Porting Providers When Deals Change

Hey all, currently I am with amaysim(calls/txt) and kogan(data)(dual-sim) but my amaysim is about to run out tomorrow and it has the number that I have grown used to and quite like, so I would like to keep it as my main.
Luckily I snagged a deal on amaysim on groupon/shopback but I realize I will need to 'port out/in' to accept that deal with the same number as a new customer. I have never done this before.

Could anyone help in pointing me toward the cheapest/easiest way to do this? I do know there is quite alot of information already on the topic, but it seems methods and deals make things constantly change and can be a little hard to get a grasp on.



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    Make sure you change to a non-Optus based carrier as Optus-based -> Optus-based ports can take days. Whereas if you go to another network it is almost instant.

    If you can wait, Telstra has free $2 SIM's delivered if you order online which they express post to you and Telstra don't require a recharge to activate the SIM (last I checked, Vodafone & Kogan Mobile do).

    So, get the $2 Telstra SIM (buy it or get it for free and wait for it to be delivered) then…
    1. Activate the Telstra SIM and select the "Transfer existing number" during activation (it'll take about 5 - 10 minutes of filling out your details, if you're prepaid currently you'll need to enter your date of birth for porting authorisation, if you're post-paid you'll need to enter your account number).
    2. Wait for it to port (usually instant if done in porting hours)
    3. Once ported, sign up with Amaysim again using a new email address and when activating your SIM choose to "Transfer existing number".


    Bonus tips:
    Most of us on here who swap regularly will go to a different carrier each month and use it up, you could take up this Kogan offer for example, use it for this month, then go to Amaysim next month and just skip the whole Telstra middleman drama. That's assuming your Groupon doesn't expire for at least a month.
    Oh, and one last thing, not that it applies to your case, but if you're looking to port out and back in to Kogan Mobile as a new customer you have to wait 31 days or so after you port a number out before it can be ported back in. I've only seen Kogan do this though.

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    I would steer clear of Telstra porting for a while. There’s massive issues and some customers are being told 21 days to port their number.

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    Just so you're aware, you need to keep your old provider sim active, AND be able to reply to a text. Personally, I'd buy 1/2 price sim starter from any supermarket, do the transfer, use it up then transfer to the deal you want.


    Sorry for the late reply, had some crazy issues at work.

    To the people still subscribed the the thread, thankyou alot for your time in replying. Very helpful, will follow advice.

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