Speeding Fine under 10 km/h in Victoria with 2 Years Clean Licence. Can It Still Be Waived?

Hi All,

Just need some help. Wondering if the circumstances as per previous post is still valid? I have received a speeding fine, with alleged speed of 48 Km/h where the permitted sped was 40 Km/h (Not in school zone) at 07:09pm.

Wondering if this will be waived with an official warning?


Thanks everyone for nice and ( Not so nice comments), I can do some with $209 instead of paying fine obviously hence this post !

I had called fines VIC to request internal review and advised that i would like to apologise for speeding and request fine to be waived as once off with official warning. I have been emailed a link to respond. Hoping for a positive response :)


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    How about you try and let us know…

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    should be ok, depending of what you write in the letter

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    It is decidedly so.

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    Only 2 years clean? It's not looking good champ.

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    if you print out an mspaint.exe diagram and send it in with request, they are more likely to waive it


    I had a similar one waived recently. Was about 3 years since my previous one

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    In all seriousness, write the letter requesting a review. Cite your clean record for past 2 years and don't make excuses. Admit, apologise and promise to pay more attention or not repeat in future.

    Mrs. had hers waived recently and was over by a similar margin. There are few templates on the letter floating around, she used one of those, admitted guilt and submitted online. 2 weeks later, official warning came and fine was revoked.

    What's the worst that can happen? The fine stands and you pay it.

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    It’s only an alleged speed. You should take it to court.

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    Pointless post as YMMV.

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    2 years clean record? You absolute saint.

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    Dear Cops,

    I am an active member of the OzBargain website, and we use every opportunity possible to save money.

    Your speeding fine is over-priced. I have been able to get a price match from a small country in eastern Siberia, and they only charge AU$0.07 (after currency conversion) for the exact same offence.

    Since it will cost you more than 7 cents to process the payment, I therefore request that the entire fine be waived.

    Yours sincerely,
    [your name here]

    A popular template among ozbargainers from llama


    WTF Is fine waiving… Is this something exclusive we NSWers don't know about? Over here you'll be charged with terrorism as soon as you admit to speeding.


      Yes, it's the Victorian equivalent of a get out of jail card.

      It's maybe exclusive because most NSW drivers are unable to navigate hook turns which are positioned to provide border protection.

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    I reckon you might struggle given that it was a 40km / hour zone. If it was 8km more than 100km/h then its less of a big deal than speeding in what is likely a school or pedestrian zone.


    Try to apply for an official warning, but I’m afraid they won’t let you off for speeding in a 40 zone (or 60)


    Why are you speeding over the signed limit and then expect to get off for your inconsiderate actions? You are placing the community in danger. Pay the fine, say you are sorry, and say that it will never happen again.

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    I did 117k/h in a derestricted zone (100k/h) in Tassie
    I told him I was sorry and had no excuse to be doing that speed on a wet day around a long right corner
    I told him I did not think I was speeding and I didn't look at the speedo,
    I would rather look at the road
    I told him I had a clean record of 4 decades,
    and he said if that is true, I would get off
    I also told him where to go if they want to get a lot of speeding drivers
    I now have an app on my android that I use that will beep when I do 110k/h plus
    So I can watch the road and drive to the conditions, if I do 110k/h I then know to slow down
    Of course I don't do that speed in an 80 or 60 or 40 zone, I am not dumb
    I got off and I see them frequent the place I tell them of speeding drivers
    a win win :)

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    As requested by some, providing an update with in infringement notice. I had written a letter to waive the infringement and accepted that i was speeding ..and requested them to waive this as once off.

    Below is an extract of the letter received from VIC Police.. Hope it helps others in similar situation

    On perusal of all available evidence, I am satisfied that the offence was commited, however in consideration of the matters raised, no further police action will be taken against you in this matter.

    The Infringement notice has been withdrawn in favour of official warning

    "As you have been afforded an official warning on this occasion, you will be ineligible for a similar offence for a minimum period of two years from the date of this offence"

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