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Rippl Cast Iron Skillet 12" Frying Pan with Handle $27.56 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Seems like a great deal given that Amazon is currently offering FREE International Shipping.

Price was $24.42 yesterday but is now $27.56, still a great deal!

These things are typically 8 pounds in weight so that's 3.6kg. Getting 3.6kg shipped from the US, Amazon is clearly making a loss by offering Free International shipping.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Anyone try? Better than Lodge?

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      I've been using the Aldi Cast iron set in my kitchen. I think having a 12" will be a great addition. Will give a review when I receive, however i assume most cast iron is pretty much the same so long as you season it correctly.

      • Look forward 2 yr review.

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          This thing will likely last a lifetime, however at $24 I won't lose sleep if it doesn't…

        • If you season and take care of it properly it'll last. He'll my mother's one was all rusted and a good scrubbing or acid bath does wonders.

  • Not cheap, but SolidTeknics are lighter and have great reviews.

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      Equivalent is like 160 bucks, not exactly the same range

      Also lighter as wrought iron v cast iron.
      Definitely a better (and au made product) but not much use comparing to something that's 25 bucks

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        I thought a major selling point of cast iron is the weight so it has more thermal mass to retain heat

      • Cast iron is better right?

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      I’m a big fan of Solidteknics. Great heat retention, non stick once seasoned, very light and handle doesn’t get hot. They are very expensive but imo worth it for great cooking performance and it will last a few lifetimes if looked after.

      Saying that, $24 bucks for a cast iron pan is great and worth a buy.

    • if its lighter, then it can't be the same quality cast iron

      • As the owner of both cast and wrought iron pans, I disagree.

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          I have both lodge and solidteknics. I love cooking with both. The solidteknics are light, easy to use, the handle is always cool and the finish is great. That being said, my lodge pans cook just as well, but were a lot cheaper to initially buy. I think these rippl pan would be worth a try.

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            @LittleBoo: yeah, i own some of the lodge, now bought some victoria because they have longer handles ….challenge with cast iron is getting a design you like e.g handle length, wall depth and angle,etc.

          • @LittleBoo: If the handle is always cool then your pan isnt heating fully

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      Standard cast iron is generally heavier, retains heat longer, and is is more durable than its lightweight counterpart. However, lightweight cast iron cookware as its name implies is a lot lighter (up to 50%), retaining some of the good qualities of regular cast iron while being much more maneuverable in the kitchen

    • Iron, wrought or cast, is a poor conductor of heat. It's appeal is in the retention of heat through thermal mass.

      Nothing wrong with lightweight iron pans for long lasting non stick but not the same searing big slabs of meat.

  • My doctor told me to use cast iron pans when I had very low iron levels. Better than spinach etc. Interesting!

    • What…

      I mean I guess that some comes off but I'd think it would be molecular amounts not dietary rdi amounts.

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        It's certainly recommended to boost for people with anaemia. Google will confirm. My daughter is a vegan and she bought an iron 'fish' on ebay to put in her cooking water. They also say that tomatoes will help release due to the acidity. I don't know why it's not common knowledge.

        • Huh no shit.

          It actually is backed by research


          Though having said that, it was only an average of 16% more iron compared to Teflon and other non-stick surfaces.

          Still… Like you said vegans and such… Can't get that good haem iron

  • Im interested in buying this, but being so heavy, won't it take a lot to heat up and cost loads in gas? I'm unsure