Philips 3000 Series 9-in-1 Face & Hair Multigroom Kit for $39.95 + Delivery ($0 C&C / $100 Order) @ Shaver Shop


Decent trimmer at this price.

Use SHAVE10 for $10.00 off - first time order only.

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    how is the quality, comparing to Remington, Wahl, or VS?

    Thinking to clip my own hair… my old barber for past 15yrs is going to retire and close shop at yr end.

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    I've been using this unit since I got it on the last deal and it's been decent for the price. Definitely better than the $20 ALDI one I was using before.


      Interesting. I use the Aldi one, I actually replaced one from years ago when it started losing grunt. The new one was so much better, for a few weeks now it's become noisy and lost power. It'll actually stop clipping completely with the 1-3mm adaptor which I like to use on my beard, resulting in ripping hair out if not careful.

      So I might try this.


    While this is a good value for money IMO, how good is it for trimming beard?
    I prefer not to shave completely however i don't like it long either, i try to keep at 2-3 mm long at most, so I'm looking for a trimmer that would be good enough to do this.

    Was considering Remington Remington Power Pro Grooming Kit HC9000AU, but now wondering how good this Phillips one is? Or perhaps go for Wahl and if so, which model up to around $50-$60?

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      I bought one last time it was on sale and have to say I really like it. Much better than my previous Panasonic shaver and VS clippers, both of which I chucked after getting this.

      I use it to cut my hair as well as shave/trim the beard. I go from having a goatee to full beard to stubble and clean shaven etc.

      Using it with no guide, it basically give what looks like a days stubble, which is great for when I cant be bothered shaving properly. The attachments are varied enough that you should get the result you want.

      Its small enough to give you an accurate trim but has enough power to cut through longer hair. Battery charge lasts for plenty of trims as well.

      Hope this helps.


        It does, thanks heaps. I think I might give this one a go…I mean for $30 (using the code) surely it will be good enough for the time being.


    I’m not having much luck with shavers, I purchased a Braun BT5070 which has great reviews but it pinches my facial hair…
    I always have to go back to my old trusty VS Sassoon trimmer (which is nearly dead) but I want a li-ion battery. I wonder how this one is (although it isn’t Li-ion I see)


    grabbed the 5000 (model above this one) from a prior deal and its a very good shaver…excellent battery life & useful attachments.
    2nd phillips trimmer ive owned and i'll keep buying more….theyre good at making very affordable beard trimmers

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    bought one, my VS one keeps pulling all my bloody hairs out!


    i remember this being cheaper last time (i think)


    Not available for pickup in WA

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