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Hi Ozbargainers

So right now i have Samsung galaxy S5 battery is slowly dying with a crack screen and looking for an upgrade to a newer device. I don't know if i should get the new Pixel 4 and wait for the JB deals as they sometime offers other bundles with the phone or wait for the new Samsung Galaxy phone next year?

What would you guys do?



    Do more research on my own and read the hundreds of other forums exactly like this one.


    Was in a similar boat for a friend recently.

    His Moto Power E3 or something similar was basically unusable because of the super loose battery charging port and was not able to charge and this complication made the battery drain very awkwardly like basically was not charging because it could not hold a connection so battery became dead.

    We got him a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7 in very good condition just some minor chips in the back cover but no scratches or lines on the front was honestly very good value for $170 AUD roughly from ebay combined with a 15% off code or something.

    Was originally going to get one from kogan as they sell a lot of used phones but the ebay code made it much better and the seller looked legitimate.

    Honestly it was a good purchase and for you going from a Samsung Galaxy to another Samsung Galaxy seems like a good idea unless you are feeling bored of their ecosystem.

    I recommend checking out the websites polls and discussion on this in the following below links as there are some great options but honestly I can recommend Xiaomi, LG, Samsung and OnePlus as good frugal value choices among many others just off the top of my head.

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    Best Budget Smartphone (Under $300) in 2019

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