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[VIC] Pirate Life IIPA (Double IPA) 500ml Can, $9.00 @ First Choice Liquor Market (Ringwood)


Piratelife IIPA 500ml is what I considered to be one of the best if not the best double IPA in Australia/New Zealand, the major downside is this beer is usually 13.50 per 500ml can, when there is a special you can get them around 11.00 ish in Dan Murphys, but due to supply issues, it is not easy to find them all the time.
Whenever I go to a bottleshop I will still grab one or two cans miniumn if i can find them.
However, in the past few months, I came across this deal about 3-4 times when I visit First Choice Liquor Market located in Ringwood, VIC next to the coles in Ringwood square.

They are just 9.00 in store, I checked their website, it is still list as 13.50 per can, however in store they are 9.00
I complained that everytime i see this deal, there aren't many cans left. ie. Today there are only 4 cans left when i got there.
So the young man in the store told me I can actually put down an order, when it's in they will give me a call and of course I did and ordered a slab (16).

Not sure if this is the best deal ever, but I think for 9.00 you can hardly find a IPA or IIPA that is better than this.
They are still pricy but I think it's worth it.

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