Help? Which Xiaomi Phone to Purchase?

I am looking to purchase a new phone, my budget is about $300, the phone will be a work phone and will be used to send/receive text messages, checking emails as well as some web browsing and updating social media. Must be dual sim.

Important features:
Speed - sending/receiving sms, emails and browsing
Battery life and charging speed
Large screen and nice display

Less important
Won't be used for gaming

Ive narrowed it down (i think) to the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 and the Xiaomi Mi A3 but keep going back and forth, now my head hurts, i can't think much less decide which to purchase. :( So what would you guys recommend based on my needs?

thanks in advance guys!



  • Purchased the redmi note 7 for my wife. It's a good phone and will be great for what you need.

    The issue she had is the notifications. I can't remember the exact issue. Notification aren't appearing on the top task bar. I had to install a 3rd party software. When it did appear & you scrolled down to view it from the top menu, it disappeared from the task bar even if you didn't view it. This may be an issue for your emails. Do abit of research on this.

  • How about size? I'm loving my mi max 3.

  • I have a Xiaomi Pocophone F1 which I would think ticks all your boxes and more…battery life is incredible, display nice and speed zippy. Less importants also impressive. Although it isn't perfect I understand it leaves those two phones behind. But I think it is more than your budget. Yet, unlike say a new Apple anything, there is real bang for your buck on those extra dollars. It really depends on how important having a great smartphone (for most of us it is a constant companion (or pain)) is in your life … and your poverty.

    • +1 for Pocophone F1. I have it as well and it's great.
      IMO, it's comparable to Iphone 10.

      Th only issue is it doesn't support B7, so you're limited to normal 4G in Telstra & Optus network.
      Not an issue if you use Vodafone.
      But I think that's the same issue to pretty much most (if not all) Xiaomi phones.

  • RN5,6 or 7 will suit your needs. I prefer their phones with MIUI (Xiaomi's own interface). Others prefer pure android but after all it is just personal choice.
    Try to get a "H" version if you want Band 28 700mhz.

  • The Umidigi F1 is good as well. 5150maH battery, band28, NFC, pretty much stock android.

  • -1 vote

    Avoid getting a redmi note 7, extremely laggy and sluggish compared to Redmi 4

  • Currently the best is the redmi 9t pro

  • I have the Mi A2 and love it. This might help you decide between the two models you listed:

  • Go to jbhifi - many of them have Mi A3 on display. This will give you a chance to see how it looks in real life and see if you like the screen. Despite what others say I thought the screen is great and an very happy with my purchase.

    I reckon note 7 is very similar to a a3 with the main difference being redmi note 7 having slightly nicer screen but not having pure android and potentially having shorter battery life.