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Huawei P30 $199, OPPO Reno 5G $499 with Telstra 60GB $65pm Plan (12 Months) Port-in Customers @ JB Hi-Fi (In-Store Only)


Part of JB Hi-Fi Mobile Madness Promotion

Minimum Cost over 12 Months:

  • Huawei P30 - $979
  • OPPO Reno 5G - $1279

Also available on the Same Plan:

PS: Unfortunately the Oppo Reno 5G Bonus Bose QuietComfort 35 II Redemption is exclusive to Optus.

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  • JBHI poppin baby

  • Damn, wish they would include the Galaxy S10

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    yawn…need another deal for P30 Pro.

    • Yeah same.

    • I thought, "wow, good deal for the P30 Pro"

      But actually, it is a "deal" for the P30 non pro

  • And where is the iPhone deals?

  • Need note9 outright deals!!!

  • Anyone confirmed the ETC cost to leave immediately? The advice in the first thread like this was a bit too flaky for me

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    Any idea on which phone will be easy to cash in. Just need the connection.
    S10e, Note10, P30 or Reno

    • Pixel 4

    • S10e or Pixel

    • +1

      Definitely not p30

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      Most likely the Samsung S10e.

      $99 upfront, and bonus Samsung Galaxy Buds via Redemption.

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    Looks like now is a good time to upgrade my phone, which phone is worth it? Mostly use for camera and internet browsing.

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      P30 is stupid good.

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      Yep p30 is great, loving it

  • Good deal for the p30. Thanks OP

  • These are port in only.
    What is the best way to get a number to port in.

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      $2 Sim Cards.

      • Does these needing recharging to activate the number? (Never had any)

        • Not that I'm aware of.

    • Circle life 4 free months promo. Planning to port in and cancel the same night

      • Promo is over now. Thanks

  • P30 6gb version is 755 at catch ebay with code.

    1. Signed up to the p30 deal and paid 199. 2. Changed my 65$ 12mth plan to the 60$ MTM with no ETC.
      3.Then upgraded at another JB to the p30 pro for an extra 226$ (price match with Amazon 1125$)

    All up, paid 425 for the pro p30 phone and got out of the Telstra contract :)

    • How did you get the upgrade? Is it a straight forward process or did you have to talk them into it?

      • Would say it was straightforward and painless. Went to a different JB store 2 days later to exchange the phone to the pro, they didnt ask any questions/mention anything about the 199 offer and went ahead with the exchange. Wasn't expecting them to price match amazon but they did.

        However, they did mention that there was very little stock of the p30 pro around the Sydney area- best to call up the store to check with them before going in to exchange.

        • Cool so they didn't even need a reason? You just said you wanted to upgrade due to a change of mind? I'm assuming it was all unopened etc. Will give it a try once my number ports…cheers

          • @Hieu: My reason was that I preferred the P30 Pro rather than the P30.

            JB states that once the package is open, an exchange cannot occur. However, if it is unopened/undamaged then you can exchange :)

            edit: - an afterthought
            If you really wanna ozbargain the crap out of this deal (if you want the pro).
            1. purchase the pixel 4 through the $199 deal (Worth $1049 on the tax invoice)
            2. ask to exchange it to the p30 pro at another jb
            3. Price match at $1125 (@jb it is $1299 on promo).
            4. Pay the diff between 1125 and 1049.
            = $275 for the p30 pro.

            1. Take it even further:
              TRS the phone and pay $174 in the end for a phone worth ~1k
            • @gelangielol: Just tried it and the JB rep said the upgrade wasn't possible becuase the P30 Pro wasn't part of the same deal. Do you mind PMing me which store you went to?

              • @Hieu: Pm'ed

                If you did it at the same store you got the phone and plan, they won't let you. But if you go to another store and just tell them you want to exchange without mentioning you got it from the deal. Then it should be doable

              • @Hieu: Hieu let us know if you successfully change the jbhifi plan to Telstra month to month contract without any penalty?

                Sounds like everyone will be able to get a brand new p30 for $199 using this method.

                • @jeff9999: I have no intention of changing to a MTM or cancelling my plan as I actually need the service but if you follow the Pixel 4 and S10e threads for the variations of this deal, many people are indeed walking away with the handset and no ETC charge

                  • @Hieu: Anyone else have any luck doing this?

            • @gelangielol: do you mind PM me which store you did it?
              I ask a couple of stores and they say they won't allow it.

  • So I think Telstra made a mistake, there is quite a few who sign up with JB hi-fi for a $199 p30, then convert the plan to MTM contract on Telstra live chat the very next day, then they immediately cancel the contract with telstra. So they end up with a brand new p30 for just $199.

    As much as we like bargain, but I think this is robbery. LOL.

    • I'm more annoyed that people who are doing this to purely turn a profit are getting everything done seemingly instantly yet I actually want the phone (Pixel 4 in this case) and the plan and keep getting the run around. I started this process last Thursday and after being on hold with Telstra for an hour today I'm told that it may not even be completed by Friday.

      • Have you received your SMS? I started mine last Thursday and it only went through on Tuesday after I jumped on Telstra start and demanded they manually activate my service. Took 2 hours after that to get the SMS.

        Edit: I was also advised by Telstra to put the SIM in a handset despite JB telling me to wait for the old service to be disconnected.

        • It all happened late yesterday finally. JB Staff had been escalating the case daily (I received SMS on tuesday and that was when the order returned an error on JB's end). It eventually worked haha. I wasn't too fussed on the time it took as I wasn't urgently needing the phone/plan.