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MEE Audio M6 Sports Wired Earphones $14.50 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) & More @ MEEaudio Amazon AU


Dear OzBargainers,

My name is Mike and I am a manufacturer rep for MEE audio (formerly MEElectronics). We are running a promotion on some of our most popular "stocking stuffers" this week, primarily the M6 Sports Earphones with Memory Wire, which have been one of the most popular and well-reviewed wired gym buds on the market for the past ~10 years (with over 4k Amazon.com reviews). Here's a previous deal for the M6 at USD $10.99 + shipping

Also included in the promotion are our KidJamz Volume-Limited Kids' Headphones, which have a built-in volume limiter that keeps the volume level safe for younger ears, but can also be disabled by parents if needed.

Shipping to AU unfortunately starts at USD $13.54, but with multiple items it gets better. For example, 8x units of the M6 is only $22 to ship. We are also price-matching the M6 on Amazon.com at USD $9.99 + Delivery and both the M6 and KidJamz on Amazon.au at AUD $14.50 (while supplies last).

This promotion will expire Thursday, Oct. 24 at midnight PST (Friday Oct 25 at 6:00 PM AEDT).

Thanks for reading! I would be happy to answer any questions about the products in replies, by PM, or via email at mike(at)s2einc(dot)com . Also open to suggestions for future promotions, we have a few exciting ones planned for the holidays, but that's still a month or more away.

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    Mike is the man! He has helped me in the past with ME related stuff. Very good!!

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    For what it's worth I owned some older versions of the M6 Sport and they were the best earphones I've had for isolating wind noise while cycling out of the box (up there with my old custom tipped etymotics). I broke my extension cable and they sent me a free replacement. My volume slider eventually gave up though but for this price I might pick some more up.

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      Thanks for the feedback! That must have been the older M6P or S6P, both of which were based on the M6 but had the mic/volume slider module.

      When we replaced those with newer models, we dropped that slider based on our customers' experience. When it comes to years of heavy use, the less moving parts, the better.


    any deals on the wireless version?

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    Been buying ME headphones nearly exclusively for the last 5 or so years. Every time I venture to another product I'm always sorry.
    Highly recommend them. Too bad I'm all wireless now.

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      Thanks! We were planning to go completely wireless (except for our in-ear monitors) about a year ago, until we noticed a trend of our most highly-rated wired models picking up again. Must be because the wired headphone segment is getting less and less crowded, but some number of users haven't (and maybe won't) make the switch to wireless. Thought it was an interesting trend.

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