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Cashback on Kayo Basic: $20, Kayo Premium: $30 (New Accounts) @ Cashrewards


Good cashback offer. Enjoy :)

Stream over 50 sports Live On Demand and earn Double Cashback Expires: 17/10/2019

Cashback is valid for new accounts only. Cashback is not valid for existing Kayo Sports customers or customers who have previously held a Kayo Sports account.
Cashback will only be paid if new subscribers continue past the free trial period to a paying membership.

Also, If you missed free subscription then you can still get this deal
Free 3-Month Kayo Basic Sports Subscription (Or Premium $10 Per Mth) for Inactive or New Kayo Members via BetEasy - Thanks to Doweyy

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$10 for both referee and referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase by 3 Dec 2019.

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    Cashback is valid for new accounts only.

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    Cashback will only be paid if new subscribers continue past the free trial period to a paying membership.

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      So, basically it will cost $30 for 2 months minimum

      Not such a good deal then…


    Everyone's 3 month sports bet trial has just expired and I'm guessing not as many people continued as they had hoped given I keep deals such as in McDonald's monopoly


      Can you still sign up for the sportsbet trial? Need something to watch A-League on and Foxtel are complete trash.

      Edit: this one? https://beteasy.com.au/kayo - requires $5 deposit on beteasy.com


        Yeah might have been that one. I don't remember it requiring a deposit though as I haven't bet there, so that must be new.


        Kayo just use the Foxtel feed. But if it's just sport you want, it's good value.

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          Does everyone find the app experience is just garbage?
          Im sure if I ask it will be due to not having the greatest/supported hardware. xioami android phone and chromecast 2 on huawei wifi vdsl gateway.

          sometimes i click on the sport program and it fails to start/hangs/restarts to beginning, and skipping 15sec may only work once. Im in a low congestion area (ie vdsl that isnt NBN) but buffering (via chromecast) in 2019 sux. But then it doesnt buffer on the app (which would be higher than 720p 4Mbps that the TV shows). who knows if chromecast is on 2.4 or 5Ghz wifi as there isnt any user interface!
          Imagine a future without buffering!
          Imagine what 5G can do?