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Google Pixel 4 64GB $199 with Telstra 60GB $65pm Plan (12 Months, Min Cost $979) Port-in Customers @ JB Hi-Fi (in-Store)


It seems the deal is only for Pixel 4, not include Pixel 4XL. <— from JB staff.

Went to JB for Telstra 12 months deal $65 with $500 gift card. A guy told me that Telstra is going to run a same deal for Pixel 4 with only $199 for the handset.

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Also available on the same plan:

Samsung Galaxy S10e $99, Note10 $799
Huawei P30 $199, OPPO Reno 5G $499

Update: Confirmed by a few users, that deal has been extended to 6th of November (Page/Deal has been removed from website though).

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    How go we cancel the contract? Call/online chat Telstra directly or through JB?

  • Hmmm…

    So in the past hour I have been talking to JB HiFi and Telstra,
    I first gave JB Hi-Fi a call, to which they linked to their Telco department,
    and the lady there told me that I have to talk with Telstra for information with regards to early termination.

    Then I had an online text chat with Telstra, and this is what they said:
    "Telstra provides coverage for JB HiFi retailers, and we do the billing. We can also change the JB HiFi plans to our month-to-month plans.

    However, we do not provision JB HiFi plans. JB HiFi sets its own plans to which we are not trained. We were just advised by JB HiFi that Standard ETC conditions apply if you cancel your contract before 12 months."

    So I get back to calling JB Hi-Fi and finally got to the answer which was:
    The ETC would be the full payment for the 12 months.

    Although the clerk did say he was unfamiliar with this deal as it was new, his answer makes more sense than the $650 for the $1000 phone…
    Which makes me wonder, how many people have actually succeeded in getting an early termination charge for only $390?

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      I was told by JB staff that early termination charge only $390.

      • Please let me know if that manages to pass, maybe I was too late or talking to the wrong clerk but I am confused af atm.

        Edit: I'm going to go to a store in person to see if I get a different response

        • There is no confusion about this. When you sign up for the plan they tell you that if you cancel, there will be an early termination charge of $390.

        • Let us know how you go as I’ve just activated a Voda sim in prep for this…btw…bought $2 Voda sim from Woolies and didn’t come with $10 credit…had to recharge as part of activation

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          The staff mentions the early terminate charge- $390 and I cannot add $10 monthly for the international call before I sign the contract.

          BUT, I contacted Telstra for re-sending that stupid SMS code through Live Chat and I was told the possibility of changing plan.

          By the way, $10 port-in credit is expired.

        • Thanks guys! I went in person and had a chat and the ETC given to me was definitely $390! Also got email from them with the terms and conditions so definitely checks out!

    • I was told ETC is $390 over the phone when agreeing to my verbal contract.

      • Did you sign up over the phone?

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          I signed up in store where the JB salesperson completed the signup over the phone. I had to talk to the Telstra guy on the phone to complete the contract verbally. I too was told the ETC is $390.

          • @eug: Yeah, same experience for me

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      JB HIFI Mobile Plans Critical Information Summary which you get when signing to the plan states that $65/mth 12 months plan has Maximum Early Termination Charges of $390.

    • FYI: Just went through this process which I detailed out in the other S10E deal.

      Spent 40 minutes speaking with three different Telstra chat agents for moving down from the $65 —> $50 month-to-month plan. Escalated it to a manager who gave me a final definitive answer as per below:

      "Yes we can waive the cancellation fee of a plan if the plan is already under Telstra's Plan but from JB HiFi to Telstra Plan will incur a $390.00 cancellation fee which will be displayed in your next invoice. This is charged via JB HiFi, not Telstra and hence I am unable to assist you with the waiver for this fee."

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    Has anyone tried to bring the un-opened Pixel 4 (with receipt) and add $200 for exchanging to Pixel 4XL??

    • I would like to find out as well.

    • There's an earlier comment where someone was told by JB that returning the phone would only get you $199 back.

      • Thank you.

    • was told no refund/return for change of mind

    • The Town Hall JB Store guy said as long as its unopened, one can go back and they will give 4XL for $230 extra - they apparently also have to change IMEI on the telstra portal when they do the swap.

      • which jb in town hall is this?

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    Vodafone online activation is not working for those looking to activate it online.

    • Yeah not working for me either

      • Must’ve gone down after I activated successfully just after 2pm

    • Can do over Voda chat.

  • im with optus, 3 hours in - no pre port sms yet.

    • Im 29 hours in :) Still waiting

      • Do we need to contact Telstra to get it attempted again? I left my SIM at home and I'm dubious that I'll get a text when I put it in :(

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          As far as I know Telstra is having an issue with their system. It might help to give Telstra a call as their website states you can call them if you didn't receive the text within 4 hours.

          But I'll keep waiting and go again tomorrow morning to JB HiFi to check.

          The JB guy said they can only try to resend the text at their end after 24hrs.

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            @datafellows: @datafellows: Spoke with Telstra porting team, they are advising waiting 24 hrs then call again in case no SMS comes through.

        • Well I put my sim in and surprisingly the SMS that would have been sent around 9.15am came through and the port was done within the next 5 mins! I was porting from Optus to Telstra.

    • Any progress?

      • Not yet, they are advising to wait 24 hrs first.

  • Does anyone know if they happen to be offering the S10 128gb on any similar deals?

    • No offer with S10, only S10e.

      This deal wasn't even advertised in store.

    • IMO s10e is superior to S10.

      With s10e you are basically left without the telephoto camera, but get much better "flat" screen.

      And with a deal like this it's difficult to say no ;)

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        Also you get a much more responsive fingerprint sensor with the s10e

  • Did anybody have any luck in porting out from Telstra and then porting back with this offer? I’m reading that theres a 30 day wait period, just want to know if there’s a way around it. I want to keep this number of mine. :(

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      go buy the $2 voda or wherever port that number into this plan. then contact telstra to port your current number into the new plan. you will end up with old number in this plan. Your old number wont work for up to 24 hours.

      • Hey mate, got a new optus sim that was activated in minutes. Now the port request has to happen through JB store or we should send a port out request?

    • Is this process simple though?
      Also, I’m seeing lots of people struggling with Voda activation. Any other recommended carriers?

    • Yes, I ported out to amaysim yesterday from Telstra, took around 20 mins and ported back into Telstra this morning through JB which took around 10 mins.

    • Ported out to optus yesterday, ported back into Telstra today. Worked fine.

  • 3 Hours and no port in text from vodafone. Guy at JB said there was a person who's been waiting a week.

    • Same, 7 hours for me and no port in text from Amaysim. Pretty crap, when I ported out of telstra yesterday and it was all done within 15 mins.

      • So you ported in a new number to Telstra?

        • I ported an existing number out to Amaysim yesterday and ported it back to Telstra today to get this deal.

          • @motlking: Didn’t the JB staff catch it? They normall say that your number needs to be ported out for a minimum 30 days before you can port back in.

            • @Pouderi: They do not care.

              • @motlking: Which store? My local wouldn't let me

                • @Dano33: Still no port.

                  • @ClintonL: Damn I hope mine doesn't take that long.. keep us posted if you would? Cheers

                    • @Dano33: So i called up JB and they said 11 people were having the same problem and they had to call 1 by 1 to request telstra resend the text.

                      • @ClintonL: Interesting. My JB guy called and said there is an outage on Telstra ports..

  • Pay $199 with jb gift card for more savings :)

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    Went to JB garden City. The dude turned me and another guy down because we'd only been ported a few days from Telstra (I went to kogan) and were taking advantage of these deals and it stuffs the system. Reckons I need to get a new number to do it. Is that legit? He refused to proceed with it.

    • Just go to other JB store, even if you get a new number your ID will still be the same and they will be able to see it. The employee you met must be OZBargainer, so they know lots of people abusing this deal by getting in and out of Telstra.

      • Did you try another jb? Has anyone else been told to no they can't unless they are 31 days on another provider

        • Went to 4 stores yesterday in WA, all told me i have to of been with my new provider for 30 days, didn't matter that it was a new number.

  • Was told that the discount comes/approved from Telstra after several days and then I can go back to pickup the phone for $199!

  • Can anybody tell me if this will work - downgrade to $49/month on online chat, ask to be moved to "month to month", and terminate the contract after less than one month - so according to my maths - $199 +$49 = $248?

    • No, this is JB HiFi plans. It depends on your luck but so far I have luck.

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      When you move to "month to month" plan you will be billed with $390 etc. Your idea was loophole from Telstra that has already been closed a couple months ago

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        I asked the live agent that moved me to a month to month plan and he said the total first cost would be 90 dollars

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          Ok… so you can effectively leave without an ETC, and you paid $90 to be able to?

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            @JohnHowardsEyebrows: The exact words from the agent were "it will be $60 per month, however, the first bill may be a bit higher because you will be charged a portion of your old plan and the new plan" - I asked how much higher and he said 90 dollars. This is still a lot better than the 390 ETC

          • @JohnHowardsEyebrows: I'm also interested to know snowl…so effectively you're saying $199+$90+49?!

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              @inasero: Read above! I'm only going off what the chat agent said - I haven't cancelled my "new" plan yet so I'm not sure if the ETC has applied or not. However my plan is no longer on a contract and I am on a month to month $60 dollar plan, and the live chat agent did say I would only be charged around 90 dollars.

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                @snowl: Worst case I still have to pay ETC and cancelling the $60 dollar plan, but I'm still getting a bargain, and best case I pay a lot lot lower :)

                • @snowl: Damn I'd do the same if JB had given me the phone already. They said it takes a few days before the discount comes to them from Telstra. I'll then need to go there and seal the deal. Haven't heard anybody else here being told the same.

                • @snowl: Have you tried to login to your Telstra account to see the ETC estimation?

                  • @phocus: not sure where to see it, but this is what I see:


                    • @snowl: I think it's under view contract details

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                        • @snowl: Oh damn. Nice

                        • @snowl: Your first bill will be the true indication. They could have possibly charged you $390 ETC already

                          • @phocus: Yep, I'm fully expecting that but I'm hoping that they didn't. I expected to get charged that already so I dont mind :)

                            • @snowl: You would effectively have paid$90 for a nest hub which is a great deal

                              • +1

                                @phocus: The cancellation bill estimate came out to under 2 dollars!

        • I stand corrected then. Congrats with the bargain.

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    If cancelling do we have to pay $65 on top of ETC?

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      I would assume it gets refunded back prorata

  • Would like to know what the actual cancellation process of these plans are. In store only? Online? Via phone? Can anyone shed some light on this? Thanks

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      Easiest would be to port to a $2 sim. No phone calls, no permissions, just a quick singup to a different provider.

    • Would like to know as well… How has everyone been "ETC'ing" without having to port out again?

      My plan (upon successful port during the day, most likely during lunch break) was to give Telstra a call or online chat at night, after the kids are asleep.

      The ~6 hour gap between sign up and cancellation should be OK?

  • Anyone tried to downgrade to $45 plan yet? At the store today , I saw "$780 minimum cost over 12 months"

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    Has anyone tried the Google Nest hub promo after getting it? Text the imei to 851 for the promo code? I'm stuck at the port in text on Optus so can't try myself.

    • Hey buddy.. "Port in text on Optus" - Should I send a request to Optus and walk in with a code to JB or JB has to raise port request via telstra?

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        JB request it. From other comments here there is a problem with Telstra sending the port in text message confirmation atm, pretty much just need to wait 24 hours and see if it comes through.

        • Cheers mate!

        • ive been waiting since 3pm port in from lyca mobile, still not text message

    • I tried but doesn't work. It just doesn't let me send the message (get an exclamation mark next to the message). Bummer…

      • Bugger, thought that since it is the actual Telstra network it might let it through. Now need someone who has transferred to a month to month to try lol

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          I moved my plan to a month by month plan from this deal and I DID GET THE FREE NEST HUB!!


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          THANK YOU!! I would have never have tested this if I didn't see this

    • tried and didnt work - dont think it would work with jb hi fi