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25% off Blinds, Awnings & Curtains 15% off Shutters @ Blinds City


Hi Everyone!

We are offering you a 25% off our Blinds , Awnings and Curtains range & 15% off Shutters

Will start today and end on Sunday 31st OCT.

We offer DIY and Installation

Coupon Code for blinds , awnings and Curtains is 25offcart
Code for Shutters - 15offcart

Kind Regards
Blinds City Team

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  • Website down? Can't access it sorry.

    • Yep can confirm. Your website is down

    • Sorry about that, We are looking at that now, The server might of reset.

      • Website need a bit of work on the UX as well… No way to sort or filter curtains, sorting appears alphabetical, which is completely useless you know the specific name of the curtain you want…

        Looking for white 'sheer curtains'? Well, just scroll through the 100s of blockout curtains of various colours until you eventually stumble on one that you're interested in. No thanks, went through 3 'load more' presses and that was enough for me to give up…

        • Thank you for your feedback,

          We don't currently sort it out with colours except we sort it out with texture collection as we find all whites together for example are all different pricing.
          This is the same method when sales rep comes to your home they have it in collections rather than colours.
          Although we are looking to add this option, sorry it is not available at this time.
          If you need any help let me know and we can try help you

      • website now live

  • ozbargain DDOS.

  • Still down :(

  • anybody used them before?

    • I used them 3 times before for various blinds and I am happy with the quality and with after sales support (one box came damaged by the courier, and these guys replaced the damaged parts without issues).

  • I just got roller blinds from halfpriceblinds.com.au/roller-blinds and they are great. If your willing to wait you maybe able to get what you want for 40-50% off. I think they always have a sale and in each sale 2-3 items are discounted (40-50% off) then the next sale its different items. The Clearance 50% off I found don't get cleared and go back to full price after the sale. Even with out the sale they were the cheapest then the 50% off made them very cheap (e.g. $450 for what other sites wanted $1200 for). You can order free samples then pick your colour and wait for it to come on sale :)

  • OP are you based in Sydney? So how does installation works if I'm in Melbourne?

  • Hi guys,

    It looks like you cant enter 2 codes which makes orders with 2 types of blinds (plantation+venetian) complicated when you take into account measure fee etc.

    Sorry, this coupon is not applicable to the categories: Plantation Shutters.

    • That is correct, You will need to do separate orders, We do this as different staff members look after shutters only as it requires more work and discussion with the customer for certain layouts etc.

      • Does that mean you pay 2 times the measure fee?

        • No you only pay once, so if you know you are having shutters and roller blinds for example, do not select check measure with the roller blinds

          • @Blinds City: As per your instructions, just placed 2 orders and did not choose 'check measure' on one.

            I assume the orders team will figure this out and not cut one of the blinds based on my measurements?

            • @toshin: Hi Toshin,

              Can you please PM me and let me know your order number and name so we can look at the order to make sure its correct on our end,

  • Ordered one 5m wide vertical blinds with installation. Fingers cross!

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