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[Switch] Batman: The Telltale Series, Batman: The Enemy Within $11.25 Each @ Nintendo eShop


Enemy Within link

Cheapest these titles have been on Switch. Seemingly on discount after the acquisition of Telltale Games as a company a couple weeks ago

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  • Are these like buying chapters?
    Is it not a finished series like the Walking dead they did? [havn't playerd these games]

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      All episodes of both are long since completed. Can't comment on if the switch versions download eps individually or one big boy download though.

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      These are all one download

  • Has anyone played this on Switch? How’s the performance? Some reviews note performance is a bit janky but maybe it’s been patched?

    • Yeah curious about this as well, I have this for free on my Ps4 but I'm really looking for something to play on the switch and feel this would be a good handheld option.

      To be honest having all 3 systems for me the switch is a distant third in games that have captured me over the past few years.

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        Weird you say that. I have a PS4, Xbox One X and Switch and basically only use the switch. It's a mental thing knowing that I don't have to be tethered to the same Tv screen to play all my games all the time. Possibly due to the fact I grew up on handhelds too maybe and then grew to overall prefer home console experiences.

        • My preferences tend to fall towards the big single player story driven and graphically impressive games. The games Ive put the most time into on Switch have been Odyssey & Mario Kart 8 but nothing has really blown me away since. Actually I loved Captain Toad which I missed on the Wii U.

          Steam World Dig 2 was great but I couldn't beat the final boss. Yoshis Crafted World has really strong levels and really weak levels. Breath of the Wild had a very atmospheric world but the game had waaay too many mechanics I simply didn't enjoy. Smash Bros & Mario Tennis are fun but not super long term. Super Mario Party is fantastic but not enough game boards and too much focus away from the core modes.

          Pokemon got far too repetitive and I've bought some games online that I didn't like right fairly quickly like Yooka Laylee, Fast Racing Neo & Golf Story.

          Over that same time period in the last few years I've had much more fun with Ps4 & Xbox titles but I still enjoy the switch.

          Any killer game that must be played on it. Another big issue with the switch is games never drop in price.

          • @VLine90: I’ve found game prices on Switch best via sales on the eShop, rather than physical. Albeit most of those “sale” games typically don’t have a physical release but that’s kept me going. Otherwise I just wait for Amazon sales etc.

    • Yeah, I saw those reviews too. I checked the PS store and both games are the same price at the moment - $11.25. Maybe it's better to get it there, if you have a PS4.