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Kogan 5.2L Digital Low Fat 1800W Air Fryer $49 + Delivery @ Kogan


Kogan 5.2L Digital Low Fat 1800W Air Fryer

I think was previously on ozbargains for 79 or higher so great deal,

Personally i've never had an air fryer so would anyone recommend this as a good first air fryer to start off with, and how health is it using this to cook like a bag of mcacines chips ?

also with kogan first shipping- it's free but is it easy to cancel the trial period since after this it is $99

edit" easy to cancel kogan first shipping if you login
also the $79 was for the 7.2 L or something

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    have the Philips ones and always been using since. Game changer.

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    I've got one of these and they are pretty damn good. I usually grab a few potato's and use the crinkle cutter to make crinkle cut chips. Results won't be exactly like deep frying chips, but they turn out pretty damn good. I've cooked a bbq chicken in there as well which turned out quite well!


      sounds promising

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        They will also reheat pizza very well at about 3.3 minutes from cold, and the pizza is heated great with nice crisp. But the machine only holds a few slices at once. It’s like a tiny toaster oven on steroids.

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    Don't be fooled by the low fat cooking claims for these devices….. They are nothing more and nothing less than a benchtop fan forced oven.

    That said, the speed at which they heat up, and the ease of setting a timer to turn off makes it the most used appliance in my home (outside of the toaster/kettle).

    Cooking a single serve of frozen chips takes about 12 minutes. No preheat. It would take longer than that just to preheat my regular oven.

    For $50, it's a no brainier.


      Agree about 99%.

      The one thing very mildly healthier than a regular oven is that the fat/juices drips off of the food and into the tray below, rather than being cooked in the fat/juices if you were using a standard cooking tray in an oven.

      I'd love to know the stats on electricity because, as you mentioned, they're small units to heat up and it does things very quickly - compared to much longer running times/more power consumption for much bigger ovens.

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      Cheers for the comment. May as well keep using my convection microwave rather than fork out another $50 then.

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    I don't have experience with this air fryer, but not all air fryers are created equal. I have tried 2 no name brands, but didn't get good results with chips. One of the units produced a plastic smell every time I used it. Both units I used made chips, however they turned out soggy, or needed a very long cook time to become hard, but it was not crispy, perhaps due to lost of moisture in the chips. I now use the Philips brand and find the results much better. Chips turn out crispy and the texture is similar to frying in oil.

    It's definitely better to use an air fryer compared to deep frying. It requires no additional oil as chips bought in frozen packs are cooked once already and coated in a film of oil. The air fryer may even extract more oil from the chips after the cooking process, which can be seen at the bottom of the air fryer.

    Air frying is probably similar to baking fries, but time is much shorter (no need to pre-heat oven) and less work as there is no need to flip the chips in the oven.


      which phillips one did you buy? and how much?

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      I bought this exact Kogan one for a family member last year and they've been happy with it.


        GUESS i dont think i'll use it much besides chips and occasional chicken leg etc so prob worth it


      I've got the Aldi airfryer. Crispy chips / wedges every time.

      This kogan unit is 1800w which is higher than most generic fryers (including my aldi unit that is 1500w).

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    Has anyone tried Kmart air fryer? It has a good reviews btw.

    • +1 vote

      Yes, it works well, only problem I have is the non-stick isn't non-stick any more (problem started after about 10 uses, hand-wash in mild detergent only). They would exchange it on warranty, but not just the basket, the whole thing. Too lazy go do that, it still works, I just have to soak it to get off stuck bits.

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      I've had a Kmart one for around 1 year. It works fine, and for the price I'm happy with it, but it's made from cheap and nasty materials, when it dies I'll upgrade to something better quality.
      I hand wash it gently with no abrasive scourers, but the non-stop coating completely peeled off the bottom of the basket after a few uses.
      The plastic covering the front of the drawer also peeled off after a few uses.
      It only affects it cosmetically, it looks ugly and is trickier to pull open when hot (if you aren't using it also with the basket insert, which does have a handle - ie using it with a roasting dish in it etc), but doesn't negatively affect usage of no hot air escapes.
      The actual heating/fan parts work really well.

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      Yep, I've used my kmart one 2-3 times a week for 6 months or so with no issues.

      I mostly cook chips (frozen shoestring) or potato gems and just wipe out the basket with a paper towel, occasionally giving it a full wash.
      I've heard others mention (as they have here) the non-stick coating starts deteriorating but haven't had the issue myself.

      It's kmart so if it starts having issues it's an easy return.

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    I have no illusions that this is healthier or whatever but I do like the potentially shorter cook times and for $49 I thought it was worth giving it a go.


    I dont know much about frying and cooking. My wife has bought one not because its healthy or whatever but just saying it saves time and effort and is less messy.


      It's really an oven. I bake a lot of cookies/biscuits and chicken nuggets. Wife uses it sometimes to help the bread yeast rise .

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    Free shipping if you also take 14 days free trial of Kogan First

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    Not happy with Kogan at all. Recently have ordered one smartwatch from Kogan and 15 days free membership was added to my order. after 15 days they automatically debited $99. When I check my Kogan account they saved my credit card details for auto-renewal membership. I don't want their membership and they are not returning my money says its into their terms and condition. Totally hidden way to get money from the customer. I want my money back.


    I have this, it's great!

    I don't like paying for shipping though so I won't order another.


    Look's like it has sold out :(


    Sorry, this item has just sold out and could not be added to your cart

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    Got 2. One for each bathroom.

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    It's basically a mini fan-forced convection oven (not to be confused with conventional oven).

    I have a Phillips Air Fryer, purchased 18 months ago for around $200. It's healthier than frying with oil. I use it to cook chicken, vegetables and chips.
    Personally, I think the chicken tastes better than cooking in a conventional oven.

    In my opinion, it works better than an oven for 3 main reasons:
    1) It heats up to temperature very quickly
    2) Very easy to use
    3) Very easy to clean

    At $50, this is a no brainer. I would probably get the $79 one though because it's bigger.


    We already have an oven similar to this


    Can anyone comment on how the airfryer would be any different to this?


      I have one of those too, and an drawer based airfryer.

      Drawer Airfryer is faster to heat food, much lighter, easier access to the oven compartment, easier to clean, doesn't burn on top, and has better air circulation.

      The glass version is much larger, better for roasts etc.

      You also don't have the halogen globe clicking on and off with a drawer based airfryer.


    FYI,back in stock but with price jacked @ $89.99

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    So are these things basically the same as a convection microwave? We have one that does grill and has a fan forced oven mode in it. Can cook chips and pies etc and get them crunchy
    Like one of these: https://www.kmart.com.au/product/30l-convection-microwave-ov...

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    Used my airfryer once since purchasing 3 months ago. meh.

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