membership to Adobe® Creative Cloud™ at a reduced price of A$21.99/month (A$263.87/year) (GST inclusive) for the first year. At the end of the first year (and each year after that), we will renew your contract automatically for another year at the then-current standard monthly student and teachers price, which will be calculated annually at 40% off our standard All Apps Adobe® Creative Cloud™ price. Your membership will not automatically renew if you cancel your membership prior to the end of any membership year.

Eligibility is basically that you have access to a .edu or .edu.au email address.

It's possible to negotiate this price for subscription renewals too. When I got the renewal reminder, I went through the steps of cancelling, indicated the renewal was too expensive, chatted with customer service when offered, and politely asked them to match the price offered to others on the linked web page, insisting any counter offer was still too expensive.

Repost of https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/444951 which has been marked expired

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  • The Department of Education and Childhood Development provides a few Adobe apps to students for free to download on their devices.

  • Eligible students (aged 13 years and older)

    Why not younger?

  • Is there a way to get an edu address? Apart from going to uni I mean..

    • You can usually buy them for a few $$ on eBay. They come through pretty quickly and you should have full access to the account (usually through Gmail or Live).

    • Normally they have a list of uni's that are only eligible. Well from the reading up I did about it last time.. but never tried to get the Adobe CC on uni pricing so don't know how easy it is to sign up.

  • Cause I still have my uni account but it's not .edu

  • LOL… I don't wanna send my contract in pdf format to my clients to sign with .edu email account. This just looks weird.

  • Used to be able to buy a 1 year subscription to the Adobe CC suite from on the hub (Vic DET) for around $27 for the year.

    I've started looking into alternatives but I'm too used to photoshop. Affinity looks nice, so does Corel Photo-Paint but just working around them confuses my old mind. GIMP is Gimped :(

    • Just about to renew mine in QLD via this option. Definitely not paying $264!:/

  • Check your UNI HUB store if your uni has one. Adobe CC can be had for $27.50 (just renewed today). I grabbed it with my Alumni email address from my old UNI HUB store as my current uni where I am doing post grad doesn't offer offer Adobe CC.

  • Teachers and students can usually access these suites for free through their sites. Should always ask your school/Dept Ed first.

  • Maybe 5% cheaper with Officeworks price-match guarantee??

    You can also use the pre-paid 1 year from Officeworks to renew/extend an existing subscription, whereas I think the Adobe direct reverts to 40% discount after first 12 months (without wasting your time negotiating with Adobe support)