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Kidde AccessPoint KeySafe Original Slimline Push Button Combination Lock Box $30.91 + Delivery ($0 w/ Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Combination key safe for permanent wall-mount storage of up to 2 keys
Mounting combination lock for keys is great for after-school access for kids who lose keys; keyless entry into safe with customized combination
The key lock safe has easy-to-use push-button combination with over 1,000 personalized combos to chose from
Key lock box for outside or indoor use includes mounting hardware for easy set-up; different colors match or blend in with surface you are mounting to
Key locker ships in certified Frustration-Free Packaging

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    In case you forget the pin perhaps this will help:

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    Iā€™m assuming all of these are the same… if so, you can enter the 4 digit combination code in any order to access the keys inside. Eg if the code is 1234 and you entered 3421 it would still open.


    What about something like this? Does anyone know of any other brand apart from Master that makes these digital ones?


    $299 is a bit much..

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    I've had some experience using these devices.

    My elderly relative had one of these for his house. It was a condition of his Carer service who looked after him - just in case they needed access in an emergency.

    The box was placed in a hidden spot. It had never been used in over 10 years, but the keys were there all the time.
    So he decided to remove the keys as he considered it was a security problem. He saw no reason to tell the Carer Service, as they would tell him to put the keys back.

    When service providers could not raise him one day, an emergency response centre called the Carer service - who arrived & found no keys. Police were called & smashed a window. If there was a chance he was in need of urgent help - that's what has to happen.

    He arrived back from the Doctors to the commotion & a $400 fee to replace the window…

    He wasn't happy! No one checked with him! But he refused to carry the mobile phone I gave him. And I received an email from the Carer Service, while in Japan. They weren't happy either. His Dr said he could no longer stay in his home when I was away.

    So many things for his care relied on the emergency access to keys in the Key Safe! Without it, his care became more expensive.

    I checked online to see how easy these are to open. I wouldn't use this key safe - you are providing keys (to the house) with far too easy access. We removed the device.