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[Clearance] KitchenAid KC2T10NKST Tri-Ply S/Steel 25cm Non Stick Frypan (Was $149) $28 C&C /+ Del @ The Good Guys eBay & TGG


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KitchenAid Tri-Ply Stainless Steel 25cm Non Stick Frypan

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    Ratings 2/10

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      did you read the review that rates it 2/10?

      Really good non stick high quality pan! My new go-to breaky pan. Makes the BEST fried eggs!!
      Bad Points−
      Wish i could fit a little more on the pan, but it does fit 4 fried eggs which is good.

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        According to reviews on amazon the pan is prone to non-stick chipping and peeling off.
        I have heard somewhere that the non-stick coating may cause cancer.


          pretty comon issues with non stick, thats what the warranty is for, well wont cover cancer lol

          I prefer stainless steel, but alot prefer non stick, personal choice in the end, at $28 for branded fry pan pretty good value imo, would I be posting this at $100+ no


          The cancer scare is when the pan is heated well beyond the normal range. Don't leave a non-stick pan on the stove at a high temperature with nothing in it.


    IMHO, It doesn’t matter what’s on the outside - you’re still cooking in non-stick.


    These are bad for cooking steaks right because they don't heat up hot enough?

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    The same sized Tefal deal a few days back was better. I think it's still available.


    any further discount code for ebay?


      Doesn't look like it.

      Nothing for non-Plus members.

      I can't confirm it for Plus members, as I'm not one, so I don't know if the 10% off PLUTO10 code, or any other unposted Plus discount code, will work. (Very unlikely.)

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