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[PC] Free AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional Edition Version 8.4 (Was $39.95 USD) @ AOMEI


Greetings everyone, seems like a great freebie for this piece of software. The professional edition is usually a paid software, however if you use the coupon in the OP you can currently get it for free.


  1. Download the free (standard) version of the program (Press the Green or Blue "Download Freeware" buttons.)
  2. Install the software and go to registration in the program and enter the code "AOPR-21ROI-6Y7PL-Q4118"

AOMEI Product Page


  • Supports Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP (32/64-bit)
  • Resize, shrink, move, extend, merge, create, delete, format, and wipe partitions(Faster)(Faster)
  • Disk Copy WizardPartition Copy WizardCreate WinPE Bootable MediaWindows To Go CreatorIntegrate to Recovery Environment
  • Change Partition Type IDDelete System Partition
  • Convert data disk between MBR and GPT stylesConvert File System between FAT32 and NTFS
  • Migrate OS from MBR disk to MBR SSD or HDD
  • Migrate OS from MBR disk to GPT SSD or HDDMigrate OS from GPT disk to MBR SSD or HDDMigrate OS from GPT disk to GPT SSD or HDD
  • Convert system/boot disk between MBR and GPT styles
  • SSD Secure Erase WizardWipe System DiskSplit Partition
  • Allocate free space from one partition to anotherExtend Partition Wizard
  • Partition alignmentPartition Recovery WizardQuick partitionCommand line partitioning
  • Resize dynamic disk, such as spanned, striped, mirrored volumes
  • Convert dynamic disk to basic without data loss, and vice versa
  • Convert primary partition to logical drive, and vice versa
  • Change serial number
  • Maximum number of computers allowed to install the program: 2 PCs/License

Lifetime license for one computer.
One year of updates to new versions.
Non-commercial use only.
There is no free technical support.

As always, enjoy :)


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    I thin i actually paid for this haha.

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    is it online registration? can you just download the product and use the key later?

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    Thanks for a nice share.

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    Firstly it's not US$47.95. That price is for the lifetime upgrades option, the price without lifetime upgrades is US$39.95.

    The instructions are (translated from https://www.chollometro.com/ofertas/aomei-asistente-profesio...):
    * Download the AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition via the Download Freeware link.
    * Install the software
    * In the registration dialog enter AOPR-21ROI-6Y7PL-Q4118

    In theory this deal doesn't have a time limit, as it should be always valid for version 8.4.

    Solid deal.


      Thanks for the info, have updated :)


      Thanks does the key have time limit that you have to enter it now or you can do so later? I'm assuming it connects to the net and activate.

      This means you can't keep it for later us on other machines….


    Thanks OP, i needed something like this for PC. Will come in handy.

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    Free is nice.

    FYI, This pro edition seems to have the same functions as MiniTool Partition Wizard Free 11.5 :)


    Got 5.5 last time, 8348KB, now it's 23245KB.

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    @doweyy Thanks for the find, I've used the free version of this software before and it was very helpful.
    So to have the Professional version for free is a real win, cheers!!


    Users should note that Windows 10 has Diskpart already built in.

    It's a CLI application but fairly easy to use.

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    The last option:

    Supports Windows Server 2003, 2008 (R2), 2012 (R2), 2016, 2019, SBS 2003, 2008, 2011, WHS 2011 (all editions, 32/64-bit)

    doesn't seem supported in the Professional verison as per page:


    The server support is obtained via:

    Partition Assistant Server


    Anyone needing to move their OS disk to an SSD or new/larger HDD keep in mind this version can make this process MUCH easier. This can’t be done usually on the free edition so this is handy to have laying around!


    how do thes codes work?
    If I need to re-install 6 months down the track will the same code work?

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      Try and see. Disconnect your internet, change your clock forward a year, install. If it refuses to install or register without the internet, then it probably won't work later.


        …Unless it's phoning home instead of relying on the system clock…


          Hence: "Disconnect your internet". ;-)


            @GregMonarch: If it's phoning home and you disconnect the internet, the check will fail and the product won't install. This product might not be that sophisticated but Adobe's software is notorious for this kind of security. I won't discuss workarounds for that because that falls under piracy.


              @syousef: Yep, that's why I said it. Read his question again, then my answer again. Although the registration might still depend on the current date of their computer clock only - not his. But if it DID fail, he has his answer.


                @GregMonarch: Your advice works if there is one very specific, old and unsophisticated form of check being used to prevent installation after the date. You're assuming this is how the check is done. Other forms of protection include:

                1. Phoning home to check for permission (as previously mentioned).
                2. Checking time with an external source such as an NTP server.
                3. Keys put in place in the registry the first time installation occurs in the registry, then checked on subsequent installs
                4. Signature of PC recorded on first install and then phone home to check it.
                5. Regularly phoning home to check license.

                If 1,2,4 are used disconnecting the Internet, changing the clock and attempting an install and having it succeed would tell you only that if you do the same later, you'll be able to install the product in the same way. But a failure doesn't mean it would definitely fail in 6 months with the Internet connected.

                It may be that Internet is required for some check but that the check doesn't prevent the installation based on date. For example if the company has a kill switch that is checked on their server before installation (ie. a flag that says wether or not they've discontinued the product) and they never set that kill switch, failure to check it because you have no Internet connection could prevent the installation.

                If 3 is used, you'd need to do all that on a fresh PC that's never had an AOMEI product installed on it and as above.

                If 5 is used, like the Adobe example I gave, you're stuffed. (I'm not going to discuss details of the piracy rabbit hole).

                I'm oversimplifying. The checks can be much more sophisticated than this these days. This isn't the 1980s. The point is that your advice is not a guarantee. If you need to be sure it will work in 6 months and you're counting on that to work, buy a product or find a freeware solution with source code published.

                Honestly though, just grab the freebie and enjoy it. This kind of software goes out of date as storage tech changes anyway and if you need it later on you might be better off with the latest version of this or something else instead.


    Does NOT works … I copy & paste it. Am I doing smth wrong here ?

    EDIT: Nvm it was their backup standard …


    good find,thank you

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    Yep, have used the free version to do a like for like clone (no partition changes) and it worked well.

    Thanks OP, handy bit of kit to have!


    Gparted free always

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    For those confused as to downloading the "Standard Free Version" it will convert to the "Professional Edition" (without limitations) after you enter in the serial number provided AFTER you install the software. Not sure why the link above goes to the Professional version which requires you to pay.

    1) Standard Version
    2) Install on PC
    3) Launch application and click on "Register" button (located top right)
    4) Enter the serial number listed
    5) Product will then be successfully registered and the program title description will then say "AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional Edition".


    I remember mcaffee antivirus was free then alot of company downloaded them but in the terms of condition it is only for private use only.

    So they waited and waited…..and when all are in the trap. They started to sue all of them.

    What a flytrap it was.


    So I can use this software to migrate my Windows 10 OS from the inbuilt HDD to a recently added m2 SSD?


    saying Invalid License code for me

    Edit: NVM. Downloaded the wrong product


    What's the point of this when Gparted is free?


    What uses is this for?


      Look under "features" in the original post. It's for managing and copying hard disk partitions. Very useful if you want to move to a larger drive or switch to an SSD without reinstalling from scratch.

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