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Mia Unbreakables Shatterproof Stemless Wine Glasses 2pk $12.99 + Shipping @ Catch


Fantastic around the pool and I heard these Tritan Inward Curve requires a blow mould technique . Was $15.90 last time I checked

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    It's not coming up free for me

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    There are not made of glass.

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    unbreakable? challenge accepted

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    So just to be clear these are plastic wine glasses.

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    Well plastic generally doesn't shatter.its like saying I have a shatterproof wheetbix.

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    There's something really misleading about calling these wine glasses when they are made of plastic. And it's a given that plastic is shatterproof. It's like advertising whiskey rocks being meltproof.


    So do they feel like glass ir something?


      I don't have any experience with this brand but I have some other ones that are made out of nice heavy acrylic and "look like glass" instead of cheap plastic outdoor/picnic stemware.


    We went to the rutherglen tasting at Fed square. They had these great acrylic “glasses” with a thumb dent so they were easy to hold onto. The tasting was pretty much a bust, just way too many people.

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    Mia Unbreakables Shatterproof Stemless Wine Glasses Plastic Cups 2pk $12.99 + Shipping



    I discovered these 'glasses' a couple of years ago during a winery visit and liked them so much that I bought some. OK they're not actually made of glass but they don't feel like cheap plastic, they don't break easily and unlike some of my previous stemmed wine glasses they haven't fallen off a shelf and shattered into little pieces. I wash them in the dishwasher despite being told that this was not advisable and they don't seem to have suffered as a result. OK…I wouldn't use them if I was having guests around for dinner but for general usage or a glass of wine with me evening meal I reckon they're great.