Wanhao Duplicator i3 Mini 3D Printer - $239.95 Delivered @ 3D Printers Online


We are slashing the price of our already discounted price on the Wanhao Duplicator i3 Mini 3D Printer. Use the code to get an additional $40 off for free shipping.

The Lowest price offered for this great printer, brand new ready to ship from our Sydney warehouse.

This is a great entry level printer, unbox and you are ready to roll.

Also known as the Cocoon Create Mini, BALCO mini & The Monoprice Mini.

If you wanted to dabble in 3D Printing this is your chance at a great price :)

Use the code at checkout for discount to be applied.

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    Although this looks like the cocoon mini, the one aldi sold had some very nice quality of life upgrades, including a magnetic spring based bed that was good value. When they were wanting to get rid of those they were $199 (albeit instore only), so I'm leaning towards this being less of a bargain. Is it still a good 3D Printer? I guess.

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    Does anyone have the guts to report this as a duplicate or…?

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    As an owner of this, it's quite a decent little printer.

    People will compare the price point to an Ender 3 which gives you a fair bit more for similar cost, but the Ender will require some assembly and perhaps a little tinkering if it doesn't produce the best results straight away.

    A couple things to note:
    - It doesn't have a heated bed, which would help the print stay put during printing but a little gluestick works pretty well.
    - The total visual print surface isn't printable (due to the mechanical design) but 12x13.5x10cm is fairly workable, particularly if you're trying out 3D printing.
    - Probably couldn't print most flexibles without a little modification, but does print 3DFillies' PLAflex well

    If you get one and are new to 3D printing, I would look up and join a few Wanhao / i3 mini / Cocoon Create facebook groups where you'll get a fair bit of support and advice.

    (Interestingly, Prusa just launched their Prusa Mini which has a very similar design)

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    I have a cocoon create - it works ok but anything bigger than 2-3 cm high has issues with the non heated bed…tried pet/amphibian heater mats but not getting warm enough to stop the natural curvature and eventual failure (base curves on cooling and becomes unstuck even with uhu or similar glue!) faster prints help…. I have up after creating a few simple guitar control knobs but more due to time to play than anything…better heat mats would improve things I'm sure but haven't found anything cheap enough yet…I got the printer for $100 or so on Aldi sale!


      Try a little bit of glue stick, We have and i3 in the office we still use for small jobs. We find gluestick stops this issue. :)

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        I started off by trying a glue stick which works for very small items but anything more than 1-2 cm high and the base cools and shrinks/bends, hence trying heated pads… I've still not found a cheap option for good heat pads though…


          Have you tried another brand of filament?

          We havnt had the issue to that extent. We also find using a brim when printing helps with an unheated bed.

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    I wouldn’t deal with 3Dprinteronline again. We had a faulty Artillery X1 (confirmed by the manufacturer support) and 3Dprinteronline promised us a replacement when we sent it back. Instead the refused to replace once they had it as the value of them had gone way up. Eventually they refunded but we were without a printer and left needing to pay much more if we wanted to buy another. The whole process took nearly 3 months and was a painful as dealing with Gearbest.

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      Sorry about your bad experience.

      I was not involved in your issue, and do not know the finer details. Although what I do know I was bought on board as a result of your issue to avoid it happening again.

      Over the last 3 months I have since revamped support & Supply chains with suppliers to avoid delays to customers delays by implementing proper documented support, repairs, replacement and returns procedures.

      Once again I apologise for what you experienced, we pride ourselves in customer service and what happened to you triggered big internal changes to avoid disappointing customers.


    Always wanted to have a go at 3D printing, but never bought in as I assume I'd give it up pretty quickly, but this seems like a cheap and easy entry point.
    How many prints would you get out of the included filament, and can you purchase any replacement filament?


      It is a good printer to start with and is designed for ease of use. Its a good way to get your head around what is involved before making a big investment on a larger machine. We still use ours for small prints on the side.

      It comes witha sample roll, depends on what you are printing but probably only do a couple of small prints.

      The printer is compatible with all PLA 1.75mm Filament and is readily available via our store or other sources.

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