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Free 1 on 1 In-Store Kitchen Planning (Normally $99) @ IKEA


IKEA are offering their 1 on 1 In-Store Kitchen Planning for free.

Normally it's $99 and then they deduct $99 if you buy a kitchen from them. If you are looking to re-do your kitchen, IKEA is a good starting block to begin the process. Measure up your existing kitchen and they'll sit with you for a couple of hours to design a kitchen in their software. They'll walk around to help you decide on what cabinets, stone, sink etc to put in and when the process is done you'll have a printed out design of your kitchen. You'll also be able to access the plan online.

I'd then go to some other kitchen places or see a cabinet maker to see what they can offer in comparison. With IKEA you can buy the cabinets, get your own installer, buy the stone from somewhere else, etc or you can get them to do everything. Bunnings have a free kitchen consulting again but their options, while slightly cheaper are very sparse.

Oh and we did this in February and still researching what we want in the kitchen. :(

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    Seriously, IKEA helped me design an amazing kitchen for my parents. Ten years on and it's still very modern an chic

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    There is much at IKEA that I don't rate very highly, but I've always been a big fan of their kitchens. I wish our kitchen was worse so I could justify an upgrade… It's in that annoying middle ground where it's newish and perfectly fine, but I don't like it…


      I understand their kitchens are actually what they get their most complaints and warranty claims about.


        I DIY'd an IKEA Kitchen a couple of years ago and loved every part of the process from planning to ordering to delivery to installation and now it's daily use. So cheap too and no-one whi visits can believe it's an IKEA Kitchen so yeah, couldn't be happier!


    Was just thinking of doing the kitchen then saw this. Thanks.


    It's worth designing your kitchen with the IKEA or Bunnings app then taking the design to a cabinet maker and have them quote it.

    Cabinet makers can make custom sizing to fit any area and use solid backing boards. Some IKEA cabinets have a really weak backing :\

    Long story short my cabinet maker was $1,000 more expensive than IKEA and custom sizing.