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Miele Complete C3 Allergy Tech Blue $279.20 (Normally $469) + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys eBay


Best price ever for this Miele C3 vacuum going by the history.

TGG reduced the price again last night to $349. Great timing with the PGGUY 20% off eBay code still running.

Deal not so great if you don't pick up in store (C&C).

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  • It is a vacuum cleaner… If it is not clear from the title.

  • its not bagless, need to consider the cost of bags and filters.

    • which you can buy uber cheap via eBay

      • depends on ur usage,
        if u can collect a bag of dust every week, then thats over $100 per year, even with uber cheap bags via ebay.

        • to collect a bag a week you'd literally be having to vacuum your entire home every single day.

          I reckon it's probably ~$30-$40 per annum on bags

          • @Rowdy Roddy Peeper: depends on how large is ur home and full carpets or not,
            i use to vacuum my house once a week with dyson ball, and have to empter the bin twice…
            the thing is when u use baged vacuum, it start to lose suction when the bag is half full,
            if u ignoring this then ya u can cut the cost down, but why not just get a bagless one ?

            • @samelight: I have both, and personally the C3 bag is massive- it's the equivalent of around 4 Dyson ball bins.

              Yes the Dyson is bagless, but it also cost me double, compared to the Miele.

              And the Dyson is noisy as hell. I keep it purely in case my super quiet Miele ever fails.

              • @Rowdy Roddy Peeper: i dont want to start a brand war,
                all im saying is if the usage is high, then the bagless vacuum is a better chose.
                not necessarily means u got to choose Dyson, Miele also got the bagless version cx1.
                and btw i got my dyson ball from david jones for $319, so the price is not that much of a defferent.

                edit: actully doesn't matter whats usage, i still recommend the bagless version.
                even u can't fill the bag within a week, u should still change a new bag becoz of the molds ar growing inside the bag.

            • @samelight: You do not lose suction with Miele bagged vacuums - especially not a half full bag. Have you actually used one?

              • @Munki: i don't really know how to convince someone when hes emotionally attached to a brand…
                how about just saying technically, doesn't matter what brand or what it is, when u block the air flow, u will lost some kinetic energy ?

                …nvm, i will leave u alone, have gd sir…

                • @samelight: I've have both the Dyson Ball and the Miele S8 (also have the Dyson V8), the Miele at half bag still has more suction than the Dyson

                  • @ufsta: im not saying thats not true, as i said i dont want to start a brand battle dude,
                    Miele got bagless too, all im saying is bagless is a better chose!
                    but u guys keep misunderstand me for "dyson is better."

                • @samelight: You realise your argument also applies to bagless systems, right?

                  You've written a lot of misinformation (mold growing in bags for example) which kind of shows either your ignorance or own bias with bagged systems.

                  Are you a Dyson salesman?

                  • @Munki: once again don't turn it into a brand war,
                    as i said, Miele got bagless too, this is bagless vs bag not Miele vs Dyson.
                    for the bagless systems the dust don't block the airway, u could check out the Miele cx1!
                    but when u ar so emotionally attached to a brand, u will turn a blind eye to whatever i say.
                    so i will leave u alone now, u have a gd.

                    • @samelight: Well this all started with you saying that you have a dyson ball and bagged vacuums lose power at half bag.

                      Then you proceed to say this isn't a brand war.

                      I dont care what brand someone likes, but don't tell lies just because you like a certain brand or you dont like bagged vacuums over bagless. Facts is facts, live with it.

                      • @ufsta: this is my first comment.

                        its not bagless, need to consider the cost of bags and filters.

                        and this is the second one.

                        depends on ur usage,
                        if u can collect a bag of dust every week, then thats over $100 per year, even with uber cheap bags via ebay.

                        as u can see this post started with the "bagless",
                        u cut a section of my comments and light the fire?
                        also i keep saying

                        not necessarily means u got to choose Dyson, Miele also got the bagless version cx1.

                        i don't know why u hate dyson so much but this is not about dyson!
                        u only c what u choose to c, u ar trolling
                        this is going no where i will leave u alone too, u have a gd.

                        • @samelight: I have 2 dyson vacuums and 1 Miele. I don't hate Dyson, I just don't like liars.

                          • @ufsta: I've got to ask, why do you have 3 vacuum cleaners?

                            • @alxth: After I got married, first vacuum we bought was the Dyson v8, wasn't good for a proper clean, so we bought a Miele.

                              Then mother needed a vacuum so we gave her the Miele and bought a Dyson ball. After a few months she couldn't use the Miele as lugging it around was hard on her as she's old so she gave it back.

                              Though I am going to give her the Dyson V8 as that'll be easier for her

    • bags are way better and cleaner

    • Bagless tend to be lower powered, than their bagged counterparts eg Miele bagged 2000 Watts, no bag equivalent Miele 1,100 Watts

  • Great price, the listing does say it's made in Germany. However, as far as I can tell, it comes with the non-moving AllTeQ head, rather than one with a rotating (turbo/motorized) brush. I currently have a Miele with the AllTeQ head, while it does a decent job on carpet it's not nearly as good at picking up hair as one with a rotating brush, personally I would hold out for a Miele with the turbo brush (or else consider buying that as well)

    • What's In The Box: On-board accessories included, Crevice Nozzle, Upholstery Nozzle and Dusting Brush.

      So that’s not the rotating one?

    • I have a Miele C3 Cat and Dog one. Even though it comes with rotary brush head, Allteq head does equally brilliant job. Also Rotating head is passive head not motorised. It rotates because of suction.

  • Love my Miele C1, cant wait to give this ago.
    If you purchase via the shopback app i believe you can also get an additional $10 shopback cashback on top of the 1% https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/488638

  • Hoping they drop the cat and dog too.

  • This or the C3 Cat and Dog? I was pretty set on the latter but this deal is making me rethink…

    • Big decider for me is the turbo brush head, much better for carpet apparently. This one doesn't come with it, whereas the cat & dog version does.

  • This deal sucks.

  • Had this model for 5 years now, recommended - could suck a golf ball through a garden hose.

  • +2 votes

    Bosch GERMAN MADE 2200w hepa filter for $199 (I bought on special promo for $70) !!


  • BTW… the Bosch filters are totally washable so you don't ever need to replace them saving you big bucks !!

    Weight is only 5.7kg and recommended by choice 2019 !!

    • I bought one of this last year too and although it is not bad for the price, the Miele Cats and Models it replaced is by far a better vacuum cleaner. I am scratching my head why it is recommended by Choice. Perhaps its cheaper price is a factor?

      Thankfully I kept the turbo head of the Cats and Dogs Model

      I jumped on this sale yesterday and I have no doubt it will be a better performer compared to the Bosch one.

      EDIT: The only real benefit of the Bosch vacuum cleaner is it is noticeably lighter to lug around.

  • I need the cat and dog model, have a fluffy Birman :)

  • I picked one up tonight. Box says "Made In Germany"

  • This model is Made in Germany. Not China as everyone says. There are only 2 models of Miele Vacuum cleaners that are made in China released in the Australian market. This is not one of them.

  • Thanks OP got one :)

  • Thanks, OP! Got one!

  • If you have asthma or allergies Miele bagged models are far, far superior than bagless models like Dyson.

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