American Express Qantas Discovery to Ultimate 40K QFF Points (No Wait, $450 Annual Fee, $450 QF Credit, 3K Spend in 3 Months)


Obviously it is most lucrative to cancel and wait 18 months for a 100-120K signup bonus but if you've been hanging onto your Discovery card to use for Amex offers (e.g. Shop Small) and still want to upgrade without waiting, this offer might be worthwhile. 40,000 QFF Points awarded if you spend a total of $3000 within the first 3 months

It seems like a generic link so if anyone is also interested in potentially upgrading their Discovery Card to an Ultimate this is the address:

$450 Annual Fee if you upgrade. They give you a $450 Credit to use on a Qantas flight. 1.25 QFF Points/$ earn rate on most regular purchases. 2 Qantas Lounge Passes if you purchase a Qantas flight on the card. 2 Entries to AmEx lounges a year as well.

No guarantees that the link will work for your account (you have to login to see if the offer is valid for yours). It should be a simple upgrade so no application to fill out.

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    Able to upgrade it :)
    Thanks Op

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    Ok I am lost. Why is this a deal??


    Can the credit be used for hotel booking via Qantas?

    Edit: my bad didnt read properly

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    how is the $450 QF credit usually used?
    if I would to buy flights for the whole family using points on CLASSIC REWARDS flight, then these credit can be used to PAY for the TAX? since TAX is only payment by AUD.

    can combine paying for a flight using points plus this credit?


      It has be used to book a flight through the AmEx travel website, I've found that the prices are pretty much the same as the Qantas website. In your case it would probably be better to offload the credit to someone through classifieds and then use that cash to pay the tax


    does anyone know whether this upgrade request would require a credit check by AMEX?


      I also want to know this

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      I've done this before and there was no credit check at that time (confirmed with phone rep and checking credit report months later). However things can always change and you can speak with amex via phone to confirm this time around (try to get the Australian or Philippines call centre people)


      Yes. New line of credit = new credit check.

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        It's not a new line of credit. It's a product change on an existing line of credit.


          Good point - though upgrading from one credit card tier to another they might (should?) do another check. I would definitely be asking case by case


            @ajole: Yeah they might, but it's not a sure thing like if you were applying for new credit.

            Data point, my wife got a similar targeted offer (50k in this case, on both QF and VA cards) about 6 months ago, no credit checks.

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            @ajole: It would make sense only if you are upping your credit limit. If you aren't upping credit limit no point in checking


              @knobbs: A question - even if not conducting a 'formal' credit check, or upping the credit limit, would they still be making queries with you to supply proof of income, etc?

              If any of those who have gone through the process could confirm their experience, that would be great.

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                @alloveranthony: Hmm I don't think so. Unless your current credit limit is below the minimum needed for the ultimate card. it is just a different product with the same credit limit then no need for them to check or verify you can afford the card. They have already verified their risk on your credit limit and by the Gov rules so all good I think. Ask online chat though, they are very helpful if you are concerned.

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                @alloveranthony: There is just one button you press to accept the terms and conditions to upgrade the card then it shows up as an ultimate card in your online account. No verification of income or evidence needed.

                They'd most likely only need evidence of income if you needed to increase your credit limit as part of the upgrade


    It looks like the $450 Qantas credit is applied yearly - so if you can actually use it on flights that are well priced in the market, then it cancels out the yearly fee.
    But as usual, if you end up using it on flights that cost twice as much as they would with another airline, then you don't come out ahead…


    Hi All,
    I have qantas discovery card, however, my credit limit currently is only $2000 on this card. From memory qantas ultimate's minimum credit limit is $3000, does this mean when I upgrade to qantas ultimate card, my credit limit will increase to $3000, and therefore generate a credit check.
    Apparently I do not a credit check nor do I need a credit increase.

    Thank you.


      just called amex and confirmed there wont be credit check in my case, however, amex did mention this offer is by invitation only. I wonder if anyone who was not invited has got the bonus points yet?
      When I logged in the request upgrade page, there was not mention of upgrade offer of 40k points anymore. It only mentioned below T&C:
      Terms, Conditions and Privacy Agreement
      Please read the information below before submitting your upgrade request.

      By submitting this upgrade request, I:

      Request that American Express issue me with The Qantas American Express Ultimate Card and agree to pay the annual Card fee of $450
      Accept liability for all Card Charges in accordance with the Credit Card Agreement;
      Acknowledge that, once this upgrade request is approved and processed, my existing Card Account balance and any Additional Cards will be transferred to my new Card Account. Any outstanding balances, including any installment plans, will be transferred to the new Card. Where applicable, promotional interest rates will be applied to balances transferred to your new Account on the same terms as your existing Card
      Acknowledge that, the Qantas Ultimate Card has up to 44 interest free days and the purchase rate on purchases is 20.74% p.a. and
      Authorise American Express to use my personal information in accordance with the American Express Card Member Privacy Statement
      Please note that if you have an existing cash advance facility this will not be transferred to your new Account.

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        It would be impossible to have already received the bonus points for this offer as it just started, as per the offer you need to spend $3000 within the first 3 months for you to get the points.

        When I upgraded there was no mention of the 40K points on the page to click accept (just like you reported in your post above), but it was obviously present on the original offer information page before I logged in to accept the offer.

        If you are still uncertain call AmEx again and have them confirm that your account upgrade will give you the 40K points after $3K spend in 3 months, if for some reason your account is not eligible but you've already upgraded you can always downgrade the card back to discovery within 30 days and they will reverse the annual fee in my experience (or will not have even had time to charge the fee yet)

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    Just wonder if any existing member has got the 40k upgrade points yet? thanks.

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