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R5-3500X RX 580 8GB Entry Level Gaming PC + 1 Free Game: $578 Delivered @ Tech Fast


Due to new CPU and deal on Biostar cards this spec is better than all previous 580 deals for slightly more (i3 or R3 3200G).
Contact Rep luketechfast if purchased previous deal and wish to upgrade.


Ryzen 5 3500X (6 Core/6 Threads)
Biostar RX 580 8GB Dual Fan (non-2048 SP) [Upgrade to MSI Armor and larger M-ATX case for $99)
8GB 2400Mhz RAM
A320 MB
550W PSU
Leaper small case

As per Rep, CPUs are arriving early November so shipping times will be slightly longer than average.

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Mod Note: Extended until 4th November as requested by Rep

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  • Upgrade to MSI Armor and larger M-ATX case for $99

    I assume the case in this instance is the Leaper Pro rather than the CoolerMaster?

    • Leaper Pro, or potentially one from Antec, or the new Leaper Mid which is on its way - we will confirm with the customer according to purchase date and stock. The MSI Armor doesn't fit in the Leaper.

  • What is the free game?

  • +1

    Is this an overkill of business computers? Looking to upgrade a couple in the office, and the price seems pretty good.

    A lot of multitasking, so Outlook, Excel, Word, Chrome (10-15 tabs), other items open at the same time.

    • Am curious to know as well as am in similar boat

    • +2

      it's overkill that you don't need rx580 gpu for those, yet it's under-specc on 8gb ram / 120gb SSD

      reckon - amd 2400g APU + 16gb ram + 500gb SSD

      • aye this would be perfect for the office

    • You might want to look for something with a slightly less powerful graphics card (if you’re not doing graphics heavy work like video editing, 3D modelling or gaming) and with more RAM instead (which will allow you enough memory to open multiple programs and tabs at once). 16GB of RAM should be a good amount for what you’ve described (maybe even a little overkill), but you can definitely get by with 8GB (things might start to slow down a bit though).

      • +5

        I cant see a use case where 8gig wouldnt be enough for general office tasks?

        • +10

          Opening more than one tab of chrome

          • @Ostrk: Yeah but Edge is now actually equally as bad.

            • +1

              @YeemaiI: I always feel bad for microsoft when they basically beg me not to install chrome after a new install.

      • +1

        Then again, if your work PCs are equipped with gaming-capable graphics cards, you have a nice after-hours LAN party always at the ready. Speaking from experience :)

    • +2

      Lol itll do all that, you could even take the video card out if it has onboard video then send one to your good friend seedy 😁

    • +2

      You could jump on these with a less gaming focused CPU and GPU and add another stick of RAM or more storage, plus CPUs are in stock: i3 9100F / RX 570 or GTX 1650 for $515 delivered: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/486190.

    • +1

      It depends if you are looking for a short or long term investment.

      For a long investment and for what you described, I would buy this one only if they agree to:

      • Increase the SSD to at least 256GB. 128GB with Outlook will run out of space soon if the users mailboxes are big. 128GB is not worth. Believe me, over 9y working as Help Desk Support lol
      • You don't need that graphic card. I recommend grabbing a cheaper one and using the difference to increase the memory to 16GB

      Since you will be buying in bulk, you might be able to negotiate a great deal with them.
      If that is possible, and with your activities, you won't need to spend with desktop for several years :)

      OR short to middle investiment

      Yesterday, I saw this https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/490300 for half of the price
      The main thing is Chrome and Excel, they use a lot of memory so you might consider upgrading the memory to 16GB. Also, remove that 320GB HDD, it is useless.

      • interesting.. I've worked in Helpdesk Support and Exchange admin for over 20 years and the largest mailbox I ever saw (employees were required to maintain their mailboxes and also send things older than 1 year to archive.pst) and the largest mailbox (full of building plans and site photos) was about 15GB in size.

        128GB system SSD is a bit on the small side though, especially if the office is not using Office 365 and is instaling local copies of the Office Suite. 240GB would be better.

        16GB RAM will make a noticeable difference especially with large spreadsheets or Word files, it depends on the work style and tools your office actually use.

        Potentially if the upgrades are chosen, luke from techfast might be able to organise you a build without the RX 580 video cards, for a cheaper price. But you may need to then buy mouse, keyboards and monitors.

        • Seen plenty of 40gigers in my time!

          • @badonde: They would be full of years (decade I'm guessing) of crap.. not organised or archived. That's someone not doing their job properly or a very small business methodology.. guessing they have no backup or recovery plans either.

            • +1

              @gizmomelb: Absolutely, very poor practice in managed services. But it does happen!
              The most common perpetrators were very stubborn high level people in the supported companies that refused to change.

              Never seen such backwards IT practices as in QLD tbh

              Anyway not in that world anymore thank god! Fantastic deal for 1080p

  • +4

    2400mhz rams on a ryzen is a huge bottleneck

    • That's what I thought.

    • What about 8x2 @ 2400?

      • You really want close to 3600 though you may be limited by A320

        Overclocking 2400 close to that should be possible with a bit of know-how and luck

    • +2

      That depends on your definition of huge, take a look at this: https://www.techpowerup.com/review/amd-zen-2-memory-performa...

      Zen 2 doesn't seem nearly as memory dependent as zen 1/1.5, unless you're using an igpu of course. Maybe the slower chips behave differently, but I couldn't find any articles on them.

      • Hi. Sorry I'm a noob PC gamer. I'm thinking about buying a new Zen 3 PC (Probably Ryzen 5 3600X or Ryzen 7 3700X) to replace my super old PC. May I ask how does this RAM frequency thing work with Zen 3 processor? What's the 'best' RAM frequency for the processor and do I have to do memory overclocking? Thank you in advance.

        • +1

          Same with most PCs, when you first put it all together the ram will most likely be 'default' (usually 2133) speed, it's just a matter of going into the bios and selecting the XMP profile to have the ram run at it's rated speed.

          AMD says that the optimal price/performance ram for Zen 2 is 3600/c16, which is expensive, or you can do some research, spend considerably less money on 3000/3200 and try your luck with overclocking.

        • +2

          Faster RAM does have a performance since literally data can be read and written from and to RAM faster.. but unless there is pretty much continuous data transfer to the RAM then it's not going to make huge differences.. it's a <5% difference that can be seen in many tech benchmarks.. whilst some gamers will go to any length to get that 5% performance boost, it's not going to make a noticeable difference in most desktop usage cases.

          The reason AMD is so time dependant with memory is that the core system can be set to a 1:1 data transfer (ie: the most optimal) withe each clock cycle for the CPU doing one data transfer with the memory. Otherwise it works on fractions… ie: this is NOT real world, it is just an example!! say for example there might be 5 CPU cycles and only 4 data cycles…

          So higher RAM speed is most important for fine tuning data transfers and especially in overclocking fine tuning.

          The difference for general usage and especially at the framerates these BUDGET game PCs will be running at is most likely within error of margin rates.. ie: 1-2 frames per second difference.

          See benchmarks here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLg1YwH0QOA

          But it's only a $40 difference between getting the 16GB 2600 MHz RAM ot the 16GB 3200MHz RAM - so do it if you want. At worst that $40 may save you copping an ear full from PC parts nerds :) At the very least upgrade from the 8GB to 16GB 2400 MHz RAM, that will make more of a difference than you realise. Personally I'd upgrade the RAM to 16GB ($79) and then spend the extra $29 to upgrade the SSD from 120GB to 240GB.

          My AMD system? Yes I have 3200MHz RAM - 32GB to be precise, since I do a lot of video editing and video compression / conversion.

  • Great looking great value

    Biggest thing holding me back is the shipping time, November is still 2 weeks away. Then another week or so for assembly + delivery.

    I would expect 3 weeks for it to arrive

    Would there be similar deals after the 3500 delivery arrive

    • +1

      They will be an ongoing option, yep.

      • awesome, i will hold back and jump at one early November


  • 3 weeks is about the time Red Dead Redemption 2 comes out for PC. Wondering if this build will be good enough to play the game on a reasonable frame rate and graphics setting.

    • +1

      this system will have no problem running current gen console ports like rdr2

      however next gen consoles will be even more powerful than this system

      • Red Dead Redemption 2 is not a direct port though, from what I have read. It requires a 150GB download for instance.

        • well rdr2 was definitely developed for consoles first, after which they bring it to pc, and given current gen console cpu's use a really weak 8 core cpu(like less than half the single core performance of the 3500x), you probably wont have much issue.

        • +1

          RDR2 on PC will have higher resolution textures for 4K gaming.

      • which is one of the reasons PC gaming users should be upgrading at least their video cards every 2-3 years (generally look for at least a 30% or faster performance improvement has been my mantra), which will probably cost you around $200-300 to do (sell the old card, pay extra to upgrade to the new card).

        my 8 year old CPU (intel i5-2500K) still games like a beast at 1080p / ultra settings for most games - since it has an nvidia RTX 2060 in it now (the RTX will be going in the AMD 3700X CPU system I am building shortly).

  • As if anyone other than Luke is allowed to post Techfast deals

  • if I want to order without assembly, how long it will take to get ship?

    • Same minus assembly time

    • Yep Bongo is right. To be fair to everyone it will generally ship the same day others from that date are picked but skip assembly and testing.

  • Can anyone answer me how this would compare to the deal Tf have had with an i5 9400 and a 1660?

    • R5 3500x faster than i5 9400f… whats why Im changing my i5 9400f order

      • From what I’ve read / watched the i5 is faster for gaming, but the R5 is more
        Proofed for future released games

  • Anyone know how to apply the discount? It's just showing as 849$ and I can't find a code entry for the code listed in the OP.

    • +1

      It's at the checkout page

  • +1

    Purchased this last night with the b350 mobo upgrade for $617 delivered.

    Can anyone advise what the difference is between the 2 rx 580's?


  • Would it be possible to get a deal on 3500x w/ GTX1650 or RX570?

  • Pulled the trigger on this, been eyeing a way to get into PC gaming on the cheap for a while and this hit the spot, with a few upgrades. Cheers!

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