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10% Bonus When You Purchase David Jones, Witchery or Country Road Gift Card @ Woolworths (In-Store Only)


May not be available in all stores. Colours, sizes and styles may vary by store.

‡Available on all denominations of pictured gift cards from 16/10/19 to 22/10/19. Bonus loaded onto card at the time of purchase. Refer to individual cards for terms and conditions. Limit of 10 per customer. While stocks last.

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  • Can I use WW gift card to purchase this?

    • Can't use Wish Gift Card to purchase other gift cards.

    • No. This has been banned for a significant period of time.

  • +1

    10% off iPhones, nice.

    • +1

      I think 10% bonus is less than 10% off.

      10/110 = 9.1% off $110.

      Still good though.

      • HSBC 2% cashback makes it more than 10% off.

        • How so?

        • Thought the 2% cashback is only for tap and go purchases under $100?

          • +1

            @Akya: You can split payments easily @ Woolies self-checkout .

            • +2

              @Rgb: Must have been a one off as I have used gift cards and claimed TRS…method of payment should have no bearing on the claim.

              • @SunnyinDubai: agree, sometimes the TRS guys just get it wrong. The sale actually happens when the giftcard is redeemed for the goods.

      • -2

        You only spent $100 not $110.

        • No one said you pay $110. You get $110 in value for $100

  • iPhone 10% off yeah

    • -1

      I don't think DJ sells iPhones anymore

      • +1

        They have the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro listed on their website.

      • They do.

  • REMINDER: Orders paid with gift cards quality for shopback (4%) and cashrewards (3.5%)

    Seems like a good way to pick up Lego X-Wing 75218 as it's RRP $139.99, David Jones $100, so you'd pay $96.36 and still have $10 gift card credit left over. I'd do it but not sure I CBF having to go buy a physical gift card.

    • -2


      Cashback is not qualified for:
      Promo codes or voucher codes not approved by ShopBack
      Gift card purchases unless otherwise stated
      Returns, exchanges & cancellations
      Purchases through the David Jones mobile app
      Apple, CHANEL, Country Road, David Jones Flowers, Dior, Luxaflex, Miele, Mimco, The Daily Edited, Trenery, Ultraceuticals, Wine Club and Witchery brand products

      • +2

        That sounds like buying gift cards to me, not paying for merchandise with gift cards as a method of payment.

        • +4

          Yes, and in fact if one goes to the David Jones page on the Shopback website, it explicitly says (under Notes below "Cashback Details"):

          Cashback is eligible on orders paid for with gift cards


      • +2

        Excludes taxes, fees or additional extras
        Cashback is eligible on orders paid for with gift cards

  • What's the expiry on these?

    • +2

      Should be at least 3 years.

      • Thanks!

  • How does it work? Does it have a limit on each gift card?

    • +2

      They load an extra 10% e.g. you buy $100, when you check your gift card balance, it'll show $110

    • Thanks! Can I load $500?

      • No. They come in preset amounts. You'll have to buy 5 $100 gift cards.

      • $200 card is the highest one.

        • Anyone know if you can combine the gift cards into 1 bigger value just like you can with JB Hi-Fi gift cards?

          • @Rakddon: You can go to their customer service desk and request to combine gift cards, they will reissue you with a new ones. Did that before.

            • @cloudie9: Ohh nice!

              Yeah, wanting to do a $3K purchase and don’t want 30x $100.
              Well with this bonus 27 cards 😂.

              The Good Guys Concierge has $50, $100, $500 value cards but only 5%.

              • @Rakddon: Yup, did the same… 3.5k worth of gift cards… but the only caveat is that maximum value of $1000 can be combined under one card. I guess better than going through scanning 30x cards, lol.

                • @cloudie9: Yeah 3 x $1,000 cards is way better!

                  • @Rakddon: You still need to go through all the 30 cards to combine them at the customer service desk. Been there done that.

                    • @DisabledUser304528: Any competent Customer Service Assistant will be able to go through them within minutes. (You'll get a lot of incompetent ones at this time as they hire Christmas casuals; last year got refused at Parramatta because the newbie didn't know how to do it and she was by herself … Ended up doing it myself at work.)

                      • @kerfuffle: I assume the Customer Service Assistant would just need to swipe the physical cards using the eft machine?

                        • @Rakddon: Not even. They have barcodes these days so all they need to do is scan them at the register; no EFTPOS machine required

                          e.g. you want a $500 gift card and have 10 $50 gift cards. All the assistant needs to do is sell a gift card for $500, then use gift card as a method of payment. No fiddly splitting aka Amex Statement Credit time needed

                          Source: Used to work there

                          • @kerfuffle: Sweet, Sounds good!
                            I’ll try it later this week.

                    • @DisabledUser304528: true but i want to combine them to use at a later date

                      • @Rakddon: I actually did it yesterday and it was a lot easier than the first time I did a couple of years ago. Just as @kerfuffle mentioned above, it takes a minutes or so to combine all at the Customer service desk

                        • +1

                          @DisabledUser304528: I tried today at the Market St Sydney Store and they refused to do it and told me to go buy something and then return it so i could get the value on to 4 cards.
                          I then called Barangaroo store and they were more than happy to do it, so i went there from Market St (about a 20 minute walk).

                          All done and even got the gift card packaging too!

                          I had 30x $100 cards so it did take about 15-20 mins as we were talking for most of the time :)
                          But yes all they did was scan the back of the cards!

                          Thanks Cloudie9, Kerfuffle, Strang.

                          • @Rakddon: Market Street CS are hit and miss, as someone who used to work in the store. More miss than hit. I wouldn't be surprised if it was who I'm thinking of. Did you get their name?

                            • +1

                              @kerfuffle: Nah, didn't get their name.

                              was a male and female and female manager, so 3 people i dealt with.

  • Anyone purchased iPhone from DJs website via Qantas Shopping or other FF points equivalent or Cashback website and got points/cashback awarded?

    • Qantas shopping terms as follows "Qantas Points will not be earned on tax and delivery charges, gift cards or orders redeemed with a gift card, purchases that include any voucher, coupon or discount code that is not sourced from the Online Mall platform."

      • Received points on purchases made with gift card many times, although they were non Apple items.

  • DJ Gift cards seem to be out of stock in Sydney stores. Anyone purchased these cards.

    • I went to a few Woolies in Gold Coast. Same out of stock.

    • Yeah most of Sydney is out of stock.
      I can only find $50 cards.

      Purchased some but receipt doesn’t mention anything about the bonus.

      • I don't think the receipt would mention it but it should show up with the bonus amount when you check your gift card balance on the David Jones website.

        • ^ i can confirm this. when you checkout on DJ's website, it will (should) show the additional amount, even though at WW checkout it did not show on either printed receipt or activation slip

          • +1

            @inamberclad: You don't need to check out; just check your balance here

            • +1

              @kerfuffle: love your work! thanks :)

              • +1

                @inamberclad: I have a higher interest than usual as I used to work for DJs for eight years heh; I swear I was their number one online customer pre-new website design …

            • @kerfuffle: Thanks, checked this morning and it's showing the 10% bonus.

              Got another few from other stores this morning, hopefully metro stores are included.
              the lady said it was.

              • @Rakddon: Can confirm Metro stores are included.

  • Small stack (i.e. less than 30 of each?) of $100 and $50 DJs gift cards at Central Park NSW. Might drop by Bondi Junction Woolies to check as well

  • Zilch at Bondi Junction

  • Deal seems to be well and truly Ozbargained. Lol.

    No cards at Town Hall Woolies.

    • at least they put a sign up saying it was sold out unlike other woolworths

  • +1

    plenty left at toongabbie ww (more $50s than $100s though)

    • It seems like Westies don't shop at DJ's. 🙂

      Found quite a few $100s at Parramatta Westfield woolies too.

      • That's 'cause Parramatta DJs is shit

      • No more left at the main Parramatta Westfield woolies, but there's a few $50s at the Parramatta Westfield Metro.

        • All sold out at Parramatta.

          Around 15 of the $50s are still left at Toongabbie.

  • Very low stock for DJs card in VIC also

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