Made in Germany Miele C3 Family Allrounder 2000 Watt Vacuum Cleaner $349 from Betta Stores


Made in Germany Miele C3 Complete Family All-Rounder vacuum cleaner (not bagless) 2000 Watts from Betta for $349 (down from $549).

It comes with an integrated (stored inside vacuum) 3 set accessory set, upholstery nozzle, crevice nozzle, dusting brush with synthetic bristles, floorhead SBD 285-3, air filter.

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Ps. I just noticed a long running deal from "Suncorp Benefits" which is gives you 5% off Betta gift cards which together with cashback will reduce the price further, by up to 8% (or ~$25).

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    Betta has had some great deals lately, used to be the most expensive rip off place ever lol

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      I doubt it.

      There are people out there who prefer a solid, well made, vacuum with proper suction, over the gimmicky upright or rechargeable units with 130 Watts.

      There is just nothing that even comes close to Miele imho.

      Just go to the store and pick one up, you'll see what I mean (I hope)

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      I'm not so sure about that. I've only ever heard good things about Miele vacuum cleaners (though I'm sure not 100% of owners are happy).
      If you're onto a good thing… why change it as they say. I'm hoping to get one in the future but for now will put up with my current if somewhat average vacuum cleaner.

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    I agree. Bags any day over bagless. Will clean so much better than these gimmicky cordless units. Like Bluetooth speakers, they don't come closer to a decent 90s stereo system.

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      That's a very good analogy.

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      The analogy I often think of when comparing products made in Germany, with products made in places like the Phillipines, Taiwan, China, or even Korea.

      Is that it's like comparing a German designed and German made BMW, Mercedes, or Audi with a Hyundai or a Kia (they don't even come close).

      Except, unlike cars, the Kias and Hyundais of the vacuum world actually cost more than the BMWs, Mercedes, or Audi of the vacuum world.

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    Is the C3 cat and dog for $400 a better deal? Coupon code POLLEN20

    Comes with turbo brush and mini turbo brush.

    Edit - plus $20 Shipping or free pickup from their store in a Sydney


      If you have pets then yes it's a better deal as the turbo head is designed to get hair out of carpets etc (like a spinning brush or something I guess).

      But if you don't have pets then the non-pet one is a better deal, and a better vacuum, because the head is designed for floors, carpets, upholstery, etc.

      Other than the head, and something that is supposed to neutralize pet odour (I guess built into a filter), there are no differences between the two.

      At least that's what I was told by the sales rep.


    Spewing I missed the all floors vacuum. Need something that won’t scratch high quality floorboards.


      Maybe you can just use the vacuum head set to floor (with the bristles out) or wrap the head in some kind of mesh that wouldn't interfere with the suction, but would be sturdy enough not to break and scratch the floor (I'm thinking something like an insect screen but made from a softer yet more durable material)?

      Ps. Don't they make a softer accessory you could attach to the hose?

      Now, come to think of it, you'd probably also need to look out for wheel/vacuum scratches as you pull it along while vacuuming (I think a handheld one may be better for a smooth surface, as it doesn't need as much suction as a carpet, and no risk of the vacuum itself leaving scratches).

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        The multi-floor (all-floor?) Miele has rubber on the wheels to protect floorboards. I think it’ the Blizzard CX1 (bag-less… I know). Would be good for downstairs where we have a mix of floorboards + carpet. Could then leave the heavy Dyson upstairs for carpets only.

        We also have a V8. It’s ok, average suction, short battery, the head on it isn’t floorboard-friendly unless you use the tiny bristle head. Only really useful for a few crumbs.


    what is the red pet vacuum like for $549 please? good value / performance or is there something better? thank you.


      I rang my nearest store to ask that very question (one of a couple) and the guy sad there is not much difference between the normal one and the pet one, unless you have pets (the pet vacuum comes with a special 'turbo' head for getting hair out of carpet etc).

      This turbo head is powered, and needs a power supply, so you can't attach it to a non-pet vacuum (like the one here).

      But if you don't have pets you're better off with the standard head for floors, carpets, upholstery, etc (like this unit).


        thank you for the clarification

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        The sale person has told you a load of bs. The turbobrush does not require power, the only power it runs off is by the suction out the vacuum itself. The auction spins the brush around which loosens all the trapped dust in your carpet. Ten times better at removing dust and debris than a standard head on carpet.

        I use the mini turbobrush on the carpets in the car and is awesome. The majority of the bits of hair and dirt that never seem to come off with a standard vacuum head gets removed using the turbobrush. Id say it's a must buy for anyone with carpets. It also has mini wheels on the head which make the vacuumibg so much easier. You can literally use a couple of fingers to vacuum lol.

        The thing you mentioned that neutralises pet odour is a carbon activated filter attached just before the vacuum outlet. this filter needs replacing every 6-12 months or so and is around $50. Not sure how effective the filter is at removing outdoor, an alternative is the hepa filter which is what I replaced the carbon one with after 12 months but is a little dearer.
        If you don't want to fork that amount of money for one there's plenty of copies on ebay (I haven't tried any of them to know how good they are) or there's also a standard filter "sheet" which comes standard with every box of miele vacuum bags which I'm pretty sure can also be used (again I haven't tried using them either).

        But yeah, the turbo brush kicks ass on carpets compared to the standard head. No idea why the salesguy has said otherwise, I guess the only vacuuming he's done is in the showroom with those polystyrene balls.


      And it's ~$444 from Appliance Central with the 20% off, delivery included in the $444 price.


      Pantsparty above posted a link for less.
      the cat and dog version comes with the turbo brush and mini turbo brush. If you have carpets they are a must buy. Both awesome accessories.


        Yes, that's the comment I linked to. It's the same link/vacuum.

        I think it came to $444 after 20% discount BUT my price includes the $45 delivery fee.

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    Btw Miele vacuums take the top 4 spots at product review with the best rated Dyson (Cinetic Ball) coming in at number 7.

    Mind you, just for comparison the Dyson Cinetic Ball vacuum generates 250 AW (suction power in Air Watts) while the 800 Watt Miele vacuum generates 900 AW, and the Miele 900 Watt generates 1,100 AW suction power.

    Mind you, those Miele vacuums are mostly the older C1 and C2 models with less than half the power of this C3 unit (2,000 Watt) and they knock the competition on the head.

    Nothing comes close to it in terms of suction power (not even other barrel vacuums like the Philips that came in top ten, which from memory, generates around 500 AW).

    The Dyson Cinetic Ball is a powered vacuum, so you can imagine the suction power of the handheld rechargeable vacuums.

    I read on and tomshardware (but I can't remember the link) v11 model generates a nominal 50 or 70 AW for up to 30 minutes, with a top suction power of 185 AW (which drains the battery in 12 minutes).

    Ps. That's for vacuums, people are not as happy with some of Miele's other products (according to some productreview ratings).

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      Yep. Dyson claims their most powerful rechargeable vacuum cleaner is the V11 with suction rating of only 185 AW !!!

      The Miele 800 Watt vacuum has 5 times more suction at 900 AW, not to mention how much more this 2,000 Watt model would have (10 times the suction of the most powerful rechargeable Dyson?).

      Ps. The Dyson rating is correct, but the Miele AW power may be lower than that, depending on the site.

      So, take this with a grain of salt.

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        The Miele is on another level to any other vacuum I've owned (Dyson included), and the C3 Cat & Dog makes our carpets look like new, it has one helluva powerful motor that can seriously suck up hairs and fluff, yet is fairly quite.

        I like that you can adjust the motor power up and down for different mediums and it suppresses that sickly pet smell "normal" vacuums pump out after a few weeks use- I used to put a few drops of perfume on the filters of the old vacuum to mask the smell.

        The ongoing costs of the bags is a major drawback and they can fill up with one vacuum if you have constantly molting, real wool carpets, so now I use a cheap bagless for a quick vacuum and save the Miele for a once-a-month thorough deep clean, or else I'd be spending a fortune on bags; I've even thought about sewing zips in the bottom of the bags so I could empty and re-use them a few times as they are that well made, it seems such a waste to chuck them out after just one use.

        I don't know if Betta still have invitation only manufacturer's promo nights where they give you nibbles and a drink while the manufacturer's rep shows off the product they're pushing, but I went to a Miele promo night and managed to get mine brand new for a steal……..the rep must have had a quiet night (I can't say the price as I might be selling it), but just to pi** you all off the first figure began with a 3 and no it wasn't the demo model, it was in an unopened box.

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          I have reused bags before.

          One vacuum I have actually has a bag that's meant to be emptied and washed (it has a plastic clip at the bottom that slides on/off sideways to close/open the bag).

          It may be possible to get a reusable bag from a third party.


            @BooYa: Just thought…..I could use the bagless vacuum and suck out the contents of the Miele bag….. BOOM use it again.


              @alidli: That's one way. I used to just shake it out, outside, until most of the dust was gone.

              But using the bagless to do it definitely sounds like an easier (not to mention cleaner) way.

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    We've got a Miele Cat & Dog bagged vacuum we bought when we lived in England in 2000. Still going strong. I would have no hesitation buying another one (but at this rate I may not need to!!)

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      You brought the vacuum with you, from England to Australia?

      Lol, it must be really good.


        Yes we did. It was more because it was expensive for us at the time!!

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          Yes, I realised that after I posted my comment.

          Even now it might be cheaper to bring one with you, than buying a new one?


    I just noticed a long running deal from "Suncorp Benefits" which is supposed to give you 5% off Betta gift cards which together with cashback could reduce the price by up to 8% (or ~$25).

    Can anyone with access to Suncorp Benefits check on this? Thanks.

    Ps. I edited the deal with this information, it would be great if someone could confirm it or not, soon (so I can correct it if it's not applicable) so ozbargainers wouldn't be mislead.

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      Just checked it for you, yes Suncorp Benefits still have the 5% off Betta Home Living e-gift card. You can dictate the exact amount ($50-$1000) so it's really good for this deal!


        Wow, you're an absolute champ!!!

        Thanks mate, I appreciate you taking the time to check it out.


    I see Miele DOES make a low power, weak suction, Dyson equivalent for under $100 lol


    Any reason why you would buy this cleaner compared to the cheaper Miele Complete C3 Allergy Tech Blue $279.20?


      I saw that deal before I posted this one, but I'm not sure what the differences are.

      I know this one has a 2,000 Watt motor, while the other one has a smaller 1,700 Watt motor.

      It's not listed on the Miele website, which leads me to believe that it's a discontinued model?

      Also, the original price of this unit is higher, I think around $100 more, I don't know why Miele prices this one higher over the other one (usually but not always there are more/better features, other times it's just a marketing ploy).

      Ps. This model comes with the floorhead SBD 285-3, but the other one doesn't mention this accessory neither on the normal TGG website nor is it mentioned on TGG eBay listing.


        I picked up the vacuum cleaner from the TGG deal a couple nights ago. On the box, it says the model is SGFA3 and the box also says it has a 2000W motor. It comes with the SBD 285-3 ALLTEQ Floorhead as well.

        To be honest, I think it is the same model as this one?

        Unless the difference is just the HEPA AirClean filter????



          Maybe they're same/similar models made for different regions?

          But the box saying it's 2,000 Watt makes no sense, since both websites clearly state it's 1,700 Watt (unless they mixed the models up?).

          But each model has a different colour, which makes me suspect they're not the same.

          Anyway, can you give us the full model name/number etc. So we can compare and get more info, when you have the time?


          Ps. Did you just pick it up in-store, despite it being TGG eBay item?

          Pps. You did mention the SGFA3 model (thanks) I'll check it out tomorrow.

          Btw. SGFA3 is different from the model name on the website, isn't it?

          Oh, and does it say it's a C3?

          Thanks a lot for checking mate.


          Never mind, I found it.

          If the code you gave is correct, then it's the C3 Miltifloor PowerLine model (different from this one)


            @BooYa: Only difference seems to be the TGG one (Allergy model) doesn't come with "Parquet brush Twister SBB 300-3" floorhead that is included on the Multifloor model.

            In case this info is handy for some of you.

            The Turbo Head (Miele STB 205-3) that came with my old Miele S5261 Cats and Dogs Vacuum Cleaner fit perfectly as well


          And the handles are different, here is the current model (this one) which makes me think yours may be a discontinued model, but still similarly specced and different mainly in appearance?
 (this seems to be the current C3 Multifloor model, it also has a Hepa filter).

          So, they're not the same models, but you got a great vacuum at a great price.

          I wonder whether the difference (like the extra head and whatever) is worth the higher price.

          I'll look into it more tomorrow. Thanks again mate.


            @BooYa: If you do end up buying the Betta one, please do share here to tell us which model it is.

            I spent considerable time trying to find comparison before placing my order a couple of days ago, as the price was too good to pass up, But I was none the wiser after all that time trying to find info on the one I ended up buying.


              @sschen: Lol.

              I'm sure you got a great vacuum mate. Miele are designed to last for decade(s) so even if it is a model that's a year or two behind current line up, it'll basically perform as well as any other Miele.

              Ps. I will let you know if I get this one, but now you got me thinking of the other one lol.

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                @BooYa: Yes I already tested it and could not agree more. I love my Miele S5261 Cats and Dogs before its plastic filter cover started falling apart and would get in the way when using it. The retractable coil also would not retract most of the times requiring multiple attempts before it will retract all the way in.

                And surprisingly, the C3 Complete Allergy model has noticeably better suction than my old Miele S5261 Cats and Dogs too.

                I just hope this vacuum cleaner does not have the same two issues as the one it replaces.


                  @sschen: The cord not retracting all the way is a common problem (and personally it's something I'm used to) but the filter cover is a worry, did you have the S5261 for long, before the plastic filter cover started to fall apart?


      I'm sure they're both great vacuums for what they are designed, and people will probably be happy with either one.

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