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One Year Domain Name Registration (.com.au, .net.au and More) $0.86 @ VentraIP


86c .AU Domain Names - Monday 21st October ONLY!

Monday 21st October is Back to the Future Day, and to celebrate, we'll be jumping in the VentraIP Tesla Time Machine to bring you 1955 prices!

For 24 hours only, purchase any available .au domain for 86c đź’°

Grab your hoverboard and self-lacing shoes, and use GREATSCOTT to snap up your 86c domain name - limit one per customer.

*Please note: you must have an active ABN/ACN to purchase a .com.au domain [https://ventraip.com.au/faq/article/what-are-the-eligibility-criteria-for-registering-a-au-domain-name/]

If you do not have an ABN, you can still purchase a .id.au domain for 86c

Why VentraIP Australia?

100% Australian Owned
24/7 Local Phone Support
Free DNS Hosting and Domain Management
No Lock-In Contracts or Hidden Fees
*Please note that this offer is limited to one use per account
Excludes Renewals

Referral Links

Referral: random (255)

$50 cash in VIP Wallet for the referrer after referee signs up to a new hosting service and either a new domain name or transfer an existing domain name, and remains an active customer for at least 60 days

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  • +9

    I came here for the photo.

  • +4

    Is an ABN required?
    I would assume yes as .com.au and .net.au are reserved for businesses

    • +6

      That's correct, standard requirements around .au domain names apply.

    • +3

      You should be able to get a .id.au without an ABN

      • +2

        Just a reminder,

        I got a .id.au domain last night, the domain was pending and when I checked the status today, it was gone from my account completely without any notice.

        After I called them they told me .id.au must be related to your ID (your name).

        Basically it means that if you don't have a ABN/ACN and don't want to use your name as the domain name, you can't get any .au domains.

        • Who can register a .ID.AU domain name?

          To register a .ID.AU domain name, you must meet the following criteria:
          Be an Australian citizen or resident and
          The domain should exactly match the registrant’s name or,
          be an acronym or abbreviation or,
          be closely connected to the registrant

    • Getting an ABN is easier than scratching your arse.

  • Hi Store Rep
    How can it be expired as its not Monday 21st October YET ?
    Am I missing something ?

    edit Now its says T'morrow

  • +3

    Hi, rep,
    If I have an existing domain name registered with another service provider and I transfer it to VentraIP (the transfer price for this domain is free), do I also get the promotional price for the first year? Thanks.

    • Namecheap renewed my com.au for a year for free when I transferred for free from Route53.

  • -1

    16.1. VentraIP Australia may amend our Terms of Service at any time. Changes to this agreement
    will become effective upon their publication to our website.

    Is it standard practice for hosting companies to change their TOS without any direct notification?

    • +5

      VentraIP are one of the least dodgy hosting companies out there in my opinion. The tech support is frigging awesome! I make rookie error's and they get into my system and fix it straight up! Would highly recommend them, I hope this helps put your mind at ease.

      • -1

        they get into my system… hope this helps put your mind at ease.

        …not exactly

        • Depends what the service is. If you are wanting a managed service solution then this is part of it. If you don't, use something like Vultr

        • +1

          What… You have a problem with them being able to tinker on their end/cPanel?

  • I’m astounded by the number of stupid questions. Pretty straight forward… 86 cents for a top level Aussie domain.

    What’s so hard about that?

    • +9

      Some of these questions are a case of "If you need to ask, this product isn't for you".

  • +1

    Amazing deal. Just registered a domain name.

  • +1

    Thanks for the deal OP!

  • +4

    Thanks, bought my first ever domain name!

    • +2

      Welcome to the internet!

  • Just registered ozbargained.com.au whos with me.

    • You registered an Australian company name of Ozbargained? Ozbargain might not take too kindly to that…

  • Hi rep,

    Where do i put in the code? Trying to renew my expiring domain, can't seem to put the code in anywhere?

    • Does not appear to apply to renewals. Pitty.

    • +1

      This offer is just for new domains, not renewals.

      • Disappointing. Could have put that in the description.

  • I didn't know tht the internet was around in 1955!

    • +1

      V1 was. V2 implemented 2000 and enhanced with V2.0.1 last year.

      snorts and then giggles like a naughty little girl

    • +4

      I thought it would be 88c, because where we’re going, we don’t need roads.

  • +1

    Welcome back to OzBargain Ventra. It's good to see you back.

    • Thanks for having us!

  • Does it work for renewal?

  • Does this apply for renewals too?

    • New customers only, we're sorry!

  • +12

    tl;dr: Great deal!

    Detailed calcs:
    The standard VentraIP price for a <.com.au> domain is $14.95. According to the RBA, inflation from 1955 CY to 2018 CY was 1616.7% so $0.86 in 1955* would cost around $14.76 in 2018. Then you'd need to adjust for the March 2019 Qtr (0%) and June 2019 Qtr (0.6%) to get $0.86 in 1955 to be around $14.85 at the end of June 2019. So $0.86 is actually even better than 1955 prices by my calcs.

    *Note: Australia was still using pounds back in 1955 but the numbers still work.

    • +2

      This is the sort of analysis I come here for.

    • +1 for your maths, thanks Dinjay!

    • Really, you should be going backwards from $14.95 to prevent rounding errors. When you do that you get 86.6c. Close enough!

  • How much is it for renewals? How much does DNS hosting cost?

    • +1

      Hey viospeed, renewals will revert back to the standard price of $14.95 per year. For any domain name which you have registered with VentraIP, we provide Free DNS hosting. This will allow you manage A, MX, CNAME, TXT, NS and SRV records of the domain zone without the need for a hosting service.

      • Whaaaat! Since when? I had to do some shuffling of nameservers because I was being charged for DNS a few years ago! Does this go for all domains or only .au ones?

        • +2

          We've never charged for DNS management so it could be possible that we acquired a previous host that used to charge for the service?

          Either way, every VentraIP Australia customer enjoys free DNS management with all of their domains!

  • +3

    Thanks op, bought mine.
    Now can anyone recommend a good DIY web design website ?

    • Welcome to the fam, zdterry!

    • Wordpress

  • +2

    Thanks - perfect timing. Bought 2, so essentially a half price deal. :)

    • Welcome aboard Stalker!

    • That's interesting! I read *limited to one use per account" to mean one domain per account. But going by what you said, it's one purchase per account where that purchase could be for multiple domains.

      • +1

        It's not. It's one purchase of one domain per account.
        Two domains bought, one reduced in price. The other remains.

        • Ahhh….thanks for the clarification.

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Bought one too! :) Now looking for a similar hosting deal… please share if you come across…

  • So if transferring is it free for the first year ? The website seems to indicate this but just not sure. If you add the promo code it work but price goes from $0 to $0.86 LOL

    • Thanks for highlighting this for us, Yabadabadoo! It looks like that's a bug in our system - if you're transferring a .au domain name to us be sure not to use the coupon code as it should be free!

      (Please note that .au domain names don't automatically renew on transfer).

      • So its free for 12 months after the transfer ?

        it says "Due to registry policies out of our control, some domains may have a fee associated with the transfer of a domain name from one registrar to another. Includes renewal of the domain name in the cost." and the price is "FREE"

        This seems like a better deal that the 86c as its a Free renewal !

        • As .au domain names don't actually force a renewal on transfer, the cost to transfer the domain name is free however this means that when your domain name is eventually due to renew, you will need to pay the full price at the time of renewal.

          Hopefully that makes sense, Yabadabadoo! If you still have any questions, feel free to give our sales team a call on 13 24 85 so that they can answer in a timely manner. :-)

          • @ventraip: Hmmm, that not what it said during the checkout process. On enter EPP code page it says "Registration Period: 1 Year/s" and on the payment page it says:
            "Domain Transfer Edit
            $0.00 AUD
            1 Year/s"

            That's 3 places I am told its getting renewed (2 that say 12 months) at no cost. I would expect it to be honoured as its clearly mentioned on the site. Can you confirm again what the story is ? as what you seem to be saying doesn't match up with what your website is offering.

  • +1

    Got a domain for my upcoming LAN event! Unreal!

    • +2

      Glad we could help! … are we invited? ;)

  • +3

    Next year is a leap year so you get 366 days for 86c :)

    • +1

      Not quite as good as a set of free steak knives, but still a nice bonus!

  • +1

    Hi Rep,

    My domain with siteground is expiring. AM rather new to this so can you please help with the following questions:

    1. Does the current deal also include hosting? If not: how much is the hosting for?
    2. I have cpanel backup from my current site. Can you upload the content if I host with you?
    3. ASIC sent me an email that my domain was cancelled as I didnt renew on time. However the site is still active with siteground and is expiring next month. If I transfer for free and host with you, will it automatically renew the domain registration to you?
    4. How long today before this offer expires? Is it 5 pm or midnight?


    • Hi sk280! We'd be more than happy to answer your questions:

      1. The current deal is exclusive to new .au registrations (e.g. .com.au, .id.au, etc). Hosting with VentraIP Australia starts at $8.95/mo and if you use the coupon code VIP50 you'll save a further 50% on your first invoice.
      2. We can perform a migration of your website, including assisting with cPanel backups to get your website online with us ASAP. This won't cost you anything, either. :)
      3. If your domain name has expired you'll need to re-register the domain name with your intended provided. If eligible, you could re-register the domain name with us for just $0.86.
      4. The offer expires at midnight AEDT.

      We recommend giving our 100% Australian sales team a call on 13 24 85 so that they can answer any questions you have and explain everything in more detail to help you get online with us ASAP. Alternatively you can shoot them a quick email via [email protected].

  • Status is still pending.
    How long until it's processed?

    • Hey OzBestDeal, depending on the domain you chose, some require manual review. These are being processed regularly throughout today, so you should expect your domain to be registered shortly. If it's still pending in the next hour, please give our team a call on 13 24 85 and we can assist. Thanks!

      • It is active now.
        Thanks for this.

        • Welcome to the family!

  • Any deal on SSL please?

    • Hey dirtyhen, there's nothing available currently but feel free to email [email protected] and they can have a chat to you about what you're looking for, and see if there's anything they can do to help. Best to be as specific as possible in the email so they can find the best option for you :)

  • Hi Op. What is the lockdown period before we can move domain away to another provider? Would like to park my domains all under one provider (your sista company Zuver).

    Awesome deal btw =)

    • Hey LurvinOZB, there is no lockdown period. You can register a domain and move it to another provider (only if you have to ;-) )
      Hope that helps!

      • I'm still keeping it in the "family". Zuver is also VentraIP right?

        • Sure is, it's our sister company! So it's fine, you're still on the family tree ;-)

  • Hi OP,
    I am new to this, just wondering how to use it, do I need to login first to get a discount.

    • Hey Empiresearth, you just need to choose your domain name and add it to your cart and add the promo code. As a new customer, it'll grab some details from you to create your account, and you should be good to go!

      • how do i register without abn ?

        • Hey Empiresearth, the requirements for a .com.au include a valid ABN. You could look at a .id.au domain as an alternative, and that may suit your requirements better. Cheers!

          • @ventraip: How much is the id.au renewal? Can the code work with id.au domains? Thanks

            • @LurvinOZB: Hey LurvinOZB, the id.au domain will revert to $14.95 after the first 12 months. And yes, 86c will apply to these domains. Cheers!

              • @ventraip: Thanks for the quick response. Btw VentraIP rocks, had my hosting with them previously and the support was awesome!

                • @LurvinOZB: You're very welcome, and that's awesome to hear! Is it too presumptous to say welcome back? ;-)

                  • @ventraip: Unfortunately I got knee deep with my current host (prepaid 3 years upfront). But I would recommend VentraIP for business critical sites who need fast and responsive support :-)

                    • @LurvinOZB: Ahh fair enough! Well, thank you anyway for the recommendation - we appreciate it!!

  • It's possible to snap up some pretty great .id.au domains.

    I have a pretty common name and was able to get my first name (4 letters) and two initials.

    Anyone have suggestions for free or very cheap email hosting?

    • We can help you out with email hosting too if you like! Check out https://ventraip.com.au/email-hosting/
      There's actually a promo on hosting at the moment too for 25% off the first year, so that might help too.

  • Is $14.95/year the cheapest renewal? Do I need to change domain register after one year

    • Hey 4rcane, it's the cheapest renewal for .com.au domains currently (although sometimes we do offer discounts on renewals, so keep an eye out!)
      You don't have to change the domain register after the 12 months, you can stay with us as long as you like <3

  • I can't use my @yahoo.com email to register, says

    We don't allow users with the email address provider you entered. Please try another email address.

    That's pretty rude! Had to make a new gmail address just so I can register.

    • +1

      Hey Blue Cat, sorry you had issues with that! Let us know if you have any further issues, or you're welcome to contact our support team - they're in the Melbourne office 24/7 so can assist if needed. Cheers!

      • When does the VIP50 coupon expire?

        • +1

          We don't have a set date on it at the moment, but I would highlight the fact we have our annual Customer Appreciation Week coming up in November and there will be some fun discounts then too … so even if you do miss out on VIP50, there'll be other promotions coming! <3

  • Hi, Honestly just a question in regards to .com.au domains here.
    When I purchased a domain from my current registar, they never checked/asked about my businesses ABN.
    Is this a new procedure? Or just an upfront requirement from your company?

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